Princess Prompts

Anonymous said:Hey, your blog is really inspiring! Can i ask for some prompts about a princess trying to raise an army to fight against her brother (both of whom are vying for the crown). Thanks a lot xx 

Anonymous said:NEED help on dialogue. My two main characters have been friends since they were 3. They like each other but never said anything. Until Leon expectedly kisses her. She pushed him away. She does like him back but I think she doesn’t know how to react. Some background info Layla is a princess and Leon is a knight. Please and thank you!!!!

Anonymous said:Do you have anything for a fun and snarky princess who’s marrying the crown Prince flirting with her guard? Thanks, I love your blog!

Anonymous said:would you be interested in providing some prompts about saviors and evil queens? I love your prompts btw!!

Anonymous said:Could I get some prompts about a warrior princess and her bodyguard who’s kinda just there for show

1) “I think your kind have a very long history of asking mine to die for you,” the soldier said. “When the end result is much the same anyway. What’s one royal to another?”
“You’ve never met my brother.”

2) The knight stared at the look on the princess’s face, the colour draining from his face at the push and the lack of response. His normal flawless self-confidence faltered. “I - I apologise, my lady. I must have misread the situation - I thought-”
“-You didn’t!” it burst out of her. She exhaled a breath, turned away because it was a little easier when she didn’t have to look at her. Grace. Poise. Control. “It is alright, I’m not angry.” She just wished she knew what she was. “The situation is…complicated.” 
“Can I do anything to uncomplicate it for you, your highness?”

3) “My lady, the prince-”
“Ah the prince,” the princess said, with a gesture. “I live to be swept off my feet by a prince, don’t I?” She caught her guard’s eye. “Just a pity he lacks the stature or strength to do much sweeping, I would likely break the kingdom’s back. Perhaps you’d do the sweeping for him?” She grinned as the knight flustered and flushed. “Well trained and of strong arm that you are.”
“If my lady commands it I would do anything.” It came out entirely too sincere and breathless, and her grin softened to a smile.

4) “The kingdom will never stand for someone like you!”
“Good,” the evil queen replied. “I do not wish to have them standing, I wish them on their knees at my feet in their rightful place.” The queen swept closer, examining the saviour. So young, so beautiful, so innocent-looking. “There could be a comfortable place made there for you too.”
“At your feet? I’m more of a make a stand kinda girl. Sorry.”
The queen’s face hardened. “I can accommodate that too, gracious queen that I am. Strung up in the dungeons on your feet forever on hot needles, no chance of rest or respite.”
They glared at each other.

5) “Would you like me to scowl at them too?” the bodyguard muttered. “If I am to be your defense against people you don’t want to talk to?” They both knew the princess didn’t need physical defense. She just wanted someone to hulk and look aggressive if someone she didn’t like approached. A buffer against persistent suitors, an escape hatch, a different weapon perhaps to those hidden in the folds of her gown but a weapon to be wielded with a warrior’s devastating affect nonetheless. 
The princess smiled sweetly, as lovely and harmless looking as anything in her court attire that night. “Don’t be too put out, you make a wonderful chaperone. I’ll protect you if anyone makes advances on your honour.” 
The bodyguard barely resisted huffing.

Since I feel a bit worried while watching people normalizing Oswald’s behaviour I made this.

Please remind this is just an undetailed diagnostic hypothesis based on what we’ve seen on Gotham (and on what I’m studying).

I understand that sometimes sociopathy/antisocial disorder isn’t considered as “serious” and pathological as illnesses like schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders but it’s for a fact a clinical case, even if people who suffer from it are often political leaders or criminals (- they are efficient at decision making because they just avoid considering ethical aspects).

I won’t say Oswald has just different moral values, since the moral value system is inherited by education/society (I mean, Gotham itself is a bit borderline, but he’s still considered an outcast and a criminal).
I understand that he easily finds affiliation with gangsters, (mafia is in fact based on people who share moral values sub-culturally inherited) but remind that he often acts alone.

I hope I made a point, sorry for my english.


In the moment we clashed, the one in control is me
I will manipulate even the weight of this cut-short life

Happy Birthday Chuuya! [29.04]