PO Allegiance

I’m not sure why

but I’ve always headcanon’d Klavier and Blackquill to be at odds with one another. I mean, the two obviously have very different tastes and I can imagine it only takes one li'l innocent thing that Klavier says that annoys Taka and suddenly Taka and Blackquill are chasing him down the hallway.

And then they get in trouble with the Chief Prosecutor for acting like children, but he can’t do much to resolve their troubles. So while Blackquill still remains around the PO, given his allegiance to Edgeworth, Klavier ends up taking leave a bit more often than before so he isn’t around very much.

And Edgeworth can’t help but wonder what happened and how his kids can’t get along. And he sometimes complains to his butler - I mean Gumshoe - about how hard it is to be a babysitter.

Other times it’s Ema who he chats with, but Ema would usually say that it’s been quieter and more peaceful around here without Klavier. And Edgeworth has to admit she has a point.

And then I just feel bad for Klavier, as if he’s actually left out of the program a lot, but he didn’t do anything wrong. And Edgeworth is aware, but he isn’t sure how to help since Klavier keeps distancing himself.

Meanwhile, the kids at WAA are totally chummy with their dad. Yeah, Apollo left, but he grew up and took on a big responsibility. Phoenix couldn’t be prouder.

There is something to be said about leadership and parenting in this series, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.