I feel like all the "seventeen as __" posts start off super detailed but then begin to slowly shrink until dino has like one irrelevant word. (For example: seventeen as stationary)
  • S.coups:your favourite black ink pen you use for writing essays which you lost the cap to but still keep in your pencil case, despite the increasing number of ink splotches in the inner fabric
  • Jeonghan:a set of expensive pastel highlighters you carry everywhere and which you decorate your study notes with
  • Joshua:Blue John F. Kennedy Fountain pen which is too precious to be used except for signing government documents
  • Jun:Orange muji pen you use to mark papers because you're a cheeky lil shit
  • Hoshi:Correction fluid that flows like a river
  • Wonwoo:mysterious black ball pen for doodling
  • Woozi:purple ink pen you scribble down impulsive feelings with
  • DK:blinding neon highlighter
  • Mingyu:paw-shaped stamps roller
  • The8:lucky pen
  • Seungkwan:gluestick
  • Vernon:blunt pencil
  • Dino:rubbe

So I went to the toy shop with my friend and that’s what we’ve found.
I am not sure what they are up to do but this guy behind them has pretty awesome reaction.

External image

He is like
External image

“That’s not what we were made for”