okay just a few things i need to get out:

  • bellamy and clarke are equals
  • e q u a l s (yes it is necessary to bold bcos some ppl just do not get this and it is v. v. frustrating)
  • they are from two completely different parts of the ark and the whole point of their friendship is that they put this past them and learn to become friends who are on equal footings 
  • they both become leaders of the delinquents and no one is more superior than the other just bcos they grew up some place different on the ark; they are both individual leaders who learn from and respect each other and are on equal footings despite their class difference
  • in s2 the writers have put clarke up on a pedestal giving her the white girl revolutionary saviour character trope, which made both the writers and fandom start referring to bellamy as her “knight” 
  • which comes back to class difference - the whole notion that bellamy (who comes from a lower sector of the ark) is the “knight” to clarke’s (who comes from the very top) “princess” is really really classist and denotes to us the ofc bellamy cant seem to keep his leader position bcos he’s not supposed to be one in the first place
  • and then this is where racism comes in - the BI-RACIAL male character being subservient to the WHITE female character when he was once her equal ????????????? no
  • the whole beauty of bellamy and clarke’s relationship was that they were EQUALS who are DIFFERENT but still BOTH IMPORTANT; who are LEADERS TOGETHER and MAKE EACHOTHER BETTER
  • bellamy has flaws and clarke has flaws and that is why there is TWO LEADERS - they HELP eachother out and it’s BETTER that way - unlike s2 where so much shit went sour bcos clarke and lexa (who are so very SIMILAR and didnt help eachother out AT ALL and made the SAME mistakes) leaded 
  • “knight” and “princess” are not equal footings at all and pls stop referring to bellamy and clarke as such - it’s, in simpler terms, racist and classist and ridiculous and silly and dumb
  • bellamy is not the “knight” to clarke’s “princess” - he is the prince to her princess; the king to her queen
  • they are equals equals e q u a l s
  • someone pls throw jason rothenberg off a cliff and thrown down his “princess and her knight” meta along with him bye 

Right so I ship Dan and Phil as much as the next person but that article could have been ANYONE, literally any youtuber ;-; Who ever it was clearly wanted to stay anonymous and I think its pretty mean that everyone’s assuming it was him :c

& yes I am 100% aware my blog is mostly gifs of them dancing but there’s a difference between fangirling over something that really happened and that they wanted their viewers to see & fangirling over an anonymous interview about a person who DOESNT want people knowing there gay. (Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes, I was typing fast ://)