Worst BPL Away Kit Tournament

welcome one and all, to the tournament to end all tournaments. we’re gonna decide which team has the worst away kit in the premier league this season! this is going to be tournament style, two teams at a time. the only votes i will count are REPLIES. it’s the easiest way for me to see votes at a glance. reblogs won’t count as votes, though plEASE reblog the posts to get the word out. likes won’t do anything but make me feel good about the work i’ve put into this, so please do those as well. 

this is going to serve as a master post for the tournament, so i’m going to be editing this as i go along. if this gets enough of a response i’ll probably do this for other leages as well. i’ll be posting the first round tonight, so happy voting!!!


swansea vs man united || man city vs bournemouth || southampton vs hull city || tottenham v leicester || west brom vs arsenal || liverpool vs everton || stoke city vs burnley || watford vs middlesbrough || sunderland vs chelsea || west ham vs crystal palace


I had not seen a big appreciation post for Tyler Mahurin (HU’s acoustic drummer) before, so… tHERE YA GO. TYLER WE APPRECIATE U !!!!

- Please do not steal this, reblogging is fine ofc. I put a lot of work in this. - Note: Sorry, I just noticed the second gif stopped working :(

Please DO YOUR RESEARCH before reblogging a post saying to “call them to get them fired” like I’m so for it!! But call before to see if the person working there ACTUALLY works there before interrupting a workplace about said person so that when you do reblog the post about getting them fired, the information provided is true and confirmed!! Stop reblogging without confirmation and spreading misinformation!!!

Please! Do NOT reblog the posts that have the tag “shut up cuppie” THOSE are not meant to be REBLOGGED. Even when i add the “don’t reblog” tag, IT STILL GETS REBLOG ANYWAY!

Please don’t to whoever keeps reblogging them D: I don’t want to be rude but those posts are vents/personal stuff and it makes me uneasy when people reblog them… I don’t mind when people like them but please don’t reblog them!

I don’t want to block people cause of it but if it keeps happening i might have too… ///Im sorry i’m not trying to hurt anyone feelings but i don’t want those posts being reblogged. I mainly post them because i have no other way to let out feelings and it helps me feel better that is why i post them and i add that tag so people can black list them if they don’t like seeing vent posts…

So please to whoever keeps reblogging them, please stop D: As i said before i don’t want to seem rude and look like im overreacting but please don’t reblog them ;~; its why i add the don’t reblog tag but it didn’t seem to work…

Spread love today!

This post refers to no special occasion. I just want to stop all the hate I’ve seen lately and this post is a simple reminder on how easy it is to be a nice individual.

So just stop being mean and Spread love instead! (It’s easier than you think…here are some examples 😊)

  • Tell the people you love how much they mean to you
  • Be nice to the people you meet (the salesperson, the bus driver, people on the street, etc.) you’ll never know what they are going through right now.
  • Send nice asks and messages. (and if you don’t have anything nice to say, please don’t say anything at all)
  • Hug everyone who seems to need one.
  • And if you can’t hug a special person, because he/she is too far away, reblog this post and Tag this person here instead to share a hug 😊

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Feel hugged: @abooksseriesfan @p-sumea @quoththeraven33/ @bae-in-a-trenchcoat @superwholocklostharrypotter @destieltrashno1 @hunterdeanangelcas @niceven-silace @shit-happens-bitchachos @cas-deserves-better @mojowoho @winchester11 @bellascooby24 @m00se59 @mancamonster and all my other followers (it would take forever to list everyone of you, but the hug is for every single one of you!!! ❤)
Please spread this message to stop all the hate. If this post helps at least one person, I would be so happy about it!

Lots of people reblogging that last post with “don’t post it without credit….unless you legitimately don’t know who did it…then go ahead and post it!”

like…no. Don’t post it



Do not reblog art that does not have a name/source to

Do not post art that you do not have the artists name/source to

It’s not that hard to understand ok

Artists spend a lot of time creating their art. The least you could do is take less than a minute to find out who did it.

edit: to those sending asks ‘but what if I post it asking who did it?’ : While your post may have good intentions, things can get muddy really quickly especially if you are on Tumblr. If you do find out the source and you edit your post with an artist name it does not edit the posts of all the people who reblogged it from you without the source.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop confusing the platonic and romantic pairing names!!

Platonic pairing names (eg: speedmatsu, iromatsu) = brother interaction! NO INCEST.

Romantic pairing names (eg: osochoro, karaichi) = romance! INCEST.

The platonic pairing names, which I have linked at the end of this post, are meant to be a safe haven for people who don’t like blmxtsu. If you draw romantic Ichi x Kara, ONLY tag it Kara.ichi or Ichi.kara. If it’s platonic, tag it as iromatsu, NOT as the ship name! If you don’t care how people interpret it, your best bet is to tag it as platonic so everyone can enjoy.

Let’s work together and make the Osomatsu-san community safe for everyone! If you see someone misusing the platonic or romantic tags, try politely messaging them and linking them to this! Remember, it’s important to be kind to everyone even if you disagree with them. If they aren’t kind back to you, you can always block them!

Please spread this post so people who don’t know about the platonic ship names can tag their works correctly!

Thank you!!

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My newest OC! I don’t think I’ll ever stop making new characters. ;w;

They’re not 100% developed but if you’d like to see more information on them check out their Charahub page. (this way my posts don’t have giant paragraphs on them)

Do not tag as me/kin please

Girls Talk Boys

This is a post about boys. It is the only post I will ever make on this blog about this matter, but I really need to get it off my chest because it’s at the point where I’m starting to feel unwelcome in the fandom. This is a response to hateful or unhelpful posts about boys in general in addition to the recent events surrounding the 5sos boys.

If you are in the 5sos fandom, please understand that there are boys in the fandom as well, and we’re the ones who read your posts that say “all boys are gross”, “men are useless”, “I hate boys”. I know that most of these posts and reblogs are jokes and/or directed at cis, het, white boys, but even then, my friends, you need to stop generalising.

Feel free to be angry with misogynists, but don’t hate all men for no reason. There are so many of us who want to be on your side.

I am a boy who is a feminist (proudly.) I have studied feminist units at university. I think I understand these issues quite well and I want change as much as (arguably more than) the next person. What this fandom needs to recognise is that hate only breeds more hate. Young girls are already a vastly discriminated group, which is something we all want to change. However, if the response of young girls to sexism is to go online and post about how much they hate boys and how all boys are stupid and dumb and worthless and should die, well then buddy I have news for you; all you’re going to get is hate in return.

Girls are not doing themselves or the feminist movement any favours by making us feel like shit by hating us for things we haven’t done. It is not boys that are the problem - it is the way they were raised in modern society. Boys did not choose to have oppressive views. I think what is often the case is that boys are unaware that there is an alternative. They cannot make a choice if they are not aware they have one, or if they do not fully understand what the choice is – I argue that many boys don’t like or are afraid of feminism because they don’t understand it.

To young female fans:

Your goal as young feminists should be to inspire change in the way people think, not hate them because they think differently. You need to educate people, not hate them. Don’t hate boys: educate them. Education is so fucking important, and I’m not talking like high-school education (fuck geometry), I’m talking large-scale, revolutionary, Bernie Sanders-esque social education. As a large group of youth, young women have so much power. You have so much potential to change the music industry that produces music that is such a big part of your lives but discriminates against you at every given opportunity. Let’s unite girls and boys to fix the mistakes of generations past.

This why I am making a new blog @5sosrevolution. I am trying to figure out a way for us to make positive change to help young female fans who are treated so badly by the media and the music industry that relies on them. If you are interested in joining me or want to respond to what I have said, please follow/message me, @5sosrevolution.

I guess in summary, all I want to say is think before you make a post – please do not make hateful posts about boys in general when it’s boys like me who read them and feel targeted by them, making us feel unwelcome in the fandom. Maybe next time you go to reblog a hateful post, take a moment to think and consider not hating men and educating them instead, breathing some much-needed positive change into this fandom. Thank you for your time.

(special thanks to @mikeykink for helping me get my thoughts in order <3)

Please Stop Reblogging this Post:

People have been reblogging this post, which contains a screencap of another post making fun of teenage bloggers. However tasteless the joke might seem, it’s become apparent that the attempted callout has backfired because now @scotchtapeofficial, who is a a teenager, is getting death threats over it. I’ve hidden the name of the person who did the callout because I’m not going to make the mistake of naming and calling them out and risk subjecting them to the same thing.

Stop reblogging this post. I know most of you mean well, but it’s not helping.





Heyya, guys! I’m currently accepting Chibi Commissions to help Ragna out. All of the proceeds would go to her account. Alternatively, if you want a writing commission instead please click this link

Her life is extremely heartbreaking at the moment because on top of their current medical bills,  dismal housing support, and making sure she gets to visit her kid, they just found out her mom has breast cancer. They currently do not have the funds to determine how bad the condition is, let alone money for treatment and this is the only way I know to help. Not to mention that she currently can’t move much because of her spine problems.

.To start, I’ll be opening 5 Commission Slots. This may increase should there be more orders. [this is a first come first serve basis and will be reguarlyupdated]






You may reserve a slot for 2 days MAX. If I dont hear from you after two days of reservation, your slot will be revoked

Price Info:

·         20 USD per chibi + 2-5 USD [if you’re adding pets or complicated accessories] no background

·         The price is in US Dollars. If you order more than one chibi you get a 3 dollar discount

·         Please note that I will only accept payments via Paypal

Maximum of 2 chibis per illustration.

What I could do:

·         Armor

·         Weapons

·         Original Characters

·         Fan Art from ANY Fandom [SPN, Sherlock, Doctor Who *insert tv show, movie, person, band here*]

What I won’t draw:

·         Old Characters [as it doesnt translate well in chibi form nor do I know how yet]

·         Full Anthro Characters

How it works:

·         Send me a message or make a reply to this post with the following:

o   Name of the character and from which fandom. Optional if it’s an original character

o   Pose preference

o   Image References.

o   Character Description

o   Deadline [if you have one.]

·         I will then work out a quick pose sketch for your approval. Once that is approved, payment must be made via PAYPAL. Once the payment gets cleared I will start working on a proper sketch for your approval.

·         Then as I work through the chibi, I will send you updates/progress shots so you know I’m working on it. Please not that most watercolor pieces start out looking like shit at first. It takes a lot of layers to get it to the proper finished product [most progress shots can be found on my instagram account]. Like so:

·         Please note that this is a traditional piece hence all color

 decisions are final.

How long does it usually take for a piece to get finished?

·         Depending on the complexity of the piece it could take between 4 hours to 13 hours to finish. 2 days is the longest probably. The Nami champion from League of Legends took me 11 hours because of the armor and waiting for the paint to dry. The Clara Oswald [Doctor Who] took me 4 hours total.

What you will get:

·         A 300 dpi scanned file of the watercolor chibi. You could choose if you want a .PSD, .JPEG or .PNG file [or all three]. Like the ff minus the watermark




·         DO NOT USE FOR COMMERCIAL  PURPOSES [unless we have talked about this]

I am doing this to help a friend who’s in a really tight spot at the moment. Again, all proceeds would go into helping her with her current expenses.

Please spread the word/reblog


Thank you!


Attention, Please:

So many people are commenting on Taylor’s ig posts, “🐍” like she’s fake. She’s not fake. Stop the hate. This is so rude. Let us swifties reblog this post and spread that we love her and always will stand by her no matter what. Taylor, we love you. Just shake off the haters.


A friendly reminder that blogs created for harassment are against Tumblr’s Community Guidelines:

Harassment. Don’t engage in targeted abuse or harassment. If anyone is sending you unwanted messages or reblogging your posts in an abusive way, we encourage you to be proactive and block the hell out of them. And if someone blocks you, don’t attempt to circumvent the block feature or otherwise try to communicate with them. Just stop.

Use this link to report harassment.

Please don’t provide more attention to the person who is attacking amedot bloggers or try to engage them in conversation. I spent about 30 seconds checking them out and it’s patently obvious that they’re trying to be as provocative as possible and they have no receipts for it. You are not going to use logic and evidence to defeat someone who is fabricating lies that have no basis in reality.

Turning off anon asks is probably a wise precaution.

Attacking other ships isn’t the answer either. Many of us in the amedot community also love pearlmethyst and lapidot, among other ships. We love amedot because we love seeing media representation of positive, wholesome wlw relationships.


This blog is going to turn into a 24/7, non-stop, OUAT at SDCC party for the next several days. I’m not even joking. It’s about to get KRA-ZZZYYY up in this joint. So if you don’t like OUAT or don’t want to be CONSTANTLY bombarded with SDCC posts, please blacklist SDCC 2016

If you do want to be bombarded by SDCC posts, but don’t want to waste time combing tumblr, check out my SDCC 2016 page where I’ll continue to reblog EVERYTHING OUAT that’s released. Remember to keep clicking NEXT (on the far left). There will be MULTIPLE pages of content.

Happy SDCC to you all! 

Pokemon Go T-Shirts!

Hey guys! I made some Pokemon GO t-shirts, and I would love it if you reblog this to get the word around. It really helps.

(100% of the money made is going towards paying for my (school) band fees.) 

The shirts are available in multiple colors and styles. I make about 4 dollars a shirt, but anything helps! I’ll stop talking, and i’ll post the links.

Team Mystic:

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Unison (every team):

Honestly, I can not tell you how much it means to me when you purchase a t-shirt. It makes me very happy, and every reblog counts! If you have any t-shirt ideas, pm me and I will make it! (I will credit you on the page!)

Starers Based on Shit Said To Me IRL 

  • “ Child are you okay? ”
  • “ Smol one please ”
  • “ [ Name ] don’t drink that ”
  • “ [ Name ] don’t eat that ”
  • “ [ Name ] wtf did I just say about putting that in your mouth ”
  • “ [ Name ] I’m telling [ friend name ] if you drink that ”
  • “ You can’t drink ten cups of coffee ”
  • “ Please sleep ”
  • “ Get out of the garbage can please “
  • “ No, I won’t kill you “
  • “ If I hear that you drank the glass cleaner, I’m locking you in a cage “
  • “ Please don’t eat paper “
  • “ Wtf did I just say about eating the paper “
  • “ No you can’t fight him/her/them “
  • “ Murder is not the solution for this “
  • “ Who gave you that hammer??? “
  • “ God dammit you found the hammer- PUT IT BACK “
  • “ No you can’t throw yourself into the popper “
  • “ [ Name ], please this is not the time for your puns “
  • “ Did you actually eat the glove? “