That's My Girl (Draco x Reader)

Type: Fluff

Warnings: None, except that I hate how I’ve written it and I’m sorry

Characters: Draco x Reader, Harry’s sister

Summary: You’re Harry’s twin sister, and he isn’t too pleased to find you’re dating Draco

Word count: idek


“Yeah, go Dray!” you yelled, as your boyfriend proudly held the Snitch above his head, grinning in triumph. You ignored the bitter stares from your fellow Gryffindors, thankful that Harry wasn’t present at this particular game. He’d dismissed all the rumours as gossip anyway.

“Draco Malfoy has caught the Golden Snitch! Slytherin wins!”

*time skip*

You smirked as Draco advanced towards you, chest still heaving from the game, hair damp from the showers.

“Mmm, hey baby.” you murmured into his robes as he embraced you. “You played well today.”

“Bloody Hufflepuffs thought they could defeat Slytherin.” he laughed. “Pathetic.”

He pulled you in for a kiss before you could complain about his snobbery, and you melted into his touch. You were always in another world when you felt Draco’s lips against yours.

“You’re so perfect Y/N.” he whispered, as his lips left yours and began to travel down your neck. Suddenly, you both stiffened as you heard a roar from behind you.

“Draco Malfoy, back the fuck off my sister!” yelled Harry, as you turned to see him with his wand drawn.

“Harry!” you screeched as he grabbed you roughly by the collar and yanked you towards him.

Draco’s eyed darkened as he drew his own wand.

“I swear to Merlin Potter, if you lay one finger on Y/N, I will tear you apart.” spat Draco.

“Expelliamus!” yelled Harry, and a blue bolt of light shot from the end of his wand, striking Draco in the centre of his chest, throwing him back into the stone wall.

“Harry Potter you bastard!” you cried, tearing from his grasp and sprinting over to your boyfriend, lying on the floor and groaning in pain.

You stood up, your eyes narrowing in fury, and turned to face your brother.

“Y-Y/N?” he asked uncertainly, lowering his wand.

“Harry, if you’re not out of my sight by the time I draw my wand, I will impale you on the top of the Gryffindor tower.” you hissed.

He said nothing, only turned and took off across the grass, where you could see Ron and Hermione waiting for him.

A groan from behind you snapped your steely gaze away from your brother and back to your boyfriend. Kneeling down next to him, you smiled softly.

“You okay?”

“Never been better.” he chuckled. “You, standing up to your brother like that. That’s my girl.”

did you guys know that yoosung and I are pretty much the same person because it’s true

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Hello ♡ Please, what is THE EXACT date of Harry's birth (day, hour, year and day in week)? ♡♡

February 1, 1994 at 12:06 AM which turns out to have been a very blessed day for us Harries!!!

You can Google his astrology data at if you want more specifics.  

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When will you release new pages of your Loud Comic? Forgive me if I made you feel or think im rushing you. Take your time bro but please give me a date or something.

When they are done. 

Stop yourself the moment you justify an abuser’s behaviour with, “but at least they don’t hit me,” or “but they’ve done it less lately,” or “it could be so much worse.”

The moment you think that, they’re in your head. They’ve gotten you to accept that abuse is the baseline for how life should be.

Reject that urge to justify your own abuse. This is not how life should be. You deserve respect.

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it literally KILLS me that harry just needs to walk, talk, or stand next to a female of any age and he’s dating her but the idea of harry dating someone he moved in with at age 16, has intense heart eyes over, mirrors, has complimentary tattoos with, “early bird gets the worm, trying to walk, i’d marry you harry”, jealousy, blow job innuendos (the list literally goes on and on), is like gibberish to them.



Happy American release Fire Emblem Fates! Please come to Europe soon before I lose my mind :^)