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the walking dead
the killers
arctic monkeys
the 1975
marina and the diamonds!

lapis lazuli
american horror story
cool aesthetic shit
rule of rose
sword art online
higurashi no naku koro ni or when they cry
no game no life
school-live! or gakkou gurashi
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gravity falls
over the garden wall
orphan black
the pet girl of sakurasou
life is strange
marina diamandis

kyoukai no kanata or beyond the boundary
arrested development
inthelittlewood or martyn littlewood
nagato yuki chan
lucky star
anything nintendo i guess
jade harley
daenerys targaryen
yuru yuri
orange is the new black
kotoura san
marina lambrini diamandis
jthm or johnny the homicidal maniac
invader zim

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I’ve been going through Lego’s Youtube channel to listen to the Bionicle episodes in different languages (if they went with different voice actors rather than the narrator’s voice) to determine the most fitting group of voices for each of the Toa.

So here’s what I’ve got so far from what I think:

Lewa - Korean

Kopaka - (Undecided, probably Korean again if nothing else sticks out to me)

Onua - Korean or Greek

Tahu - Greek or Turkish

Gali - Korean

Pohatu - Cantonese

Bar Entertainment || Dracul x Chemical || FLASHBACK

He’d lost count of how many people, mostly men, had used his body. At least thirty; definitely more, probably closer to forty. Someone had called their friends over after the crowd had thinned out, and pretty soon he’d been swimming in an ocean of cum coating himself and the bar. He could no longer feel his legs, let alone walk… but in a good, contented, tired-from-getting-your-brains-fucked-out sort of way.

The bar ‘harlot’ laid with his back atop the bar, legs spread almost to his ears as what he assumed to be the last man standing finished inside of him. Chemical gave an approving gasp, nearly joining him– though he’s already cum on himself enough for one day, perhaps; his chest was completely soaked, with rivulets running off his bare body to stain the hardwood below himself.

With a grunt, the last stranger of the day pulled out of Chemical, still leaking cum, and wiped himself off on his thigh. The adult bar’s free whore gave him a wink and blew a kiss after him before collapsing back, trying to catch his breath.

“J-Jesus Christ–!” Chemical gasped softly, dropping his head back with a soft ‘clunk’ against the hardwood bar.

Then, he’d realized that, no, that hadn’t been the last of the people to use his skinny, trembling little body for the night; soon, there was another burly stranger grabbing Chemical’s hips, dragging the whore’s ass to meet his own waist. With a swift, fluid motion, Chemical tensed up again with a squeaky yelp, fingers latching tightly onto the dark wood.

“O-oh, this is the life…” He groaned sweetly, slowly rutting his hips back against the man. After all, for him, this was what all of this was about; feeling something. To him, sex was what gave his life a point, and he was more than eager to get what he needed as much as possible.

The bar hardly needed music; Chemical was the main sound system, his gasps and moans and whimpers filling the air and drowning out any music that was played. He was the dive bar’s main attraction, their staple ‘accessory’ that drew everyone in; He never left the bar top, always pinned down by some stranger, his sweet voice coaxing them on and leading more people over.

Humans, of course, couldn’t smell it; but to other supernatural beings, he reeked of Incubus and a permanent heat that seemed to be impossible to sate.
When his gasping, heavy moans faded off into happy little whimpers as the heavily built man pulled himself away from Chemical, the skinny little whore motioned towards someone who caught his eye; his legs were still spread wide, and he leaned up on his elbows, slowly pulling his finger back to motion the tall stranger closer. He had a weak spot for long hair and body modifications. 

“Come here, sweetheart.” He called softly, grinning almost lazily. “You can do a-anything you want to me if I can p-pull that pretty-looking hair of yours.”



summer break just started and i already don’t know what to do


I’m just gonna leave this here for Amy nee-san… spyoflove
New Makura no Danshi man <3

Eponine Dialogue
  • Eponine Dialogue
  • Fire Emblem: Fates

For an anon!

Uh… let’s just say she’s definitely Zero’s daughter, aha. She’s also an avid fan for boy’s love LOL. Disclaimers as usual!

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