INFINITE’s reaction when they are jealous


‘pff. what does he have that i dont?’

‘open eyes’


‘who’s that guys you were talking to before’

‘oh thats honshik. he’s a cool guy from work’

‘oh i see so you’re saying that he is cooler than me’


‘stop talking to him! i’m  your boyfriend.. jagiiiiii pay attention to meee’


‘me? jealous of that? are you kidding me?


‘you dare talk to me and hold my hand with the same mouth and hands that laughed with him and touched his shoulders?’ *i am disgusted*


*too pretty for this shit*



‘who was that guy? why was he looking at you like that? do you like him better than me?’

‘sungjong-ah.. are you je-’



‘i *kick* don’t *kick* like *kick* that *kick* guy’  poor ted 

sorry i know they suck… i was just rushing to upload something cuz i haven’t done so in ages..

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are you a columbiner? if not, what do you think of them?

*Takes a long, deep breath*

I’m not a Columbiner. Yes, it is a case which interest me, but I’m more into Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and stuff, into serial killers. Sometimes I post memes about Eric and Dylan, but nothing more. What do I think of them? Well, they’re a big part of the true crime community (the Columbine tag is always so active), but some of them are… trash. I mean, a lot of Columbiners love, idolize and sexualize Eric and Dylan just because they were so young. And there’s another thing: a big part of them condone and disrespect the victims a lot, and this happens only with Columbiners and Roofies. For example, I’ve never seen a “””Dahmier””” (I don’t know how to call them) cosplaying Jeffrey Dahmer in front of his home, where the victims were killed. And, for example, I’ve never seen a “””Bundier””” (a blogger who posts about Bundy a lot) saying “Poor Ted, he was a victim too!!!:(”. There’s too much drama in the Columbine/Roof tag, in my opinion. I don’t want to blame anyone (who am I to judge?), but I think that no one in the true crime community should disrespect the victims. No one in the Jeffrey Dahmer tag, no one in the Ted Bundy tag, no one in the Richard Ramirez tag, no one in the Columbine tag. Being disrespectful with the victims (and their families, such as Rachel Scott’s parents and their choises) is absolutely horrible and nosense.

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suffering is the natural state of being? sorry! I know Injustice just loves it’s soul crushing pain, they killed Alfred after all, so of course they’re gonna kill poor Ted and give us a soul destroying final Booster and Blue moment. 

BUT never fear my friend this is comics! so somewhere out there is Booster and Ted being bro-dude gay dads to poor long suffering Jaime as they train him and make him so embarrassed he wishes he could just die. 

My Thoughts on "Over A Barrel"

Emily has ROSES on her shirt and Hanna is VERY concerned with it. I apologize in advance bc I’ve been reading a lot of awesome Hanna is A theories. Once you read a theory everything that character does seems suspicious (I’m looking at you Aria).

Seriously what time do these girls get up to be perfectly put together and meet for coffee before it’s even waffle time?? I guess I’ll never look like any of them bc I adore sleep too much (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

Are the Hastings so strapped for cash that they’ll rent out to anyone, even a guy who has to pay in change? Johnny you’re on the (hot) spot bc you are fishy as hell. Who are you and why are you living in my Spencer’s backyard (that place is usually designated for death).

Why are Aria and Emily so calm about Holbrook texting Aria? Why ARIA? Aria why are you snapping at Emily? She has to work for your bf who spied on her so be you be nice to her!

Spencer you couldn’t take half a second to get Johnny an egg?! A text from a dead girl shouldn’t have rattled you so much considering you thought Ali was texting you from the grave for a while there.

Now Hanna is joining the MIA train that Aria drives. I need all the liars tracking down leads together. Why is that too much to ask for on this show?!

Anyone else bugged by the fact that Jason seems so convinced that Ali killed Mona? Yes, Ali bullied Mona and disappeared around the time of her murder but I’d think it would take more for a brother to be convinced that his sister, who just returned home after being on the run for a year, didn’t come out of hiding just to rot in jail for murder. Ali could’ve killed Mona and went back into hiding and people would’ve never suspected her thinking she was dead and all. Just sayin.

Shocking. Holbrook didn’t show but Aria gets to chat with Jason and get the inside scoop on Ali and the investigation.

Once Ted wanted to speak with Hanna you knew that proposal was coming.

I’m kinda loving all these new Emiria and Spaleb moments.

Paige literally just left. I’d like to see Emily be single for 5 minutes. Actually I wouldn’t mind if all the girls could come out of a relationship without jumping right into the next one.

Caleb saying A is trying to pin Mona’s murder on one of “us”, don’t get me wrong I LOVE Caleb but when did he become one of “us” and a target of A?!

That was pretty risky of Spencer to open the plastic bc if it had been an actual person…damn now I’m wondering if Spencer is A. This whole show is a total mind F, I swear.

For someone who is so worried about A planting evidence, by all means Spencer, just open the barrel that you suspect of possessing Mona’s pickled or dissolved body with your BARE HANDS.

When Emily mailed Paige the package her address was listed as “Atticus Place”, another reference to To Kill A Mockingbird. Atticus defends an innocent man so maybe this is a clue Paige was innocent?

Aria is literally holding roses. What do these flower and rose clues mean (bc if roses are just popular bc we’re in Rosewood I’m gonna be so pissed)?? If Aria knew the address was Hanna’s why didn’t she march into the flower shop and demand to know who ordered them (and shady shop lady if you’re so busy how’d you have time to spot Aria and bring her out the flowers)??? Aria would’ve read the card right away and not waited until she got to Hanna’s. This whole flower escapade has me thinking 2 things: 1. if Aria is A she’s trying to nip the whole Ashley/Jason thing in the bud bc maybe she thinks Jason will disclose stuff Ali says (Hanna wants that perfect family and so it wouldn’t be hard for her to want to keep the affair from Ted) OR Aria is trying to force Hanna to confess to going to go see Ali so she won’t do it anymore. I thought it was so odd how Ashley didn’t even pretend to be happy to see Aria (or even say hello for that matter) and was in a rush for Hanna to get back to dinner. My other option #2 is if Hanna is A then maybe she set Aria up to intercept the flowers (that Jason did really send). Hanna says the flowers are Ali’s way of backing off, I’m sorry how??? Also, one of the first things Hanna says to Aria is “I did this”, could this be an actual confession, after all the messages were signed H (for Hanna). Like I said earlier, Hanna has always craved a family and a father figure and she’s do anything not to mess that up.
Whatever is going on with Jason and Ashley, Ms. Marin knows more than she lets on. The way she reacted to Hanna’s questions and to Jason being Ali’s brother was more than a mother not wanting to discuss her sex life with her daughter.

Caleb calling Spencer a thesaurus was probably the highlight of this entire episode for me.

All the comps and the huge copy machine in Caleb’s apartment eerily reminded me of Ezra’s lair at his friends cabin.

Poor, poor Ted.

Johnny why aren’t you freaked about living where a dead body was found? Why all the questions about Ali? Why are you all up in Spencer’s mail and pushing her to skip college? Who are you and what do you want with my Spencer?!?!?

Okay so the storage unit is frequented by a blonde and Hanna’s name is on the lease agreement. Is that why Hanna wasn’t eager to go snooping around in case someone recognized her? I doubt it. I need to firmly believe my Hanna banana is completely innocent.

Is A a ghost bc now they can even sneak into a police station unnoticed? I was super excited to have an A ending scene back. This doesn’t rule Ali out bc she could have ppl working for her but it’s a step in the right direction. If A wants to know what Holbrook knows than does that mean he isn’t working with them (or Ali for that matter)? Is the G in his name for Good? And where IS he, is he off doing work to help Ali or did A get to him?

Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it. “Over A Barrel” means “helpless, in someone’s power,” and the writers basically have all of us viewers over a barrel so I’m glad we can all theorize and commiserate together! Now I’m off to eat some butterscotch candy, A’s not the only one with a sweet tooth 😜

Ok, but why is nobody talking about this...

The girls were calling Varjak, but he never answered, so Spencer sends him a text and bla bla bla

In another scene, Ted and Ashley are in the kitchen and Ted’s phone rings.
He is like “hm fuck it, I’ll let this shit keep ringing” 

What if he is Varjak? The fact that people are concentrated in Aria tells me that the producers did it on purpose. They know how obsessed everyone is about “Aria is A” that no one would suspect poor Pastor Ted.

Ted Really Likes His Sweets/ Ted Is A Theory

Ice Cream He had with Ella

Peanut Butter Cookie At The Church

Handed out candy from a bowl that looked suspiciously like Alison reaching from the grave.

Pie He brought Ella

Told Hanna he dreamed about her Mom’s waffles

The cookie engagement. A proposing to Black Widow.

Poor poor Ted so many people are saying. He couldn’t possibly be suspicious because he is a Pastor…..and acting like a dork (I say acting because he is full of it)

He certainly has shown he has a major sweet tooth. Why do you keep telling us this PLL, about a seemingly innocuous character.

Anyone who follows me knows what I think of pAstor Ted.

Pastor Ted, blackveiltheories person of interest (and not just because of the sweet tooth)

As I have mentioned since the Ghost Train, I think he could be (possibilities)

1. the father of whoever is was in the grave (Bethany or Sarah Harvey)

2. Scott, Byron’s brother (Ella may not know him. Aria has never been shown with him) 

3. Beach Hottie (As Ella mentioned to him on their date, “I never met a preacher who heard the call while boogie boarding in Samoa”

4. He could be both Bethany’s father AND Beach Hottie (it has been intimated that he (beach hottie) was quite a bit older. I theorize that Alison found out who he was (Bethany’s father) and started an affair with him to get back at her (Bethany stated that after two minutes Alison has men eating out of her hands) Alison might have pretended she was older, dressed as Vivian and sought out Ted. His girlfriend or wife punched her (the bloody lip) because she found out. 

5. Ali was or thought she was pregnant and this pissed Ted off, THEN she was involved in trying to (or succeeding in) killing his daughter

5. Mona is Bethany (we know she can change her voice and there have been hints at this) Ted is her father (yeah yeah I know) In said possibilities. Mona and Alison hate each other. Going back to Grunwald’s hint.

6. Teddy Bear picnic. Mona was signing about the A team leader, Ted, who was in the room with her at Radley. 

7. The Christmas special….Even A takes a holiday. Ted left for three months. Then he came back, so did A that episode. HMN.

9. Ted is freaking UBER A. Many signs point to A being male, older, has money (how DID he pay for Ashley’s bail….LOVES SWEETS.

9. I did some fishing for many months, trying to find out if Ed Kerr (Ted) was ever going to be back on the show, no one would answer which is a bit odd because nobody suspects him. I’ve been told I am crazy in the past. The many people I did ask pointedly never replied which I found odd. Who cared about Ted, what was the harm in asking/answering…unless it was important.

10. Ted had the NAT flash drive, he “found” at the church. Ian had it last, a very DEAD Ian. If A killed him he would have the drive. Ted had the drive.

When I heard he was coming on the show I was over the moon, because his name was mentioned often but he was never there. There had to be a reason for it. When he came back it had to be for a bigger reason. 

If he is A it will tick a lot of people of but this poster will be doing a happy dance.

The motive is the tricky part and I have no proof for some of this so take it as it is meant to be, a theory, but he is number one on my suspect list. 

  • Hillary: can we get back to politics?
  • Obama: please?
  • Hillary: yo. every action has an equal opposite reaction. john kasich shat the bed, i love the guy, but he's in traction. poor little ted cruz, he is missing in action. so now im facing-
  • Both: Donald Trump.
  • Hillary: with his own faction.