“Doctor? Doctor? I hold the last vestiges of the most awesome power ever imagined. Imagined. Yes… How much better if I should take my title from a work of imagination, a creature willed to power by the undying anger of an unreal race! I told you, girl. I am not the Doctor! I am become he who sits inside your head, he who lives among the dead, he who sees you in your bed, and eats you when you’re sleeping. I am become Zagreus!”

- The Doctor/Zagreus, “Zagreus”, Eighth Doctor audio drama (audio clip)

(bigger version)

Like what if Amnesiac!Eighth Doctor randomly ended up bumping into post-mindwipe Donna Noble and the two of them just sat there having no idea what the fuck was going on with anything ever. (ctrayn)

I liked this idea. Except I decided bouncy audio!Eight and Donna would become friends rather quickly and they’d go to the Planet of Socks and get matching pairs and have adventures and be adorable.