so apparently cogman in tf5 is supposed to be polite and dignified and drives the old english human dudes’ car, but he has anger issues 

 and all i can see is this

cogman: [listening to classical music while driving] so, sir, how’s your day-

random human: UR BUTLER SUCKS 

cogman: excuse me, one second 

cogman: [rolls down windows to car, there’s inhuman screaming. he’s running over humans with the car CLASSICAL MUSIC IS BLARING  THE SCENT OF A RAGING ALPHA IS UPON US RUN HUMAN RUN AND DONt LOOK BACK YOU FOOL] 

cogman: [clears throat] sorry about that now where were we…?

im not tried.. but am i not tired enough to go in game????

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Hi hi, I just wanted to say that your art of Keith made me fall in love and I haven't even seen Voltron yet but just your rendition of him and the way you draw him and portray him made him my favourite, so thank you :) Stay awesome! ♥

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i hope when they find sam holt, he, coran, and slav become like, this unlikely trio of well-meaning father figures who don't know how to take care of all these kids. slav is not even trying to help aside from constantly volunteering objectively terrible advice to everyone based on entirely different realities, sam and coran do their best but they worry they're not good enough but the kids adore them anyway (slav too, even if they pretend they're just tolerating him he grows on them).

A family can be three dads and their five human children, four mice, and an alien princess.