So I went to the toy shop with my friend and that’s what we’ve found.
I am not sure what they are up to do but this guy behind them has pretty awesome reaction.

He is like

“That’s not what we were made for”

hennachoko-dino asked:

The teen walked up to his older self, chewing a gum in his mouth. Stopping in front of the older Dino, the younger spoke. "I need to tell you something, can you bend down for a sec?" As his older self did so, the teen's face grew closer to the other's ear. But he didn't whisper anything, he took the gum out of his mouth, sticking it in the other's hair before apologizing, "Sorry. It's a dare."


Ah… Well, shit. Awkward and embarrassing.

“Ah, it’s… Okay. …. I kind of needed a haircut anyways?”