i just unfollowed 110+ blogs and need new ones to follow

i hate to be That Person but i need some more blogs to follow lol and this is the only way i can think of to find some, so…

can you please reblog(preferably) or like this if you post

  • HARRY POTTER!!!!!! drarry, wolfstar, guna, romione (if you post dr/mione can you write this in the tags, so if i follow i can know to blacklist it? sorry kaghdjkfghjhkhj its just personal preference nothing against anyone who ships it)
  • honestly if you post drarry im probably going to follow you immediately
  • VOLTRON!!! im very inclined towards klance and shallura 
  • one punch man!!
  • the legend of zelda!! (if u post z/link can you write this in the tags please, so i can know to blacklist it - again, nothing against it or you i just dont want to have it on my dash)
  • nintendo in general? i love nintendo
  • kingdom hearts♥♥♥
  • legend of korra/the last airbender
  • d gray man
  • hunter x hunter
  • steven universe
  • the raven cycle, bluesy, pynch, etc
  • wlw positivity!!!!!
  • makeupppp
  • misc/photography/aesthetic posts (i like dark foggy things bc i’m Edgy)

if you post one of some of those i’ll probably follow you!! and if you post your art/ your fanart for any of the above i’ll almost definitely follow you 

please help me out lmao

wait wait ok so you know this pic:

isn’t that the blackwatch reyes skin i.e. reyes’ outfit when he was part of blackwatch. does this mean that he used to fight alongside overwatch members as blackwatch??

i mean esp since he wore blue during his overwatch days:

idk when that first pic is from in terms of timeline or maybe reyes wears different outfits but anyway, i still got questions..


So, I’m probably gonna move blogs and start over

I just
don’t feel safe here anymore

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anonymous asked:

rabie can you chill?? 😫 I swear to god I don't mean to offend you but your text post aren't helping and it's just making me feel bad lmao like there were definitely reasons we love him just don't act like it suddenly vanished or something

Alright, he did help me through some stuff, like his music and the funny moments we would share were nice and at all. But I’m sorry to say this, but this year, even last year during purpose promo era, I can’t help but think that a lot of the stuff he does and says is for attention and just idk fake now. He seems very lost and lonely, like there is something missing which is probably why he hangs out with ppl for a little while, and cuts them off when he doesnt need them anymore or gets tired of them (he does this with girls, and boys tbh) although I do believe he changed some of his ways, like he probably doesnt do drugs now, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is just disrespectful tbh, he does stuff that goes against a lot of my morals and i dont feel like stanning that. He preaches one thing, but does another. He needs to grow up, he is 22 we shouldnt be making excuses anymore or whatever. He also plays the victim a lot, even when he is the one getting himself into messy situation and I honestly hate that. I’m over him. And this Sofia thing was it for me tbh. Like that just made me question a lot of things about him. 

Translation: Joker Game Go For It!! 2nd Year D-Class, Sakuma-sensei!! part 2

So here is part 1.

I’m back from family trip and sick with the flu when I was translating this, so please forgive any spelling / grammar mistakes. OTL

Again, if you’re going to post this on other sites, please just link this post directly or give some credit. That would be very much appreciated.

Warning: 2593 words. Amari is an airhead. BUT I STILL LOVE HIM OKAY?!

Anyway! Enjoy the field trip with D-Class! w

Translation under the cut!

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White women really need to stop writing fics and making graphics and art about interracial f/f ships in which the visibly brown or black woman in the ship serves as the “knight” or “lionheart” for the white woman who’s portrayed as the “queen” or “princess”. You all are being transparent and gross as hell. For once, consider how lbpq women of color are already painted as angry and brutal. Consider how lbpq women of color aren’t allowed to be soft or vulnerable or sensitive. Consider that they can’t be romantically or sexually autonomous without being fetishized by the male gaze and the white, colonial gaze, especially if they’re trans. Consider that the next time you begin outlining an AU or storyline in which the woman of color is the knight for her white savior princess. 

HONESTLY the new laughing reaper emote just further convinces me that Gabriel is 100% not a serious person and absolutely loves theatrics, and doesn’t really ever expect people to take him seriously whatsoever.

He seems like the kind of person that would pull a prank on someone at the base, and when faced with an angry “WHY?” his only reaction would be to run away with that overly dramatic laugh inbetween fits of unmanly giggling.


zimbits kissin’ bc i can stare at these dorks making out forever tbh

mostly raw caps of each kiss thus far. perhaps one day i’ll clean these edits up but today is not that day lol.


a few klances and a klunk i never finished

Tori’s in Trouble, Please Help if You Can

So… I mentioned earlier that my air conditioner and my freezer quit this morning? 

Well, today isn’t done kicking me yet. 

I was supposed to go to the store and buy the month’s groceries today, because we get food stamps today… but I just got a call saying they’ve been turned off, with no advance warning. 

Money was already tight this month, with my grandma’s surgeries,and my accounts are completely drained to pay for them. 

All the money i can borrow is borrowed, and everything I can pawn has been pawned, and I just barely managed to pay most of the bills (my phone is off, but otherwise they’re all paid up.)

I was really counting on food stamps to make it through this month, and now that they’re off, I have a major issue.

So… I hate to do this, but if there’s any spare money anyone can donate, please do?

If a third of my followers donated just a dollar, it’d match what my food stamps would have given me and make this month that much easier. 

If everyone gave a dollar, I’d have enough to actually fix/replace the freezer and the ac unit, and feed everyone.

Of course, I understand that not everyone can donate, but to anyone who can, please do. It would help my family so much, and I’d never forget your kindness.

I’m also opening emergency commissions, so please, if you can, check those out?

My paypal email is, please donate there if you can, and please check out my emergency commissions post if there’s anything you want written.

Jamie Chung is my Nesryn


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10000% done with everyone

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this face just screams “I don’t miss.”

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bonus: Lysandra and Nesryn (I just realized how great Meghan Ory would be as Lysandra)

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part three of the grindr au, based on a fic by @des-zimbits​ (read it here). sorry this took forever, guys. this part is a little longer at 3k (and I didn’t even get all the way through spring semester. help). rated t for language?

also um content warning for Jack’s internalized homophobia making him act like a real asshole. he sorts his shit out by the end the end of this part, but like. it might be upsetting in places. sorry.

part one. part two.

“So, what was your New Year’s resolution, Bits?” Ransom asks.

Jack knows it’s the traditional just-back-from-Winter-Break question, but he always hates this conversation. His own resolutions are never very interesting, and he hates talking about them. (This year he has two: to improve his shooting percentage by at least 10% in the second half of the season, and to increase his bench press by 50 pounds before the end of the year.) Historically, whenever Jack has told anyone what his New Year’s resolutions are, he’s only met with a frown and a short, “Oh.”

Bittle’s resolutions, on the other hand, will no doubt be terribly interesting and charm the whole team even further. Because that’s just how it goes.

“It was, uh.” Bittle laughs a little, rubbing back of his neck. “It was actually—to be a little less inhibited?”

Before Jack even knows he’s doing, he’s saying, “Less inhibited?”

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I desperately need help

My name is V. My partner and I are trans, disabled, and homeless.

I work as a server at IHOP but school has just started and my boss cut my hours, so tips AND my paychecks are small. My partner just got a job, but it will be several weeks until they get a paycheck and even more until we get enough together to get indoors.

We have a 2 year old son that we have hardly been able to see in several weeks because we have no food and it’s too cold for him to sleep at night. We have no resources and nobody who is willing or able to help us, and winter is fast approaching. We are desperate. I am desperate. I am BEGGING. We need to get funds together to get an apartment before the winter.

I can’t stress this enough. We NEED to be indoors before winter, and ideally, we should be indoors before October. We live in Alaska and winter/fall is bitterly cold and miserable, especially at night, obviously. It’s already dropping below 50 at night. We sleep under 3 thick blankets and in layers and we are still freezing.

Our goal is to try and get $2000 together, for deposit and first months rent. The cost of living here is very high and we need at least that much to have any guarantee of getting a place before winter. My paypal is Please, please donate and/or signal boost this. Thank you for reading.


“I think we’re too entwined at this point for any severance to be everlasting.”