my first prompt for the kiss art challenge! just going super simple with this - i told myself i was just gonna do linework, but of course i had to go and lay down some quick colors. this whole challenge is basically just an excuse for me to practice drawing interactions between characters without being as much of a crazy perfectionist as i usually am in my finished/polished pieces (and also, bonus, i get to draw cute people kissin’ each other). so thanks for sending me prompts, everyone!

this one was requested by the lovely @andrewminard, who wanted to see noah and gansey for #12 - a kiss on the hand. :’)

things i would sell my soul for
  • the raven cycle as a netflix series
DAY 2393

The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata      Nov ¾,  2014      Mon/Tue  12:30 am

Wishing Erlika … for her birthday yesterday .. love and all the happiness !!

The season of ‘selfies’ continues with the cast of 'PIKU’ .. director Shoojit and all .. wonder what the next invention for the replacement of a 'selfie’ shall be ..

with the Irfan Khan .. the actor with the most non expression, expression face … such a joy to be in the company of the great ..

Now that is divine .. !! Irrespective of what any other may think ..

And this is simply so non divine .. irrespective of what others may think !! The neck brace as part of my dress and costume, misleading the media to think that I was ill .. 

Deepika is the first human I have met that is a right handed writer, but writes in the style of a LEFT HANDED WRITER .. you got that  ! She rights by placing her hands above the letters that she writes, rather than move straight across … you get what I mean ..?

They wonder and send alarms to not publicise the pictures of the film PIKU .. yet … for they jeopardise the marketing of the other projects I work on .. which shall be released much ahead of this one ..

But … I argue … no matter what strategy one may devise, if the film is not good, no amount of campaign genius by genius campaigners, shall change the fate of a bad film ..

'SHAMITABH’ release on Feb 6, 2015 .. and there shall be marketing for that aggressively during December and January coming months ..

'WAZIR’ is on for April 2015 … so that publicity can wait .. or do they wish it were to come .. 

In today’s times when a billion mobile camera’s follow you wherever you go, it is well nigh impossible to keep anything away from the public .. so might as well let them exploit the situation, than to get into any ugly spat with either the media or the organisers ..

The Grand with its old world charm is quite a contrast to many of the modern that exist in and around the city and the world outside .. it too has its share of many exciting times spent ..

The shooting of many films took place in Kolkata and 'Do Anjaane’ and 'Yaarana’ are among the few … we stayed here and shot within too .. it is rare to find Hotels that maintain their charm of the old and not succumb to the travails of modernity .. for long this Grand was the grandest in the city where all of Calcutta of the 60’s assembled at some time or the other at the Ballroom .. historic days those for the city .. it was the most happening town of the times .. filled with excitement and activity and buzz .. the acting on stage continued from these theatre stages of the more amateur ..

There were these two groups - The Amateurs and the Calcutta Dramatic Club .. the former filled with the executive boxwala aspirants, the latter more British and white .. 

We did ours and they did their’s .. but in time we mixed .. and the results were quite improved .. most of my stage acting was done with the Amateurs - Jean Paul Satre 'Crime Passionale’, Death of a Salesman, Virginia Woolf, Waiting for Godot, musicals like The Desert Song, and so many others of eminence .. A Street Car named Desire, where I was in charge of the sound effects and the curtain pulling .. done for the the other .. but those times were exceptional … finishing office and trudging off straight to rehearsals, meeting all the others spending time with them on and off rehearsal … 

Days of inter company games - Basketball, Golf, Squash, Cycle Polo introduced by my senior in office Vijay Singh, who I contacted today and shall meet up soon, and the times of the Wooden Spoon, an award for the worst team .. I doubt if we ever earned that, but many known did, and it was done in the spirit of gamesman ship ..

The concerts we attended - singers from Bombay Film Industry … Hemant Kumar, Mukesh, Rafi saheb .. playing to large crowds at the Maidan, still pretty pristine in condition, and staying up till late night and early morning with them .. the Davis Cup Tennis at the Calcutta Tennis Club and in  particular the one against Brazil, which we won … Ramanathan Krishnan playing exceptional tennis .. the football games and the cricket matches at the Eden Gardens .. Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan Sporting, East Bengal teams .. and the frenzy .. football was professional in Calcutta the earliest … now of course the ISL has been introduced and we await its results ..

The Ballygunj Music festival  .. classical genius at its best … not having the money to buy the tickets .. waiting till someone left and sneaking in with theirs .. Ravi Shankar and Vilayat Khan on sitar in the same night, Allauddin Khan sarod, Allah Rakha on tabla .. such memorable nights ..

Pooja in Bengal is a final treat … nothing like this ever seen before anywhere … the celebrations the local decorations with the bask of the banana tree, the flower arrangements, so innovative and aesthetic, the celebrated bengali aestheticism at its prime ..

And then the colleagues and friends and work .. little of it .. but there .. the meagre salary and how we survived with just that .. 480 rupees a month ! 350 rupees a month gone for bed and lodging .. food separate .. eating the pani puri or the puchka pani at Victoria Memorial .. 2 rupees would fill the stomach .. thats it .. and done for the entire day .. looking forward to the free office lunch the next morning .. !!

Endless .. the stories of the times of our lives ..

The Sundays spent in anticipation of a win at the Races .. horse Racing at one of the oldest Race Courses in the Country .. and coming out deprived of the little that we had .. speaking about it to my Father through letters, of my adventures at the races and he very subtly indicating :

'Beta .. paisa haath mein vo hona chahiye jisme apne khoon paseene ki mehnat dikhai de' 

 'the money in your hand should reflect the money earned through the blood and sweat of your hard work’ …

And the immediate stopping of the visits to the Races ..

And then suddenly one fine day the decision to leave the city and the  coming home in Delhi to wait and try and attempt the journey to films .. and when that happened, the euphoria soon after for my first visit after the success of Zanjeer and then Deewar .. it was indescribable !! Never seen before and perhaps now shall never be seen for me or by me .. !! But there is nothing quite like the passion and the presence of the Kolkata crowd .. it is beyond description .. !!

Life has a peculiar way of its cycling .. it can peddle you out of it and peddle you back .. 

Amitabh Bachchan