Things Couples Can Do Together
  • These can be used as sort of prompts for romantic/fluffy pieces of writing or just things to day dream about:
  • 1. Making the bed together
  • 2. Tying his tie
  • 3. Him/Her zipping your dress
  • 4. Dropping hints so he'll give you his jacket
  • 5. Watching sitcoms together
  • 6. Being stuck at their house during a blizzard
  • 7. Reading together by the fire
  • 8. Building a fort together
  • 9. Hold hands
  • 10. Watching the classics
  • 11. Slow dancing in the living room
  • 12. Baking together
  • 13. Eating cereal in bed together
  • 14. Passing notes in class
  • 15. Borrowing his gloves and them being way too big
  • 16. Take walks
  • 17. Go on a picnic in the park
  • 18. Drive through the city at night
  • 19. Go on a road trip
  • 20. Give each other handmade gifts
  • 21. Go on a romantic vacation together
  • 22. Sleep on a trampoline with blankets and pillows
  • 23. Take a nap together
  • 24. Go on a photography adventure
  • 25. Play video games together
  • 26. Have a beach date
  • 27. Take a train somewhere
  • 28. Spend a day in character as whomever the other chooses
  • 29. Write sappy poems for each other
  • 30. Clean together
  • 31. Watch each other's favourite movies
  • 32. Rent a tiny rowboat on a small pond and read sappy poetry to each other
  • 33. Go to an amusement park together
  • 34. Surprise each other with breakfast in bed
  • 35. Go shopping together
  • 36. Do art together
  • 37. Play/Kiss in the rain
  • 38. Take a steamy shower together
  • 39. Take a soothing bubble bath together
  • 40. Make traditions
  • 41. Cuddle
  • 42. Go to the movies
  • 43. Pick outfits for each other
  • 44. Sneak pictures of each other
  • 45. Make bets together
  • 46. Go on fancy dinner dates
  • 47. Do couples' challenges together
  • 48. Fall asleep together
  • 49. Volunteer together
  • 50. Stay together
  • Feel free to request more!: 😊
Best Friends Turned Lovers Prompts

This wasn’t requests but I’ve seen these circulating around in the romance prompts department and compiled my favorites to share with you. I did not create these, so I shall not take credit, so the sources of these prompts are linked at the bottom of this post. Go check them out!

  1. “I need you to make out with me. Don’t worry though, it’s for science.”
  2. Character A discovers something Character B has given them way back.
  3. Characters gave each other a promise when they were children and they wonder whether it’s still valid.
  4. When parting, Characters agreed to meet at a certain place at a certain time in a certain number of years.
  5. Character A receives a message that Character B, whom they haven’t seen in years, has been seriously injured.
  6. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”
  7. “It killed me to see you with him.”
  8. “See the eyes they’re making at each other? It’s going as planned.”
  9. “I know they didn’t need my help, but honestly, I personally think they totally do.”
  10. A and B are best friends. A is applying a new flavor of chapstick.“Can I try it? I wanna have a taste,” B asks curiously.“Sure, it’s coconut cream-” A starts to reply, but before they can finish, B kisses A on the lips.
  11. “I know what you want.” “Stop.” “It’s me, isn’t it? Go on, sweetheart. Say it.” “Stop.” “Denying doesn’t help your case much. I can see it in how you look at me.” 
  12. Character A hadn’t noticed but their sweet, funny, goofy best friend,Character B, was kind of hot, especially since they’ve been on this fitness kick.
  13. Imagine person A is hardcore crushing on B, and fantasizes about their relationship so much they often refer to the both of them as a couple and say “I love you” at the end of their phone calls accidentally
  14. “Stupid fucking hair, stupid fucking smile, they won’t stop staring at me in that way and they– the way they talk, they’re such a flirt I mean do they honestly think I like them?!??!??”*A makes a sound of astonishment* *B’s ranting is cut midway*“You didn’t see anything!!!!!!” Yells B indignantly as they run out of the room
  15. “We might as well have been dating the whole time.”
  16. “I can finally say I’m dating my best friend.”
  17. “You already met my family, so this saves you a traumatizing experience.”
  18. “Hardly anything changed. I’m actually relieved.”
  19. Since the night you reached out and took my hand, three things have happened.
  20. “It’s not like I like you or anything! … Okay, well- maybe I do.”

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If you use one or more of these for a story, I would be delighted to read it! Please don’t hesitate to send your writing to me:)

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50 More Things Couples Can Do Together
  • 1. Studying
  • 2. Go to classes
  • 3. Play with Snapchat filters
  • 4. Make plans to travel the world
  • 5. Make dinner for friends
  • 6. Host a party
  • 7. Have a candle lit dinner
  • 8. Watch the scariest horror films
  • 9. Speak in silly accents until the other laughs
  • 10. Get a dog or a cat... or 5
  • 11. Do each other's make up
  • 12. Put love locks on the fence in Paris
  • 13. Have a pamper night
  • 14. Have a competition to see who can find the most silly hats in the mall
  • 15. Dress up in a couples costume on Halloween
  • 16. Remodel a room in the house
  • 17. Draw/paint each other
  • 18. Spend a whole day in bed
  • 19. Spend a whole day naked
  • 20. Sleep on the balcony
  • 21. Collect stupid internet jokes and do stand up for each other
  • 22. Tweet for each other
  • 23. Build something from IKEA
  • 25. Sit in silence and see where it goes
  • 26. Get caught in the rain
  • 27. Help with each other's hobbies
  • 28. Read to each other
  • 29. See a play
  • 30. Explore a (safe) unknown neighbourhood
  • 31. Go to the Gym
  • 32. Go to a museum
  • 33. Have a two member book club
  • 34. Give each other massages
  • 35. Make out a little
  • 36. Make fun drinks
  • 37. Play drinking games
  • 38. Make a bucket list of things you want to do together
  • 39. Try a new restaurant
  • 40. Google each other
  • 41. Make funny versions of each other's resumés
  • 42. Go wine tasting
  • 43. Go in a hot air balloon
  • 44. Play strip poker
  • 45. Babysit together
  • 46. Go through old yearbooks
  • 47. Write fanfiction about each other
  • 48. Wash the car
  • 49. Make wishes in a fountain
  • 50. Complain to each other