mutuals if i like your negative posts please just imagine me patting u on the back comforting you, not like i actually like that you’re hurt

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sorry, but do you have any tips for making poses/ full bodies? Whenever i try i end up giving up and crying. If you don't wanna answer that's okay too :)

why do I have a feeling that I know you…

I’m gonna sound like any other artist, but seriously, ref is kEY. Try studying it,(trace over it if you have to but please don’t post that) just do whatever to understand it. When you think you’ve got a hang of it, you can try sketching it without reference. (if it turns out disappointing than you can always go back) 

If it’s a more dynamic pose, try loosening lines and strokes, make them curved and don’t add sharp edges. 

it goes for stiller poses too: 

but yeah, that’s all I got :D Please don’t cry. You’ll improve if you put your heart into it >:D 


template 001 - instagram

hi guys! this is my first ever template! it consists of two .psd files, titled PROFILE and POST (take a guess to which one is which). it includes:

- the two .psd files i just mentioned

- uses the font segoe ui (not included)

- completely editable text (except for the ‘add a comment…’ in the POST file)

- 800 x 609 image size

- edit profile, follow, and following buttons (along with video and multiple picture icons) for the profile

- follow and following buttons (there is no button if it’s your account) along with an option to like the photo, a play video button, and a picture dot thing at the bottom for multiple picture posts (it only comes with three, but it certainly wouldn’t be hard to add another one if you wanted to) for the post

- my eternal love and appreciation for using my template


- like or reblog this post (please! just to get the word out)

- do NOT redistribute this or edit it and claim it as your own

- credit is not necessary (but tag me in whatever you make with it! i track #pdmapatil)

- download 

The next Pearlmethyst Week will begin on Sunday, March 26th, and end on Saturday, April 1st! 7 days of shipping goodness!


March 26 - First Kiss (Might as well start out strong!)

March 27 - Crossover (Combine Pearl & Amethyst with another fandom! Ex: Pearl/Amethyst dressed as Peach and Mario)

March 28 - Flowers (Interpret this as you will,  just make sure it includes flowers!)

March 29 - FREE DAY! (The sky is the limit, y'all.)

March 30 - Angst/Drama (Make us hate you and love you at the same time…)

March 31 - Date Night (Self explanatory!)

April 1 - Opal (Because we all still Hopal for Opal)

Use whatever medium you like! I’m not picky! Just make sure you tag @annadesu OR @fuckyeahpearlmethyst so that I can find the submission, and reblog it! Tell me if I miss your art by PM! I want to make sure I get everyone!

Late submissions will be allowed, just please try and post your work as close to the actual date as possible. Please, nothing NSFW! Human AU is fine@!

If you have questions, contact me and ask away! Have fun, everyone!

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Just remember in about 40 seconds someone is about to commit suicide as we sit here blogging. This post goes out to the teens who took and will take their lives. Please just reblog this post to recognize them and don’t question whether or not you should. I promise it won’t ruin your blog type.

listen. skam fandom, we need to have a talk. about lesbians.

as you may have noticed, a lot of people have become quite enamored with the idea of lesbian!vilde and there have been a lot of headcanons. unfortunately, there has been a lot of pushback to this and some people have been attacking these headcanons or sending anon hate to those that make them.

one of the biggest arguments about why vilde could Never Ever Ever be a lesbian is that she’s had sex with men. and i, your lesbian aunty, am here to tell you that you are so very wrong. 

lots of lesbians have had sexual or romantic relationships with men. sometimes we haven’t figured out we are gay, sometimes we are trying to force ourselves to have feelings for men, sometimes it is bc we’re afraid of rejection/being harmed if people find out.

lesbians experience compulsory heterosexuality, which is the idea that being straight is The Norm and it is forced onto us by society from birth. when being straight is expected & enforced, & everyone who isn’t straight is treated like crap, it is easy to deny or misinterpret our feelings.

this means a lot of us end up trying to force feelings that just aren’t there, convincing ourselves that if we behave a certain way the feelings will come along eventually, or that it’s “normal” to not really feel anything for men.

saying someone can’t be a lesbian because they dated/slept with a man is not only a gross over-simplification of sexuality, but it is also gate-keeping the lesbian identity, which is pretty harmful.

there’s also a point to be made that even if vilde is not gay, her having slept with men does not prevent her from also being attracted to girls also. other sexualities besides gay and straight exist.

so, if you don’t think vilde is a lesbian/think she is straight, then that’s fine. we are all entitled to our own opinions.

what is a problem though, is when you go out of your way to harass the people that do think this, and throw lesbians and questioning girls under the bus to try to prove why you’re right by making false assumptions about sexuality.

so please. if you disagree, maybe next time consider just scrolling past instead of adding some unnecessary (and potentially harmful) commentary to a harmless headcanon post. 

please just think about what you are saying. because sapphic girls deserve better than to be attacked for a headcanon about a character they relate to. and maybe you should reassess why the idea of having a lesbian character bothers you so much.


—– WHEW it posted okay I drew this for @squigglegigs bc I love her and I love Rita’s voice in this song and I’m sorry I can’t draw adults

Hey everyone, I’ve been super busy, but I’m ready to bring this blog back to life … IF YOU WANT ME TO.

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hey guys! I’m bumpin my commissions again and I have adjusted my prices!

 Exciting news: I’m NO LONGER in retail hell (for now…)!!! so thats really cool but its also REALLY TERRIFYING because wow! I no longer have a steady reliable income! But- I really needed to leave that job, it was not healthy, it was not good. I want to live a happier life and I want to take steps towards getting a job I actually want.


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This stuff is just to gain notes. And also. This is able to make anyone feel super uncomfortable.I am kind of okay if it contains something kind, but like that - no, that’s bullshit. It’s not the way to show that you love your mom. Also not the way to gain thousands or not lose luck. Stop reblogging it. Just ignore. There is also a message stuff like that. No better. Especially when it contains that “spread to x people and me or-”. I can send it back to you. I won’t spread it though. It makes people feel obligated to do something. And then more people feel uncomfortable. And more. Got something kind to share? Go ahead. Just don’t make people feel obligated to spread it. But that “reblog or your father will break his leg in 369 sec.” is cruel. Don’t do that. Also “7 ppl out there love you. 3 would die for you. You are loved. Send it to 15 friends blah blah..” is not good either. Especially when there’s “or (smth bad and scary)”. Please, stop. This post just was the final point. I’m done with that.