spoilers! thoughts on episode three of season two!

spoilers! spoilers! spoilers! spoilers! spoilers! spoilers! spoilers! spoilers! spoilers! 

I hope that was enough of a warning, I’d hate to spoiler people if they don’t want to be. So, SPOILERS!


I am here for brothers doing anything for each other.

“My brother is counting on me. Just…you can kill me just please let me get to him first.” 

“It'’s all right, Alec. What matters is you’re back.”

Two lines from Jace that will forever haunt me. 

Then there’s Isabelle, doing everything in her power to save both her brothers. And little Izzy, not wanting a parabatai but recognizing that Alec and Jace are meant to be parabatai. 

And then the “someday you’ll find someone who will love you, heart and soul.” and then coming back to the present, where Magnus is. Where’s he’s stayed the whole night and day, keeping Alec from slipping away until Jace can make it him. Crying when he thought Alec was gone, then the fucking look on his face when he saw that he wasn’t. Foreshadowing! A good foreshadowing!

I loved the Simon and Clary scenes and the glimpses we see of their background together. Did anyone else notice that Clary didn’t get a fix on Simon’s mom’s location until she was touching Simon? Meaning Simon was the most important thing to her, not the necklace? How don’t know how his mom would/will take it when/if he tells her, I know what happens in the books but this show has been so amazing at going one step further in the gorgeous storytelling department, in my opinion. 

Raphael! He cares about his people, they’re his family just like Simon’s mom is to Simon. Him finding her and getting her coffee and being charming enough to get an invite to their house so he can get Simon to do what he wanted him to do was smart and devious but I don’t think he would have hurt her. I’m sure of it. It was just to get Simon’s cooperation. What is it with Simon and having characters intimidate him with charm and compliments? First Aldertree, now Raphael? 

As a little side note, the comments Jace made when fighting that big werewolf Taito in Hunter’s Moon were hilarious. When he hit him and nothing happened, his “really?” and when he hit him again with the bottle and it still didn’t phase him his “damn it!” were hilarious, despite the situation. I remember Dom’ said there were brief moments of levity before it was back to angst. 

Magnus getting pissed off and using his power on Raj and going after him, only stopping when Izzy made him was, seriously, I just - It was glorious. You could feel his power and the tight hold he had on it; for Alec’s sake. Poor Raj, though! 

Luke was an amazing alpha this episode! I feel there will be some consequences to him appearing to side with the Shadowhunters and the Clave though but I don’t think he could have lived with himself, as a cop and as a good guy, if he let his pack take vengeance on Jace without the whole story. spoilers! spoilers! spoilers!

The scene between Jace and Jocelyn was so well done, Dom and Maxim really made me feel all the feels for both of them. Bravo! I wish we couldn’t have gotten Robert and Maryse and their reactions to Alec’s situation. 

Another great episode of the season, I cannot wait to see what happens in episode four!

Sweet Deal, my book based on my AH Bakery AU is live!! 

It was written under a different pen name than what I normally use. But it’s still my goofy style… and I really hope ya’ll will like it! Same premise as Cakebites but the names have been changed to protect the real people it’s written about!

Sweet Deal is just 99¢!

Every purchase helps me gain visibility and ranking for this fun, happy-ending gay romance novel <3

Russ is awfully sweet for someone who pretends to be so salty.

Gruff ex-punk Russ is a sweets-obsessed baker, struggling to get his dream business off the ground. His cupcakes are delicious and everyone loves them—so why is his bakery failing?

“I’m begging you: please call me for an interview…”

Arthur is about to lose his mind. With his amazing grades and business degree, he thought he’d be a shoe-in at any company in Rosebridge—but he can’t convince anyone to hire him. With his savings drying up, it looks likely that he’ll have to admit defeat and return home to face his homophobic parents.

Arthur is simply off limits—he has to be.

Arthur is perfect for the bakery: motivated, meticulous, and a great worker. Unfortunately, Arthur is also gorgeous, hilarious, and way too young for Russ to date.

Arthur can’t ignore the way Russ’s strong arms and low laugh send electricity up and down his spine. He can’t let anything jeopardize his new job, but Arthur also can’t ignore how perfect the two of them could be together…

Sweet Deal is a steamy 55,000-word contemporary romance with May/December themes, a workplace romance, and a happily-ever-after ending.

*sees a picture of aaron*
oh my god I love him so much he’s the sweetest purest human I would die for him

*sees a picture of robert*
Oh my god I love him so much he’s so soft and tol and totally madly deeply in love with aaron I can’t handle it

*sees a picture of robron*

anonymous asked:

*pulls up chair and tucks hands under chin* Tell me more about this AU. Do John and Jade have a similar connection? Do they even exist? Why can we see Lil Cal from Dave's perspective if Bro took him to do a show?

oh my gosh im so happy someone is interested!! thank you!!

Dave and Rose’s telepathic powers come from the fact that they’re twins, so John and Jade may have similar powers but they wouldn’t be exactly the same - I was thinking that Dave and Jade go to school together as kids and so do John and Rose, they’re some of the few people that genuinely believe that Dave/Rose is a real person. 

Dave and Jade become friends when Dave finds her crying one day because she was being picked on and offers to be her bodyguard, she laughs and calls him cool so they go to the library and read comics together. 

Rose and John meet in music club where they play a piano + violin song together, one day while they’re waiting for music club to start Rose starts doing her homework and John asks if she could help him with his - she starts tutoring him until they just start hanging out. 

They have a group chat together and it’s eventually revealed that John’s father is looking to adopt and Jade, having lost her grandpa, goes to stay with him leaving Dave alone in Texas. A year or so passes and after a particularly bad strife with Bro he goes to stay with Rose for a while due to her mum being the only other person with custody over him, though he ends up moving in with them in New York.

As for Lil Cal I wish there was an elaborate reason that he is there, however, I’m afraid it is simply because I drew Cal in and then finished the drawing the next day and completely forgot he was there haha


Noct’s interaction with animals is what i live for (´▽`ʃƪ)

Please, if you meet someone who makes you excited to wake up again, don’t waste your chance. Tell them how you feel before they slip between your fingers. Because never knowing what you could have been, it breaks your heart just as much as being rejected. Take the risk. Do it for me. Do it for yourself. Do it because you can’t let love pass you by. Not again. Not this time.
—  These words hurt but I need to say them. For you. For me. For everyone too scared to try.

idk if someone’s written on this thing before but im p sure someone has bc GODDAMN WHO WOULDNT

I just?? I love the context of the necktie-pull. I love that it’s because Viktor’s attention was caught by the audience and Yuuri wanted to remind him that “hey, you’re here to watch me, remember?” When he says that the performance has begun (and oh boy, look at those bedroom eyes lmfao), it adds emphasis to the fact that for every performance, ever since the first time he skated for Viktor, Yuuri wants Viktor’s eyes to be on him and only him.

ep 3:

[additional thing: someone made translation notes on this, saying that the actual translation is closer to “Please keep your eyes on me and only me.”]

ep 6: 


I love the consistency of it? I love how it evolved- from a hug to clasped hands + forehead-to-forehead contact, to necktie-pulling….god only knows what we’re getting next. Yuuri went from half-shy, still somewhat embarrassed “Watch me, okay?” to 98% confident & sure “Hey, keep your eyes on me, Viktor.” It’s not just an evolution of their relationship- it’s an evolution of Yuuri himself, as he’s getting more and more comfortable in his skin, enough to be able to tell Viktor that hey, you’re my coach and you’re here for me.

i’m just. so damn proud of my boys. SO DAMN PROUD.

me: i’m fine.

also me: why was jess mariano, nephew of luke danes, not at his uncle’s wedding? i kept waiting and waiting for jess to arrive. i thought he might twirl out during that dance number at one point. or maybe slide in on that ladder. declare his love to rory. but no. i thought he was going to appear at any moment but he never did. was he not invited? and why???????????????????? where was jess???????????????? is he still asleep on one of the many couches he talked about at liz’s place? someone wake him up please.

cute klance sleeping things:

  • ever since they started dating, keith secretly wanted to share a bed with lance so bad but felt it was too fast/rushed/pushy and agonized over it. should he ask??? how even?? (and that amount of touching makes him a bit nervous too)
    • but one night lance comes in to keith’s room, exhausted after a Coran Cardio workout and just collapses into the bed next to keith, sleeping before he hits the sheets
    • keith doesn’t move the whole night. it’s like a cat has Chosen him and he doesn’t want to scare it off. he just lays there grinning like an idiot at the ceiling while lance snores on his stomach.
  • keith is a total blanket hog; by morning he is wrapped up like a wee caterpillar. lance fights back by spreading his lankiness over every inch of the bed, whether keith is occupying it or not.
  • also lance sleeps in until like noon so keith’ll wake up and just stare lovingly at the boy for a while until lance blows a snot bubble and ruins it.
    • OR lance’ll wake up and see keith and blearily, crookedly, smile instantly and that right there makes keith’s whole day
  • before they go to bed keith reads aloud from a book while lance snuggles into his side and listens, holding his hand.
  • on the rare occasions lance wakes up before keith, he kisses keith awake:
    • “wake up, sleeping beauty! I am thy prince and thy spell is lifted.”
    • “oh my god lance you have morning breath get off”
    • “i SAID thy spell is LIFTED”


( because the world needs more salt && complications. feel free to change up the context or pronouns! )

❛❛ No. No, no, no — you really don’t want me as a soulmate. ❜❜
❛❛ So, you’re the unfortunate soul stuck with me. ❜❜
❛❛ Can we just - forget about this? ❜❜
❛❛ We’re not meant for each other. Trust me. ❜❜
❛❛ You’re my soulmate? Wow - talk about a let-down. ❜❜
❛❛ We were only supposed to be friends. ❜❜
❛❛ Something’s wrong with this shit system. We are not soulmates! ❜❜
❛❛ How is that I love them more, when you’re my soulmate? ❜❜
❛❛ I know how you look at him - even though you’re not his. ❜❜
❛❛ Please, believe me. You are not my soulmate. You can’t be. ❜❜
❛❛ I don’t want a soulmate. ❜❜
❛❛ Find someone else - I don’t need this in my life. ❜❜
❛❛ No way - I can’t have TWO soulmates. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m not very good with commitment, or soulmates, or love. ❜❜
❛❛ Oh - this. This is a joke. Very funny. You can call April Fools now. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m not good enough for you. This is wrong. ❜❜
❛❛ Life is cruel, huh? Pairing us together like this. ❜❜
❛❛ To think we were fated to grow old together makes my stomach turn. ❜❜
❛❛ Why is fate such a bitch? Why are you a bitch? ❜❜
❛❛ This wasn’t supposed to be real. It was a joke. ❜❜
❛❛ I don’t know what’s worse. The fact you love them, or the fact I love you. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m not suddenly trusting you with my heart! Or anything! ❜❜
❛❛ I wish I could clean this mark off with some fate-Windex or something. ❜❜
❛❛ Scary, right? Tied to a person you might not even know. ❜❜
❛❛ I can’t trust you to love me. Not fully. ❜❜
❛❛ We weren’t supposed to fall in love like this. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m going to be frank, && say I have zero attraction to you. So this is a mistake. ❜❜
❛❛ We’re rivals. Not soulmates. We’re supposed to be at each other’s throats. ❜❜
❛❛ Things were better before this stupid mark, & stupid fate. ❜❜
❛❛ I’ve tried. You can’t cut the string. I’ve tried, trust me, I’ve tried. ❜❜
❛❛ This mark. It appeared this morning. I don’t want it - I. Don’t. Want. It. ❜❜    

reasons why andre is too good and pure for this world

- anti-trump

- supports hamilton

- when asked if he would be apart of the rebellion or apart of the empire, he said that he didn’t like being evil and that he would rather everyone just be happy :))))

- he’s super shy, but will gladly talk/take pics with fans (he even laughed at me when we met cause I was super nervous and dropped the pic I wanted him to sign)

- he’s a very tall child

wow I really love him someone send help please

** - he also supports women’s hockey - supports body positivity as well

Happy 25th Birthday Baby ❤

“Aaron, you have no idea of how strong you really are. You’re strong, courageous. You’re so kind to everybody but yourself. You know if it was anyone else being this hard on you, I’d kill him.”

im really worried about dan. like i constantly worry about him bc he used to be so sad and i just sit and worry sometimes that hes angry at us shipping phan or if hes eating enough or if hes taking care of himself or if he hides razors from phil and covers cuts and is silently sad like 2009 dan.  and i know this sounds so stupid but i just care so much and i dont want him to ever be sad or upset or anything but happy. and i know he says hes happy but ive seen so much hate recently towards him and phil and it just makes me think how much of it he lets get to him and i just hate not knowing if hes ok or just puts on a smile for the camera. and if he sees this (doubt it)  please know, we love you no matter’ll always be special to us and you dont need to change at all becasue you’re perfect. and i know that im over thinking this but when its someone close to your heart and someone that has changed and saved your life, you worry a little bit

beauty and the beast sentence meme

feel free to change the starters and things to fit your muse!

  • “who could ever learn to love a beast?”
  • “well, it’s my favorite! far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!”
  • “here’s where she meets prince charming. but she won’t discover that it’s him ‘til chapter three.”
  • “my father is not crazy! he’s a genius!”
  • “i’m not really sure i fit in here. there’s no one i can really talk to.”
  • “oh _____, have a heart!”
  • “you know, there’s not a girl in town who wouldn’t love to be in your shoes.”
  • “is he gone?”
  • “for once, it might be grand to have someone understand. i want so much more than they’ve got planned.”
  • “______, there’s a girl in the castle!”
  • “take me instead.”
  • “please spare my daughter! please!”
  • “told you she was pretty, _____. didn’t i?”
  • “cheer up, child. it’ll turn out alright in the end, you’ll see.”
  • “try to be patient. the girl has lost her father and her freedom all in one day.”
  • “it’s no use. she’s so beautiful and I’m…well, look at me!”
  • “please attempt to be a gentleman.”
  • “i don’t wanna get to know him! i don’t wanna have anything to do with him!”
  • “she’ll never see me as anything but a monster.”
  • “promise or no promise, i can’t stay here another minute!”
  • “by the way, thank you for saving my life.”
  • “true, that he’s no prince charming. but there’s something in him that i simply didn’t see.”
  • “i’ll tell you when you’re older.”
  • “could you read it again?”
  • “you don’t have time to be timid!”
  • “and when the moment is right, you confess your love!”
  • “are you happy here with me?”
  • “you mean…i’m free?”
  • “after all this time, he’s finally learned to love.”
  • “______, why’d you go away? don’t you like us anymore?”
  • “if it’s a fight they want, we’ll be ready for them!”
  • “what’s the matter, ______? too kind and gentle to fight back?”
  • “at least i got to see you one last time.”
  • “are they gonna live happily ever after, ______?”
Please Please Me explained
  • I Saw Her Standing There: Paul's horny for a minor and then experiences a myocardial rupture
  • Misery: the Beatles were the kind of guy who never used to cry and boy does that change
  • Anna (Go to Him): all of my life, I've been SER-CHEN
  • Chains: George doesn't see the foreshadowing in John and Paul singing with him p much the whole song hiding whose song it is except during the bridge
  • Boys: queer baiting
  • Ask Me Why: why?
  • Please Please Me: last night I said these words to my girl: blow me
  • Love Me Do: the smartest song the Beatles ever wrote, every line rhymes
  • P.S. I Love You: Paul reads a repetitive letter out loud
  • Baby It's You: John is yearning? professing? complaining? there's no apparent conflict, it's hard to say
  • Do You Want to Know a Secret: George wants to tell someone a secret but he spoiled it before even saying there was a secret
  • A Taste of Honey: that song
  • There's a Place: dissociation, the musical
  • Twist and Shout: the Beatles record in a cave with an echo