The Grinch (2018) was amazing!!!

I kinda expected there to be more musical numbers like the last adaptations, but the comedy and adorableness more than made up for it in my book. There were some “hip with the kids” kind of moments, but I’d say they were just subtle enough to avoid being “How do ya do, fellow kids?” levels. I think the pop culture jokes here managed to be subtler than even that of Horton Hears a Who! They feel more natural, and that’s refreshing.

And the comedy, hoo boy! You want Looney Tunes levels of slapstick and goofy scenarios? This movie’s got that down pat! I was laughing so hard throughout! And the softer and more sad moments really… make an impact I guess, I just can’t explain it, especially without spoilers.

It’s hard to believe this’ll be the last Dr. Seuss adaptation owned by Universal. Let’s hope Warner Bros’ animation team treats future ones right. Please watch this movie, you won’t regret it!

Also, this marks the second movie I’ve seen in theaters in 3D. I think the 3D effects were even better than Gnomeo and Juliet’s. Though maybe it’s got more to do with me sitting in the middle section for a change. :p

X-Men: Evolution tho

I feel like people are forgetting how great this show is so I want to remind you all that:

  • Mystique was literally every new character and every other villain
  • I’m not kidding. New student? Mystique.The principal? Mystique. That Scottish punk rocker? Mystique.
  • That bird? Also Mystique. If someone is not a main character then they are Mystique.
  • Sometimes if someone is a main character they are still Mystique, like the episode where it turns out that Professor X was Mystique for the whole season
  • Magneto menacingly twirls paperclips in the air in like half the scenes
  • Magneto refuses to stand and instead floats at all times, even if it’s just an inch above the ground
  • Magneto is only shown as a helmet hiding in the shadows for the entire first season
  • Storm is boss as hell and was worshiped as a goddess when she was younger
  • There was an episode where all of the girls lowkey started a gang and tore shit up and kicked the asses of villains more effectively than the entire X-team did for the whole series???
  • Wolverine and Sabretooth fought every time they saw each other. In the mall? On top of a parking garage? While on motorcyles? Fight WITH THE MOTORCYCLES? Like they could literally smell one another miles away and they would run through the whole city just to fight one another, it’s ridiculous
  • The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants crashed a high school soccer game once
  • Everyone in the Brotherhood is a sassy asshole and I love it, esp Quicksilver
  • Professor X is completely unfit to supervise children but people keep giving him their children to supervise
  • Including his own son, whom he, predictably, also failed to supervise
  • There was an episode where hunters caught Beast because they thought he was Bigfoot
  • Right before Jean was going to confess her ~feelings~ to Scott Mystique fucking kidnaps him and throws him to wolves in the desert lol. Professor X also refused to believe another fucking telepath when she said Scott was in danger
  • One of the characters joins a cabal of sewer mutants after he is disfigured by drinking soda that functions as mutant poison
  • Magneto had some secret headquarters at a ski resort
  • Blob knows how to make radish roses
  • The show is surprisingly positive and has great female characters and also some really good commentary about marginalized groups???
  • It’s also really true to the comics and does a lot of great side characters justice
  • Wolverine is like two feet tall in the show, just like in the comics, he’s a great angry munchkin tbh

I just finished watching the first season of On My Block and… how are y’all not talking about it?

Poc representation.

The only girl in the group doesn’t feel threatened when another girl joins but they become besties in exactly two second.

Cutest friends group since Stranger Things.

Macho men crying (ok maybe Mario in the first episode is not exactly a macho but who cares. We need to see that it’s ok for men to cry).

Jamal’s parents and Monse’s dad are very cute too (not to mention Ruby’s grandma, what a queen).

Quickly bingeable, funny dialogues, great soundtrack, the actors are good and so is the storyline.

Why is no one watching it? 

Then I remembered that Netflix doesn’t promote much this kind of stuff (just like with The Get Down and One Day at a Time).

Please watch On My Block.


“This is my war song all for you 
I just do not know what to do 
I keep on coming back it’s true 
At 10 I knew my place was here 
So leave your doubts and have no fear 
The righteous path is clear” - PvP, Ken Ashcorp

a small gifset of my pvp lance animatic! i didn’t want to spoiler anything, so all the spicy parts are still in the video, with an extra klance part ᕙ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)ᕗ

reasons to watch parks and recreation

  • funniest show you will ever watch but no laughing tracks
  • said the word bisexual how many shows have done that
  • amy poehler
  • pre guardians of the galaxy chris pratt looks like a stage one pokemon
  • treat yo self
  • you will feel better about yourself because at least you didn’t cause your home town to go broke at 18
  • jean-ralphio
  • just watch it
  • you will thank me later


Seriously, this is really incredible, please watch.