Confession #2,406

My dad just got upset because I wanted to go to six flags with my friends. He said he didn’t want me over doing it right before my make a wish trip. I snapped for the first time I told him I was going to go because my medical issues were about to become my whole life. My doctor wants me to drive over an hour twice a week to her office for testing. I have to get a port, and be hospitalized for 5 days for treatment. I want to be a kid for just a bit longer while I can. Before I have to be an adult

Celtic Agen/Port Type Iron Helmet, Gaul, 1st Century BC

These Agen/Port type helmets were worn by Gallic warriors around the time of Caesar’s war in Gaul in the 1st Century BC. They come from Agen and Alesia in France and Port Bei Nidau in Switzerland. These Agen/Port helmets were the direct ancestors of the Imperial Gallic Roman battle helmets of later centuries. Made of forged iron, surface restored and varnished.


Antonine Gate

Sbeitla, tunisia

139 CE

The arch is leading into the open courtyard of the Forum with its three openings ans was built on 139 according to an inscription on the entrance archway. It is clearly among the finest arches of any site in Tunisia, and adds a dramatic effect to the arrival to the Forum.
Note that it was never finished, to which the rough surface of the four columns in front testifies.