The street wear lookbook that I styled and photographed yesterday. Pass it around, get my name out.

Photographer / Stylist: Taylor Freeman (Instagram: taylormcfly)

Models: Dakota V, Kenny M, and Jon O.

Clothes by Plndr, Forever 21 Men, Doc Marten, Umbro, Pyrex, H&M, Jack Threads

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you knew what type of shops that sell in the US the type of clothes Bangtan wears? Like streetwear and stuff. Something that is decently cheap as well. Well, not cheap but not overpriced. Or any online shops that ship the US as well. Thank you!

If you’re looking for the higher end street brands like HBA, Supreme, Pyrex, etc. you’re not gonna be able to really find them discounted anywhere, if you do they’re most likely a knock-off. If you’re looking for just general streetwear styles, then stores like Against All Odds, Dr. Jay’s, Eblens, Rendezvous, Mickey Finn’s, etc. (latter 3 I believe are New England only stores) are good, Dr. Jay’s has an online site. If you want brands like Stussy, Obey, etc. then stores like Zumiez, PacSun, Moose Limited, Karmaloop, PLNDR, Hype Beast, etc. Zumiez and PacSun are in most malls, and wherever you live there’s usually a local skate shop or something, odds are they’ll have Diamond, Stussy, Obey, etc. as they’re pretty popular in that culture, too.