under the cut there are 241 284 434 565 small and medium high quality gifs of my ultimate girl crush and the love of my life, zendaya (after shake it up, 2013-2015). there should be no repeats, but i believe there are a few similar ones so i apologize if that annoys you! none of the following gifs are mine, full credit goes to the makers. please like/reblog if this is helpful to you in any way and let me know if you have any requests ^_^ (updated 12/29/14, 2/17/2015, 4/27/2015)

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I’m doing a GIF dump, deleting all the FC gifs I don’t use too often–so I’m posting them here for you guys to use! Under the cut, you will find about 300 gifs of Shelley Hennig. All of which are high quality and either small or medium sized. I apologize for any repeats! Again, none of these gifs are mine, full credit to the owners. Please like or reblog if you use this hunt.

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This one was inspired by my own muse and my partner’s muse. I had in mind that it could be used as character psds, for tasks, as a drawing pad, or simply for a muse to release his/her thoughts. Feel free to rearrange anything and/or everything to fit your muse’s persona. It’s fairly simple to navigate, but do not be scared to ask for help if any is needed. I have tried to make everything neat and organized so no one has trouble while using it. 

The gradient used in the preview belongs to shayofrp.

The font used in the psd is notera personal, which can be downloaded here. As for the textures, none of them belong to me, so full credit goes to their owners.

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