So I received this “sign of god” today and… it’s a revelation!
I’m sure this will make me a prophet and in 250 years a saint! *u*

Take a look at the license plate: UN DP 1408

I’m not sure what the UN could stand for… “Unbelievable News” maybe..?!
DP is obviously short for “Diamond/Pearl”… and whatever that number means… it could stand for the 14th of August… but we’ll come back to this later, because I have a better interpretation for that…

Apart from the license plate… just… look at the car..!!
I mean… the coincidence is real: The car has the same shade of blue as the DP sprite of Manaphy, a legendary Pokémon introduced in those games.

Also take a look at the position of the car! It is above a gully cover… and we all know what’s underneath Sinnoh, right? That huge underground mine you’ve spent hours in, just to collect shards and stones and set up traps and cute decorations for your ugly bases and asdmkadliwantthissofuckingbad2o8löd9


But let’s get back to that number from the license plate:

You know that film “1408″, right? It was released in the US on 22nd June 2007. Exactly two months before, on 22nd April 2007, Diamond and Pearl came out.
So there are 61 days between those two dates…

Why am I associating a horror film with a Pokémon game?
Because Diamond/Pearl has quite a few creepy elements… =)

However that be, the digit sum of 61 is… uuhhh… aahhh… SEVEN!
This could be a connection to Gen. VII and a sign that this generation will introduce another remake… and we all know which game’s next in line. o3o


Thank me later! ~

For HC. Part 1 of 2.

Once upon a time in cross over role play land, Mei met a Schwarz Kyoji, and it was actually really cute.

You think this is bad, I have more Mei/Gundam things up my sleeve. Because this is a plot with deep meaningful feels and tragedies.

Am I kicked out of the fandom yet because I’d understand.