So @loyalty2waystreet and I were talking earlier and she asked me if I remembered Pound Puppies. I said vaguely and she told me she had this headcanon of someone giving Mike one as a joke. So then of course we expanded on that and concocted a story where the associates are constantly pulling pranks on Mike because they’re envious of his talent and close relationship with Harvey.

And Kyle leaves one of the cuddly toys on Mike’s desk with a note calling him Harvey’s ‘pound into the mattress puppy’ and it’s one prank too far and suddenly it’s all out war.

Especially when Harvey finds out, because, hoo boy, they’re playing with the Big Dog now and no one messes with his puppy. The associates are going to wish they’d never been born because when he and Mike team up (and Donna throws in a few suggestions too) they’re not going to know what’s hit them.

(And if it just so happens that bonding over revenging themselves on the associates leads to the revelation that Mike and Harvey both wish there’d been some actual truth to the claim made in the note, well, all the better. Although Mike could have done without the 'poundpuppymike’ hashtag the associates started up on Twitter…)

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