i. i run through the deep dark forest long after this begun ii. she’s running from the only place she’s ever known, she’s running with her heart left behind her iii. knocked down dead gets what she needs iv. what will you find if you dig down deep? no muscles, no blood, just bricks and mortar v. there’s a hole in my neighbourhood down which of late i cannot help but fall vi. the wisdom that they borrow will hint at something buried too deep vii. you stand in front of a million doors and each one holds a million more viii. writhe as all your days go by and laugh as you die
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Important unanswered question

I’m rewatching 610 and Jessica doesn’t even look sad that her daughter was just killed and buried.

On my list of questions, I’ve stated that it’s confusing how Jessica buries her, yet later launches a lair to go find Ali. How did she know to go looking for Ali if she witnessed her ‘death’?

I am praying for a flashback to Grunwald pulling Ali out of the ground, and we see Jessica hiding behind a tree, witnessing Ali being saved. THAT is why she never stopped searching for Ali - she saw her get saved, but didn’t have time to run up to Ali because she had Wilden and Charlotte to take care of first. It’ll also explain why she wasn’t so sad after burying Ali; she knew she made it out.

It is the tiny details that really make a difference in the quality/strength of a mystery plot. I don’t expect them to touch on this, but I sure as hell need to know why Jessica launched a lair to find Ali if she was the one to ‘kill’ her.

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I think the fandoms of the three ships that get married do already know, if they pay attention to the cast's social media at least.

I think it’s pretty obvious at this point who ends up together and who may not. Social media has given a lot away like that fact the Halebs married. I think too with this long break they keep giving more hints, when really they should be keeping their mouths shut and stop giving stuff away. But I can’t say I hate that I know haleb are together in the end.


I know this theory may sound crazy but it opened my eyes.

So,I was looking for meanings of letters AD and I ran into this.

A.D.=Anno Domini or Anno Domini Nostri Iesu and that means in the year of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
After that I connected this to the “A” ending in 5x21.
In pll wikia this ending,it says that “A” puts money in bibles.But where?
The answer is: at Chester Women’s Correctional Facility.

But in 5x23 Ted is in a visitation room at:
Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility.

Get the connection?

And that night Charlotte was murdered he was maybe working at the church and he wanted to find out who did it because he didn’t want police to find out he was working at the church that night.

Or he is just Charlotte’s father.We don’t know who that is yet.Ted could be her father he is old enough.

But why abduct Hanna?
If he actually loved Ashley,maybe he wanted for Hanna to find out first.
Why torture her then?
Maybe because she was trying to escape befor he could tell her.

I know this theory may sound a little crazy to you.
But please tell me what to you think in comments.

This theory could be 100% win or epic fail there is no in between.