So I was watching Mob Psycho 100 yesterday and… her face reminded me of the green bean I… for some reason I couldn’t resist.

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Is @dibsonmehhh your gf? if not then are u dating anyone or do u have a crush on someone?

Squeals! Is that where you came from, from Shishou’s blog?

U-Um n-no I’m not dating Shishou yet and uh y-yeah I have a few crushes but doesn’t everyone? Haha OTL

Some are blogs here on Tumblr, but in real life no I don’t really have a crush as of right now.

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help...goro akechi is too cute...i really hope they don't make him secretly evil like adachi

Okay honestly???? I don’t think they will. I’m 110% positive that he’s meant to be a red herring. I mean, to have two villains who are detectives one right after the other? It’s just…lazy.

Also, considering Persona 5 is meant to be a game about fighting corruption, a detective realizing the police are corrupt, and turning against them would be a much better character than one who blindly follows orders.

But yes, Goro is adorable as hell.

Please let me date him Atlus.


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Hi there I hope this is ok to ask how did you know that that you want to be with girls? And everything I go to sleep I dream about being with a girl like a girlfriend being best friend first then being their girlfriend or going out with a girl. How can I make that happen can you give me any tips on how to do that please

I always wanted to date girls since I was little. You just have to find a girl you want to be with and be friends and maybe something more


Commission Info

All pricing is per character unless otherwise noted. My email is Feel free to contact me through that or here on Tumblr with any questions you have. If you need the piece finished by a certain date please inform me right away.

Important things to know beforehand

+ The only payment method I accept is Paypal

+ Any additional character is +½ of original pricing

+ Inked lines +$4

+ Color +$6

+ Ink & Color +$8

+ I am willing to ship the artwork to you but the expense is not included and will be added to the final price

Will Draw: Fanart and OCs, Mild to moderate gore/body horror, certain animals/creatures/monsters, Partial nudity

Will Not Draw: Furries, porn


Slots Available:


  • let’s talk about lily and sirius for a bit
  • lily who finds the weird kid with the perpetually raised chin crying in the common room because the stairs to the girls’ dormitory are refusing to work and what if mcgonagall tells walburga and orion
  • lily sighing and marching sirius up the stairs to the boys’ dormitory where there’s an empty bed already and all the trunks
  • sirius shedding the internalised bigotry with james’ help (and carefully times hexes) and starting to talk to lily about all the fascinating muggle stuff they learn about 
  • lily finding black crying yet another time in the common room- this time in fourth year
  • “I accidentally tried to climb the stairs to the girls’ dormitory to show you this book I found and it let me oh god lily what if im a girl and faking everything”
  • lily sighing and marching sirius up to the girls’ dormitory and saying they always have a place for 5 kids instead of 4
  • sirius switching between the girls’ and boys’ dormitories, finding love and acceptance at both places
  • lily teaching sirius how to tie the long hair so sirius looks like an actual god
  • sirius and lily doing each other’s makeup and staying up at night talking about silly things 
  • sirius spending every waking hour with lily after The Prank wallowing in grief and regret
  • lily helping sirius work things out with the marauders and getting together with remus- both long and tiring processes that led to her spending a lot of time with james
  • sirius noticing she doesn’t scowl everytime james’ name comes up in conversation anymore and makes a mission out of it
  • sirius and remus now being the exasperated ones waiting for their best friends to “just get together already its been months gosh”
  • sirius picked out lily’s wedding dress
  • sirius stood next to both james and lily on their wedding day wearing a tuxedo with a dress ready just in case- both of which lily picked out
  • sirius and lily
HQ Kareshi (First date): Oikawa Tooru

Oikawa: Uwaa-! 

Oikawa: The night view is so pretty!

Oikawa: ….ummm are you still mad…?

Oikawa: I’m really sorry! When I woke up it was already time to meet. I’m really sorry!

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