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The next Pearlmethyst Week will begin on Sunday, March 26th, and end on Saturday, April 1st! 7 days of shipping goodness!


March 26 - First Kiss (Might as well start out strong!)

March 27 - Crossover (Combine Pearl & Amethyst with another fandom! Ex: Pearl/Amethyst dressed as Peach and Mario)

March 28 - Flowers (Interpret this as you will,  just make sure it includes flowers!)

March 29 - FREE DAY! (The sky is the limit, y'all.)

March 30 - Angst/Drama (Make us hate you and love you at the same time…)

March 31 - Date Night (Self explanatory!)

April 1 - Opal (Because we all still Hopal for Opal)

Use whatever medium you like! I’m not picky! Just make sure you tag @annadesu OR @fuckyeahpearlmethyst so that I can find the submission, and reblog it! Tell me if I miss your art by PM! I want to make sure I get everyone!

Late submissions will be allowed, just please try and post your work as close to the actual date as possible. Please, nothing NSFW! Human AU is fine@!

If you have questions, contact me and ask away! Have fun, everyone!

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listen. skam fandom, we need to have a talk. about lesbians.

as you may have noticed, a lot of people have become quite enamored with the idea of lesbian!vilde and there have been a lot of headcanons. unfortunately, there has been a lot of pushback to this and some people have been attacking these headcanons or sending anon hate to those that make them.

one of the biggest arguments about why vilde could Never Ever Ever be a lesbian is that she’s had sex with men. and i, your lesbian aunty, am here to tell you that you are so very wrong. 

lots of lesbians have had sexual or romantic relationships with men. sometimes we haven’t figured out we are gay, sometimes we are trying to force ourselves to have feelings for men, sometimes it is bc we’re afraid of rejection/being harmed if people find out.

lesbians experience compulsory heterosexuality, which is the idea that being straight is The Norm and it is forced onto us by society from birth. when being straight is expected & enforced, & everyone who isn’t straight is treated like crap, it is easy to deny or misinterpret our feelings.

this means a lot of us end up trying to force feelings that just aren’t there, convincing ourselves that if we behave a certain way the feelings will come along eventually, or that it’s “normal” to not really feel anything for men.

saying someone can’t be a lesbian because they dated/slept with a man is not only a gross over-simplification of sexuality, but it is also gate-keeping the lesbian identity, which is pretty harmful.

there’s also a point to be made that even if vilde is not gay, her having slept with men does not prevent her from also being attracted to girls also. other sexualities besides gay and straight exist.

so, if you don’t think vilde is a lesbian/think she is straight, then that’s fine. we are all entitled to our own opinions.

what is a problem though, is when you go out of your way to harass the people that do think this, and throw lesbians and questioning girls under the bus to try to prove why you’re right by making false assumptions about sexuality.

so please. if you disagree, maybe next time consider just scrolling past instead of adding some unnecessary (and potentially harmful) commentary to a harmless headcanon post. 

please just think about what you are saying. because sapphic girls deserve better than to be attacked for a headcanon about a character they relate to. and maybe you should reassess why the idea of having a lesbian character bothers you so much.

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youth politics zine?

hey guys,

As you may or may not remember I had the idea to start an app/community for young people to discuss politics and get involved. After carefully thinking it through, I decided it would be more realistic to create a zine for that purpose at first.

A zine where you can express your opinions about important political topics, internationally or nationally, and share your thoughts on issues without being deemed as „too young“ or „too inexperienced“.

It would also be possible to advertise donation campaigns, demonstrations, groups and personal blogs.

To create a zine like that, which would be online and completely free, I’d need:

  • writers
  • editors
  • designers

What do you think of this idea? Would you be interested?

Eventually, we could then expand and create a separate community, app, etc.

If yes, please just reblog/like this post, or send an email to

ks thoughts: chapter 19

I feel like my blog is turning into a killing stalking blog lmao, if you don’t like it, please just ignore this post ;;

So my thoughts on chapter 19, I PREDICTED THAT SHIT!! No, for real, I wanted to see Bum go full berserk and I can see why Koogi did it. Bum is a very unstable character but also, very tragic in a way. We know that he was bullied, he had no friends, he was abused (and he still is), he has BPD and so on. Koogi emphasizes the pathos in order for us to sympathize with Bum. We only get his point of view, making the reading quite subjective, and so, we tend to forget that Bum is in fact, not that innocent… (+ Bum is a very unreliable narrator, he’s withholding a lot of informations)

I think this chapter was a turning point for Bum, but also for Sangwoo. We have finally discovered Bum’s dark side. Sangwoo did not expect Bum to react this way and this pannel is indirectly telling this: (SANGSHOOK)

 (maybe he thought that Bum would not be able to do it without his help, maybe he expected guilt, remorse and a lot of crying at the end of the murder, but not… this kind of expression, for sure). The fact that Bum’s unleashed his rage just like that, mixing past and present was really interesting. In fact, I think Bum’s past will play a really important role if they decide to kill more people, and Sangwoo won’t hesitate to trigger this little button because HE KNOWS that Bum is driven by his own emotions, he knows his reactions now.

So my predictions for the future chapters are numerous. First, they’ll have sex in order to conclude this night, this “proposal” which Bum accepted, it’ll be a sort of honeymoon I guess? 

Then, now that Sangwoo can fully trust Bum (I mean, they’re both murderers now), maybe he’ll teach Bum about certain aspects of “this fun game”, he’ll give him more confidence, I don’t know? I’ve been thinking that, since it is a game for Sangwoo, he’ll probably catch Bum’s uncle, as a sort of reward/gift for his lover. Maybe that’ll be Bum’s second (or third if you count the old guy as his first) murder. I don’t think Bum can kill people from cold-blood because he’s different from Sangwoo, but still, I do think that Ji-Eun’s murder won’t be his last, for sure.

This is a quick analysis and my english is shit right now so i’m sorry haha

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I’ve noticed some people deleting captions from the artwork I just posted. Please don’t delete the artist credit, these wonderful contemporary artists and illustrators submitted their work, and deserve credit for their powerful pieces. 

wordswarsandsymphonys  asked:

What's going on with Denny's? Can you give me some phrases I can Google to get me in the right path please?

oh they just always post memes right, and the whole corporations having websites that make it into pop culture internet memes shit leads to people forgetting corporations aren’t people they’re corporations, they’re not our friends they aren’t good, they’re just shitty capitalists lmao so the whole thing is just “see if dennys uses this in their advertising” because it’s anti-capitalist and it would aid in their destruction to normalize anticapitalist sentiments.