Seasonal Prompts: Spring 💐

Spring is around the corner… maybe some prompts inspired by spring and it’s holidays/events? That’d be awesome!

Thank you for the idea! I’ve actually decided to make this a series on my blog, so I’ll be posting ones for Winter, Summer, and Autumn soon as well. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Plan an elaborate April Fools Prank
  2. Someone gives their lover fresh picked flowers, only to find out that they’re deathly allergic
  3. A germophobe raves about spring cleaning
  4. imagine your OTP waking up on a spring morning. sunlight is filtering through the drapes and it’s quiet enough that they can practically hear each other’s heartbeats. skin against skin, legs tangled together, they wake up slowly and smiling, and the world is at peace. (credit to onceupona-prompt)
  5. Imagine Person A is trying to do some spring cleaning but can’t because Person B really wants to help clean, but keeps making a mess whenever they try to clean. (credit to otpisms)
  6. imagine your OTP going for a walk through the park on a sunny spring day, fingers interlaced and swinging between them. the flowers are in bloom, and they stop to admire them - person A is wide-eyed and grinning at the vibrant bursts of petals, but person B can’t take their eyes off A for long enough to see them. (credit to onceupona-prompt)
  7. Describe everything great about Spring weddings
  8. Describe everything horrible about Spring weddings
  9. Use an instrumental/classical song to create a story about nature based on how the sounds interact
  10. It’s the first day of Spring, the character’s favorite season, but everything is going wrong.
  11. Write about Spring from a plant’s point of view
  12. Describe Spring from the point of view of someone who hates the season
  13. Write about how a squirrel celebrates Spring
  14. What happened during Spring Break?
  15. “When you said Spring Break in Florida, I didn’t think you meant we’d be living at your grandmother’s for a week.”
  16. “Spring is a scam, and here is a poster I made explaining why.”
  17. “Spring is here, bugs are near, and love is in the air, ladies!”
  18. “Why is it raining? I thought Spring brought nice weather.”
  19. “Have you ever had a picnic in the rain?”
  20. Write a love story that begins on the first day of Spring’

Feel free to request prompts/advice posts and ask for specific advice