Reasons Emily Fields is relatable af

- super gay
- really likes plaid
- falls in love with anyone who’s nice to her
- and some people who aren’t
- broke as hell
- bought an Apple Watch anyway
- once got drunk and vomited in a bathroom
- once got drunk and dug up a grave
- the nicest and most insecure of her friend group
- but was the first in her friend group to kill a man

Everyone thinks that Ali was once pregnant, but...

What if Cece had been lying all along and it was actually HER who ended up getting pregnant?

Think about it. Darren Wilden and Cece had a very interesting relationship from what we’ve been shown… One minute they’re partying in Cape May and the next it seemed like they were in evil cahoots together. That is until Cece seemed afraid and tried to leave Rosewood to get away from him and in the end she ended up murdering him. But WHY did she murder him? That’s the million dollar question. 

What was Cece’s motive? Why did Wilden have to die in order for her to feel safe? What was she hiding? 


Did Darren Wilden get Cece knocked up? Did Cece confess to Ali that she was ‘late’ and that she thought he would kill her if he knew, instead of it being the other way around? After Alison had gone missing Wilden had made it his life mission to figure out what had really happened That Night, is it because Alison knew the truth about him and Cece? Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead… 

It’s intriguing to me that Cece has been such a key part of our main story yet she wasn’t introduced until season 3. Is that because she was away raising a child the first two seasons? Did she give her daughter up for adoption? Is she becoming a mother the real reason why she dropped out of UPENN? Everyone has speculated that the little girl from the Amish farm is Alison and Wilden’s daughter because Wilden was Amish in the PLL books, but what if she is actually Wilden and CECE’S daughter? That would explain why Cece kept coming back to the farm and brought the girl all of those dolls, she wanted to stay close with her. 

Cece having a child with Wilden would also explain why she murdered him. A true crime of passion. It’s possible that Wilden threatened to take their daughter away from her similar to how he threatened Ashley Marin with Hanna. And of course, any mother would move heaven and hell before they would ever let their child get taken away from them, wouldn’t they? 

And that would also tie in the famous Wilden mask that Archer/Rollins had been wearing this season, could Cece have possibly made a mask of Wilden’s face after she shot and killed him? Did Archer somehow get a hold of it after she was arrested for being ‘A’? From her ‘A’ lair?

This may be a long shot but if you think about it long enough, it actually starts to make sense. I think that Cece was pregnant that summer, not Alison. x

Shane Coffey officially returning to PLL in 7B-

“Shane Coffey will reprise his role as Holden Strauss in the second half of the Freeform drama’s seventh season.

Aria Montgomery’s former love interest Holden Strauss (Shane Coffey) will return in season 7B, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Aria’s childhood friend recurred throughout season two, and the pair were in a fake cover-up relationship so Aria could be with Ezra Fitz and Holden could secretly practice martial arts, in spite of his life-threatening heart condition.

Holden also appeared in one episode of season three, trying to help Emily Fields figure out where her ex-girlfriend Maya was last seen alive.

Holden will return to Rosewood and come back into Aria’s life in the second half of the season, which could be related to her potential engagement to Ezra.”