Liability (Part 2)

A/N: ITS FINALLY HERE! This one hurt..not gonna lie, and it kinda opened up old wounds that I thought I was over so this was really personal, but I feel like this is a healing process in it of itself.  You can catch up with Part 1 here and if you wanna read more of my work here is my masterlist. 

Dean x Reader (ish), Sam, Jody, Claire

Warnings: Angst, Swearing

Word Count: 1500

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“Was she on a hunt?” Sam asked, gently handling a cup of tea and setting it before Jody. Dean had yet to move away from his spot on the couch that rested a few feet away from you. The sun was beginning to creep over the quaint houses of Sioux Falls.

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Can’t Sleep Without You

Steve can’t sleep without his girl, and it’s becoming a problem for everyone around him.

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A/N: This came to me forever ago listening to “Can’t Sleep Without You” by Brett Young (delightful song btw) I hadn’t written for Cap in a really long time so here we are! Hope you guys enjoy! (Please tell me if you did I’m needy af) Special thanks to @whotheeffisbucky for letting me bounce this idea off of her when it first came to me and to my clonesister, love of my life @actuallyasgardian for the read over once it was finally done.

*Flashback is in italics*

Warnings: Some swears. Mentions of a car accident, hospitals. (Also aside from me watching Grey’s Anatomy and ER years ago I don’t know anything about medically stuff, so yeah forgive me if it makes no sense.)

Words: 2,500


He missed her. Missed her every minute. After the Accords, the civil war - her words - being forced into hiding, Bucky, just everything, she stayed. He wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t, if she needed space. Hell, she and Tony were so close before everything; they were practically siblings. He hoped they still were. They must be, he was still able to talk to her regularly. Tony had to be involved with that somehow.

Being away was torture. This wasn’t like the times he’d go on missions. On missions he had a general idea of when he’d be back to her. Plus he was usually so busy he never had time to think about missing her. But here in Wakanda, he had time on his hands. Too much of it. Bucky was back in cryo, and it’s not like he could help with any of the doctors or scientists but he just couldn’t leave quite yet. Sure there was Bucky, but he needed to repay T’Challa in any way he could.

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Mine Once

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Liam x Reader

Warnings: sex, 18+ gif under cut

“You can’t be serious.” You gasped as your mother dragged the air mattress from the attic and dumped it in your room..

“His parents are going away for the week and Liam’s parents asked if we could look after him … I wouldn’t want you alone for so long.” She sighed and smiled when you shook your head and refused to look at her. “I’m sorry that it will be awkward but… you know what it’s like here if something happened while they were away they’d never forgive themselves.”

“Why can’t he go with them!” You offered hopefully but she shook her head as the Dunbar’s pulled into the drive..

“I’m sorry ok, I promise I’ll make it up to you.” She insisted as you reluctantly headed down with her to greet everyone looked down at your feet when Liam heaved his bags inside, offering your mother his help for dinner once his parents had left. “Thank you Liam.”

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My fic recs 2.0

A part 2 to my previous post, found here.

****Disclaimer: Basically only Klance. 

Lance has a boyfriend. Lance does not realize he has a boyfriend. Keith, understandably, does not react well.

This story gave me so much secondhand embarrassment, it’s ridiculous. I was just like groaning through the entire thing lmao. It’s really great though, I love how like Lance just goes with whatever the entire time lol. He is just so clueless

Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.

This really is the coffee shop AU you need in your life. It gave me roughly 10000 feelings. I’ve been through a lot of the things Keith experiences in this, so it really hit home for me. ;__; super good, great ending, I love it

Lance is a humble astrophysics student trying to conduct research, which turns out to be a bit difficult to do when he finds a strange guy sitting in his customary research spot. A strange guy looking for aliens, no less.
Lance isn’t going to stand for this.

This is just a reaaaaally sweet story. :3 I love the slowburn. 

Lance is an emotional person who cries easily (and does the trembly-lip thing a lot) but tries to stay strong in front of the team.


Five times Lance stopped himself from crying in front of his teammates, and the one time he couldn’t hold it back.

Seriously strong Langst ;__; made me cry. Someone please support my boy

(no klance in this one haha)

“Oh my God,” Lance says as he covers his face. Keith’s tinny voice blares from his laptop speakers: “What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.” See, this joke might have been funny if someone charismatic and charming had said it, but Keith’s flat voice and even flatter expression effectively kidnaps, tortures, and then decapitates any chance of it being remotely humorous.

Keith accidentally starts a YouTube channel. Lance, of course, refuses to be left out. It goes about as well as you’d expect. (Ft. copious amounts of wine and a truly shameless number of references to MyDrunkKitchen, DailyGrace, and general pop culture)

Drunk!Keith is the cutest and funniest thing ever. I love all of his silly puns and special facts. 

EXO Finds Out You Cry Easily

contains: fluff / tears / skinship / tissues / funniest member in EXO

[[ // Masterlist // ]]

// Minseok

After you hit your toe on the wall by accident, you fell on the floor and cried.  Minseok came running to see what had happened and you told him through your sobs.

“…Does it really hurt that much?”  He seemed to not believe you, but hugged you anyway, kissing your cheeks to distract you from the pain.

Once it stopped hurting so much, you told him, “Sorry to worry you… I don’t know why I cry so easily about so little…”  You were a bit ashamed of it, if you were honest.

“No, I’m sorry, Jagi.  You don’t need to be ashamed for crying.  Here, cheer up!  WUUUULULULULULULU!!!“  He made a funny face and you laughed almost instantly.

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// Junmyeon

When the lightning flashed and sound of the thunder rumbled through the house, you covered your head with the blanket and began to cry.  Junmyeon instantly went into clown mode to try to make you laugh.

“Jagi, look!“  You peeked out of the blanket and you saw him jumping around in front of you, waving his arms like a crazy person and you tried to keep your eyes on him.  He began doing the Call Me Baby choreo as wrongly as he could possibly do it and you couldn’t help but laugh more.  You didn’t even hear the thunder, you were laughing so hard.

“Stop, stop!” you told him, your stomach feeling like it was about to split open if you didn’t take a break.  He sat on the couch next to you and engulfed you in a tight hug as you two waited out the storm.

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// Yixing

“Hello?” you said, answering your phone quickly.  It was Yixing’s special ringtone.

“Hi, Baobei.  I’ve missed you a lot today,” he said.

Your voice cracked and he quickly asked if you were okay.

“I… I miss you too, Yixing… so much…“ you sniffled.  You thought you’d be able to have one phone call without breaking down, but here you were, already failing.  He’d only been gone for one day, but you already felt hollow without him around.  And there were ten more days to go.

“Please don’t cry,“ he said.  “I’ll be back before you know it.“

“I need a hug, Yixing.”

“We can do this, Baobei,“ he assured you, and stayed on the phone with you until you stopped crying.

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// Baekhyun

You were relaxing in bed with Baekhyun when you suddenly started crying.  Tears rolled down your cheeks and dripped onto his shirt.  You asked yourself why and you didn’t even have an answer.

“…What’s wrong?”  He sat up and cupped your face, wiping a tear with his thumb.

“I… I don’t know!”


“I don’t know,” you said again.  You really didn’t know why sadness had overcome you.

Baekhyun snorted and shook his head.  “Oh, Jagi.”

He picked a rose out of the vase on the nightstand and handed it to you.  You stopped crying instantly, all the feelings of sudden sadness vanishing!  You smiled up at him and he pulled you back down onto the bed with him, resting your hand on his chest.

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// Jongdae

You hated messing up a book in any way, whether it was a bend in the page or accidental ink, but you had managed to drip tears from your nose onto at least a dozen pages.  These characters were just so relatable, and they were being hurt so much!

Jongdae suddenly sat down next to you and dabbed your cheeks with his sleeve.  “You okay?”

You nodded, sniffling.  “It’s just this book.”

“What happened?”

You sighed.  “Please don’t make me relive it, Jongdae.”

“Want to hear a song?”

It was so random, and he started before you could say yes or no.  He began singing and his voice transported your thoughts far from the fictional misery.

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// Chanyeol

As someone who also cries easily, he would sympathise and often cry with you because he hated to see you crying alone.

“N-no, Jagi, stop it…“ he said reaching out for your shoulder.

For the fifth time in a row, you had called your friend and she hadn’t answered.  “I’m really worried about her…”  The tears came quickly and Chanyeol pulled you into a tight hug.

“She’ll call… she’s probably busy, or maybe she lost her phone,” he choked out as you wiped your eyes.

“I hope you’re right…“ you whispered.  “Why are you crying?”

“I’ll stop if you stop.”

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// Kyungsoo

You were watching his movie Hyung together when suddenly you burst into tears.

“Jagi, nothing even happened!  Why are you crying?“

“It’s… it’s the brotherly love!  It’s so sweet!” you screamed, burying your face in Kyungsoo’s arm.

You could hear him laughing and when you looked up he was shaking his head.  “I didn’t know you were so sensitive.”

“You’d have to be a stone-hearted monster not to cry at this movie,” you sniffled.  “You did so well acting this role… I can’t believe I get to watch it with you!!”  There you went again, getting his shirt wet with your tears.

He held you tightly and rubbed your back until you calmed down enough to turn the movie back on.  Kyungsoo had to pause the movie several more times while you cried it out, his arms around you the entire time.

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// Jongin

“Jagiya, I’m home~” you heard Jongin call.

You rushed from your room to the front door to find him holding out roses for you.

“Oh, Jongin!” you gasped, bursting into tears and taking the roses out of his hands.

He was surprised to see you crying instead of smiling and he hugged you.  “Jagi, don’t cry, don’t cry,” he said quietly as he kissed your forehead.

“I’m sorry,” you said, “I just don’t know what I did to deserve you.“

Jongin grinned wider than you’d ever seen him grin and held you tighter.  “I feel the same way every day,” he said.  You stood just hugging for five full minutes before Jongin told you his feet hurt, and you continued hugging on the couch.

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// Sehun

Sehun hated to see you cry.  This time, it was due to stress from school.  Even if you worked and studied all night, you weren’t sure if you’d be able to do well on your final exam tomorrow.  You couldn’t even see through your tears to begin looking at your notes.

“Jagiya,” you heard Sehun call from the doorway of your room.  “Stop crying, you’re making Vivi sad.”

He carried Vivi over to you and dropped him in your lap.  Vivi pawed at you and licked the tears off your face, making you laugh a little.  You scratched behind his ears and played with him as Sehun watched your stress fade away.

“Aww, Vivi, thanks for cheering me up,“ you said.

“What about me?” Sehun asked, picking Vivi up out of your lap.

You stood up and kissed him.  “You too, Sehunnie.”

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Rockabye (pt.7)

genre: angst / stripper!au 

pairing: you x jimin

word count: 3.3k

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“What do you mean?” You asked more scared than ever. Your heart was practically beating out of your chest. You felt sick to your stomach.

“It’s exactly what I said, Y/N. We need to talk when you come into work tomorrow. From what I can see, I don’t think you are going to like what I have to say either.” Namjoon replied quietly while walking out of the bathroom with Jungkook next to him.


This was not good. This really was not good. When you had to talk to Namjoon, it was never okay. The situation would have to be either extremely bad enough, to where it needs to be brought up to Namjoon, or if the workers did something wrong. In this case, you did do something wrong. You broke the rule.

“What’s going to happen, Y/N?” Jimin questioned like he was a child and he just lost a loved one but didn’t understand what was going on. He was looking down at you, with his forehead resting on yours. His skin was warm and you could’ve sworn his heart was speeding up every minute you didn’t reply. He was worried. Really, really, worried.

You look up to meet his now dull and dark eyes. They weren’t glistening like before. He was hurt. His body language and eyes were like a tattle-tale, yet there you were, not able to do anything about this situation.

You already knew what would happen. Namjoon would threaten your job. It’s black and white for him. You either continue working at his business and leave Jimin or you leave the business and stay with him. It was up to you, not Namjoon.

As much as you liked Jimin, you knew you shouldn’t have done this. You had put everything into the relationship and Jae-Eun even started calling Jimin, dad. It obviously wasn’t the full word since he was still under a year old but it was pretty close.

Jimin makes you happy. He comforts you when you need it and gives you space when you just aren’t feeling the company, which was rare. Without Jimin, you weren’t sure what would happen to you. Without him, is like a bike with a flat tire. You can still get to your destination but it would be a slow ride and you knew, you would most likely give up in the end. The thing that sucked was, you didn’t even know where your destination was and you weren’t willing to find it, alone.

But, you also needed this job. You needed to support your son. Sure, while you and Jimin are together, he would give you the money he has been giving you for months already. But, if you aren’t seeing each other there was no doubt in your mind that he would stop providing you with it. Which meant, going back to working twice as long and less time with your son.That also meant going back to sex, you didn’t want to have. You had no choice.

This is what you had to do.

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Alex Standall X Reader imagine

Request: ¡Hola! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you call Alex because you just heard the tapes from Hannah and he comes over, but it actually prevents him shooting himself. Thank you!

~*Alex’s Pov*~

 I gave this so much thought, I planned it out very well and nothing was going to stop me, yet I still can’t seem to actually do it. I wanted someone to stop me, to convince me to stop but no one was there. I was alone. I kept thinking about if this is what i really wanted. I saw how fucked up everyone got after Hannah’s death. What if me doing the same thing Hannah did would make things hard for (Y/N)? 

 'No it can’t be, she knows what you did to Hannah, she doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore.’ I thought to myself. 

 My phone rang in my pocket, i pulled it out and looked at the called ID, it was none other than (Y/N). Me and her haven’t spoken in about a week. I was really distant from my friend group and so was she. No one knew why she suddenly stopped talking to anyone, but i did. She had the tapes. She new about everything that has happened. I don’t know how or why she had them. She wasn’t friends with Hannah, she wasn’t even really mentioned in the tapes except for a few times. 

 After 3 missed calls she tried calling again, this time I chose to finally answer. 


 "Alex I finished them, all 13 of them.” She said crying. 

 I didn’t really understand why she was crying, her and Hannah were never really close, but it still hurt to hear her so upset. 

 "O-okay" i answered, not really knowing what to say or how to react. 

 "Can you come over? I really need to see you" she asked 

 "Why? Are you just gonna yell at me for what i did to Hannah? You don’t think I already know how fucked up it is?“ I said taking out my anger on (Y/N), which I instantly regretted.

 "No Alex, i just finished the tapes and i don’t know what to do. I need someone to talk to right now, and I don’t really have anyone. Please just come over" 

 "A-alright then, I’ll see you in a bit” I answered back and quickly walked to my car. 


 I stared at the red light in front of me. 

 'Did (Y/N) actually stop me from putting a bullet through my head?’ I thought What would she even do if she found out what i was going to do? Would she be mad and yell or sad and cry? To be honest i don’t really want to find out which is why i don’t plan on telling her.

 I pulled into her driveway and saw that there weren’t any cars there, which meant her parents aren’t home. I knocked on the door and she quickly opened it and pulled me into a hug which i really wasn’t expecting. I thought she was gonna lecture me about how much of a dick i was. 

 "Wait so you’re actually not going to yell at me?“ I asked obviously confused.

 "No” she simply answered. 

 She pulled away and told me to come in. I did so and made sure to close the door behind me. 

 "(Y/N) why are you even crying over Hannah? You didn’t know her. You weren’t friends with her. You were just an acquaintance i guess.“

 "Even though i didn’t know her it still fucked me up to listen to a dead girl talk. I can’t imagine how hard things were for her and how she had to deal with it every day.” She answered.


 After a while I was just sitting there on the couch holding her in my arms as we talked about many things. We started out as talking about our shared hate for Bryce and how much of a bitch Courtney was, but then we moved on to random topics. In that moment I was glad (Y/N) called me. Im glad she stopped me before i did something stupid. Even though she doesn’t know what she did, i cant help but be thankful for her just being there.

Shadowhunters S2 E10 thoughts

Jace- “I’m gonna tell her”


Jace- *sees clary and simon kiss* walks away


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#7 with Sirius?

#7: “Well, fuck what, am I supposed to be impressed? You’re just another set of bones to lay to rest”

You tried to block out the sounds of their laughter, the heartbreak never ceasing to burn faster as it was spurred on. They didn’t even notice how upset you had gotten until you stood, tears in your eyes, making a beeline for the door. Saturday nights were usually filled with a fun air, the boys all drunk off hidden firewhisky that they always shared with you. But this evening had been horrible for you, as the image of Sirius’ hands all over that other girl had been ingrained into your mind. 

He caught you at the stairs, pulling you by the arm to stop you. His touch no longer made wild butterflies dance in your stomach, but rather a vile poison bubble in the depths of your heart.

“What’s wrong?” He slurred, his dark lashes fluttering as he lent against the wall to hold himself up.

“Nothing.” You declared, your tone quiet but impact-full. “Go run off to that girl you were snogging.”

“Oh no, I’ve already had my way with her.” He smirked triumphantly. “I’m actually going to be paying a visit to that cute Ravenclaw girl I have Potions with.”

You scoffed. “Two in one night. Congrats, you’re a real gentleman.” 

“Hey, I don’t judge you for who you want to sleep with.” He poked, failing to analyse how taught the atmosphere had gotten. 

“Really Sirius, I’m impressed. You never fail to shock me with how ignorant you can be.” You bit the inside of your cheek to keep you from crying. 

“(Y/n)?” He frowned, straightening his body. “You’re not saying-?”

“No. I’m not saying it.” You said. “Because I don’t want you anymore. I was foolish to even fall for someone like you.”

Sirius grasped at you, but you easily wriggled out of his grip. “Don’t do this (Y/n), please, if I had known-”

“You’ve always known!” You yelled. “Deep down you always have. Now let me go. The least you can do is let me try to find happiness without you.”

It hurt that he didn’t stop you when you finally reached the bottom step. But he knew that you were right. He was a poison, and he no longer wanted to inflict this agony onto you. So he let you go - the one person who could’ve been his antidote. 

*Request a song lyric drabble*

Tear in My Heart

Requested by anon:  If your taking requests can you please do one where your tylers baby sis and your secretly dating joah and he catches you making out and you fight and tyler say some things to you and makes you cry please and thank you

You, Tyler, Josh, and Jenna were all sitting on the bus as it sped down the highway to the next venue, the boys were playing Mario Kart whilst you and Jenna sat at the table talking. Most of the time you were staring at Josh but trying not to be too noticeable in front of Jenna since no one knew aboutyour relationship with Josh and you wanted to keep it that way till you both felt like it was the right time. 

“(Y/N)? (Y/N)!” You were snapped out of your daze to see Jenna and your older brother Tyler standing in front of you. “Huh?” You asked and Tyler laughed. “I said, we’re at a gas station if you wanted to get some bits. Jenna and I are going to grab some groceries since the cupboards are empty.” He asked and you nodded. “Alright, I’m just going to stay here, I’m too lazy.”  You mumbled and laid your head in your arms on the table, from where you were sitting you could see Josh smiling at you from behind the couple. “Okay, we’ll be outside if you need anything.” Jenna said before they walked off the bus. 

You and Josh instantly made eye contact as soon as the door closed. “I thought they’d never leave.” Josh said jokingly as you got up and made your way to the couch. “I know, we never seem to be alone now.” You pouted and wrapped your arms around his shoulders as you sat next to him. “I know baby but this is our little secret, I don’t want anyone finding out just yet encase you get attacked for it.” He said softly as he tucked your hair behind your ear. “We’re alone now and that’s what matters.” He mumbled and kissed your forehead as he wrapped one arm behind your back. “Yeah, for ten minutes.” You sighed and looked down. You felt him put two fingers under your chin to lift your face up. “Better than nothing.” He said cheekily before pulling your face to his. 

His lips were soft and warm as he kissed you sweetly, you kissed back and placed one hand on his jaw. Slowly the kiss grew into a make out session and you were straddling his lap with both hands on his face whilst he explored your mouth with his tongue and his hands rested dangerously low on your back. Both of you were too engrossed in making out with the other to notice the door open and only separated when you heard Tyler yelling. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!” You quickly slipped off Josh’s lap and you both stared at a red faced Tyler in shock. “H-Hey Ty.” You said awkwardly as you stared up at him. “Don’t ‘Hey Ty’ me.” He snapped, catching you off guard. “My best friend, are you serious (Y/N)!” He yelled using a tone that he had never directed at you before then glared at Josh. “My sister are you fucking serious.” He growled. “Wait, no you’re fucking her.” He yelled with a scoff. “Look man, calm down and we’ll explain.” Josh said calmly as he stood up to (almost) meet Tyler’s height. “No, you’re fucking my sister behind my back, I have every right to be mad. How long has this been going on!?” He asked angrily, turning to you for answers but his glare made you shrink. “A-Almost a year.” You mumbled but he managed to hear it and lost it again, yelling at both you and Josh. 

“Is he the only reason you came on his tour!?” Tyler spat at you which made you get angry. “Of course not Ty, I came to support you as well and to do my job!” You snapped, you were their make up artist and that was pretty much the only alone time during the day you got with Josh, at night it would be 3am cuddle sessions when you’re both half asleep. “Sure, and you just so happen to be fucking my best friend whenever you get a chance.” He spat and glared at you again before scoffing and looking away as he shook his head. “Who knew my little sister was such a slut.” 

His words seemed to have silenced the bus and froze everything, your heart had stopped and shattered at his words and tears built up in your eyes. Out of all your siblings you were closest to Tyler since you were only a year younger than him you both had two years to bond before Zack came along. Tyler was the one person that you could trust with everything and the one person who had ever seen you properly cry, as in full on sobbing whilst having a depressive meltdown at 2 am. The fact that he called you a ‘slut’ was like knives to your heart. A tear rolled down your cheek as you started to cry. “Tyler Robert Joseph you take that back right now.” Jenna hissed at her husband as she smacked his arm then looked at you worriedly. Josh was shocked but walked over to you to try an comfort you but you pushed him away, just wanting to be alone. You walked back to your bunk and closed the curtain before letting all the tears fall without holding back, you were silently sobbing into your pillow whilst  listening to Jenna and Josh yell at Tyler only to have Tyler yell back at Josh. 

It took an hour for you to stop crying and for the yelling to stop, the bus was moving again but it was silent, you assumed that they were all sitting away from each other, Josh in the front lounge and Tyler and Jenna in the back lounge or visa versa. You heard your certain open slowly and someone clear their throat. “Piss of Tyler.” You mumbled and stayed staring at the wall. “(Y/N) please, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to call you that, I was just angry that you and Josh had been hiding something like that from me for so long.” Tyler said, his voice sounding hoarse. You sighed and rolled over to face him, his eyes were bloodshot and he looked guilty.

 “We did it for this reason exactly Ty, this and the fans would probably try to kill me.” You said and looked down at your pillow. “If you had told me off the bat I wouldn’t have been as angry, we never kept secrets (Y/N), something like this was bound to make me a little angry but I would have been happy for you two.” He sighed. “What do you mean would have? If you want us to break up then you’ve got another thing coming.” You said defensively causing him to laugh softly and shake his head. “No, I’m not going to make you break up. It’s just that I’m still coming to terms with it all and it’ll take me a couple of days to be comfortable with it.” He said quietly and you nodded slowly. “Okay. Just please don’t be a dick about it.” You said and looked back up at him. He nodded and gave you a small smile.

 “Can I have a hug then?” He asked softly as he looked down at his feet. You smiled and nodded before slipping out of your bunk to hug him. The door to the bunk area opened and Jenna popped her head in. “Dinner’s ready if you two want to join us, as long as Tyler promises to be nice to his best friend instead of screaming at him.” Jenna said with raised eyebrows and a stern stare. Tyler chuckled and nodded before running his hand through his hair and walking over to his wife. “I’ll be nice.” He said before walking out into the front lounge, you following close behind. You sat next to Josh who engulfed you in a tight hug. “Everything okay now?” He asked softly and you nodded, curling in closer to him. “Yeah, he’s still going to be tetchy about it for a couple of days though. He apologised for calling me what he did.” You said calmly and Josh nodded before kissing your cheek, you smiled up at him and pecked his lips sweetly. “Guys come on, I’m trying to eat.” Tyler said jokingly with a mouth full of noodles.

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Hello! Can I ask for HC what RFA+V+saeran would react when MC being kidnapped, and when they find out MC was a total mess (crying,bruises,blood stain, and half naked) Sorry for my bad grammar. Btw lovesss your acc so much <3

okay okay but I’m going to be less graphic?? (thanks for liking my stuff btw <3)

.. also I don’t like the idea that the kidnapper took off MC’s clothes because it kinda suggests sexual assault and I.. can’t write anything regarding that. Sorry.


  • he was so scared
  • he didn’t want to open the door because he didn’t want confirmation that you were in there… possibly dead.
  • with all the courage he could muster, he turned the handle.
  • when the door opened, the room was pitch black, he could only see his silhouette in the doorway 
  • and then he heard a meek whimper
  • “P- please don’t hurt me anymore. I’ll do anything… anything…”
  • “MC?” his was already crying from the sound of your voice “it’s me, Yoosung. Where are you?”
  • “Yoosung?”
  • he walked towards the source of the voice and felt someone grab his leg
  • “Ah! MC, is this you?” 
  • pulling you in for a hug, he felt your disheveled hair and your body - now only skin and bones
  • he began to cry with you, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you, MC…”


  • he did not hesitate for a second
  • his princess was locked in that very room, in pain and fear, nothing could stop him from saving you at this point
  • he kicked the door open and ran inside
  • he heard you crying from the corner of the room, ran over and carried you outside quickly
  • it was when he was outside did he saw the state you were in
  • a black eye, broken nose and several cuts and bruises on your skin
  • he gasped at the horrible sight of you, how broken and torn apart you were
  • “MC, we’re going to the hospital now. It’s okay. Everything is okay now.”
  • he tried his best to keep his voice from cracking
  • at first he was angry at them for taking you away
  • now? all he felt was sadness and vulnerability, he wanted to cry out loud, but he stayed strong in front of you 


  • when the paramedics pulled you out of the dark room on a stretcher, she couldn’t believe it
  • tears immediately sprung to her eyes
  • your broken state scared her
  • to her, any moment you could stop breathing, stop living - and it was terrifying
  • you were no longer the MC she knew, you were scratched up, ripped apart, swollen to no end
  • she went on the ambulance with you, holding back her tears, she stared at the monitor to make sure your heart kept beating
  • at the hospital, once she was left alone with you, she cried her eyes out, apologizing endlessly for not being able to keep you safe
  • for causing you so much pain and hurt
  • “MC… I’m so so sorry for… for everything. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have told you to wait for me at the cafe after work. It was all my fault. I’m sorry, MC. I’m so sorry…”


  • when his guards first informed him of what happened, he was furious
  • he was so mad at the people around him for not being able to protect you from harm
  • but in reality, he was blaming himself the most
  • everything he yelled at the guards, calling them pieces of shit, garbage, useless - those were really words for himself to hear, words to describe what he felt about himself
  • the moment he found the place you were taken, he easily broke the law to get there
  • finding you in a state of horror was the worst
  • you were scared of everyone - Jumin, the guards, the doctors.
  • if anyone touched you, you’d scream out of fear
  • he took all those words to heart
  • if only he hadn’t been working late that night
  • he wasn’t surprised at your reaction, why you hated him and all
  • but his heart still ached, tears fell non-stop
  • he was a mess 


  • with his hacking, he was able to track down the people who took you away
  • he drove to the location alone
  • he was not scared of getting hurt or even dying - he was only scared for your safety
  • after fighting off a bunch of thugs, he found you locked up in a room
  • you were crying, screaming for him to leave, that it wasn’t safe, that he had to go before it was too late, before they got him too
  • he didn’t back away, approaching you with tears in his eyes
  • “MC, it’s okay. We’re going home now. I won’t let them take you ever again. I-” 
  • his voice cracked at the sight of your damaged self
  • missing teeth, cuts all over your arms and legs, a split lip 
  • he wanted to scream out in anger but he held it back, gritting his teeth
  • it was no surprise that he’d distance himself from you after this incident
  • “I’m dangerous. If you stay away from me, you’ll be safe.”


  • he was so afraid
  • everything that happened to you was something that happened to him
  • it hurt him so much he couldn’t stand being around you at first
  • all the recovery work was taken back
  • his anger management was no longer upheld, and he constantly lashed out at people until he broke down into tears
  • both you and him would suffer from this incident
  • it was unclear who hurt more
  • but in a way, because he was also in pain, you guys found comfort in each other’s presence after a while
  • both of you were now the same type of person with the same horrifying experience of being kidnapped


  • he didn’t lose his calm, composed self
  • he looked the same - that was, at least, on the surface
  • in reality, he didn’t know how to face the situation, how to face you
  • he was scared, upset, angry - all kinds of emotions built up in him
  • unable to sleep and eat
  • he still forced a gentle smile and words of encouragement that he said only to keep himself from being pulled under
  • the way you looked reminded him so much of his past, so much of the pain he’d tried to bury deep in his heart
  • he had failed again.
  • failed to protect the one he loved, failed to be the person he wanted himself to be
  • he saw himself in the mirror and the only word that came to mind was ‘pathetic’
  • he might be even more broken than you were - inside and out

um?? sorry it kinda changed pace at the end (with Saeran and V) but oh well haha 

btw thank you for the all recent asks sent in! I work from oldest ask up to the most recent, so please be patient! I’ll try to finish these old ones by the end of this week. I might post 2-3 requests tmrw so please look out for them!

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[Don’t Wanna Cry series] Wonwoo ver.

Prompt: Don’t wanna cry - Wonwoo
Genre: Angst 
Word Count: 790

A/N: New drabble up! This drabble was inspired by the short skit he did with Sohye during Star Show 360 (once again), someone needs to stop me from watching that show over and over. Okay and also mini disclaimer, Wonwoo is 100% not like this in reality life and honestly I felt so guilty for portraying him this way so please do not that his character here so seriously (we all know he radiates nothing but sunshine and butterflies)

-jihooned 😶

S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The8 | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino |

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“Wonwoo, who am I to you?”

“You? You’re my partner.”

“Then who is this person?”

“Oh Eunjae? Also my partner.” Wonwoo curtly replied.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding to you?”

This had to be some sick joke. You thought.

But from the look on Wonwoo’s face and the way he linked arms with Eunjae, you knew very well that this was no laughing matter.

“If you don’t like it then leave.” The male replied, still wearing the unsympathetic face.

Wonwoo’s attitude made you want to throw up. It was as if he was acting out some breakup from a drama that had a well written script.

“In this situation,” you began, trying your best to curb your anger, “you should apologise.”

“But I’ve never said sorry in my entire life before.”


“Jeon Wonwoo, you’ll regret this.”

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Born To Die

Yes, another song imagine.  This is kinda long.

Song - Born to Die - Lana Del Rey (Not my gifs)

Feet don’t fail me now
Take me to the finish line
Oh, my heart, it breaks every step that I take
But I’m hoping at the gates, they’ll tell me that you’re mine
Walking through the city streets, is it by mistake or design?
I feel so alone on a Friday night
Can you make it feel like home, if I tell you you’re mine?
It’s like I told you, honey.

Being Juice’s sister wasn’t easy, not that I expected it to be. He deserved so much more than what he got. I knew him better than anyone. He was different, he wasn’t like his so called brothers. When he told me he moving to charming to become a prospect I almost lost it. He explained how much it meant to him. He’s never got along with anyone the way he did with them.  He finally felt like he had a home. I couldn’t just take that away from him. He deserves to be happy. Then he asked me to go with him. So I did. A man who would soon become a great friend of mine, Bobby, helped me find a house. Life in charming was great. Most of the people were surprisingly friendly, which I didn’t trust at first. I got a job at a pre-school. Everything was finally going well for me and my brother. But soon that all changed. It all started with a party at the clubhouse which Juice forced me to go to. That’s when I met him…Jax Teller. Yes, I found out he was with wendy three weeks after we had been together. I stopped seeing him after that. But that didn’t stop me from making the stupid mistake of falling for him. He brought out a side of me I never knew I had

Don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don’t know why

Keep making me laugh – Let’s go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime

I remember the first time we met. I was sitting at the bar drinking a beer. Juice was off doing whatever he does at these things. “What’s a beauty like you doin’ all alone darlin’?” I rolled my eyes before turning towards him. He was handsome I’ll give him that. He wore a smirk that could make any of the girls here swoon. “Waiting for someone, you?” I raised a brow. “Looking for a beauty such as yourself.” He chuckled. I couldn’t help but give him a small smile. “Look I’m not gonna bullshit you alright? I think you’re gorgeous and the moment I saw you I knew I had to come talk to you before you got away and I had to spend the rest of my life thinking what could’ve happened. I’m Jax, you darlin’?” I laughed. “Well Jax, how many women have you used that little speech on? Is that you back up in case the women don’t fall for your pretty face?” He laughed. “Fiesty it suits you. You really think I got a pretty face?” He slipped into the chair next to me. I shrugged. “You’re alright.” He scoffed. “You don’t have to lie darlin’ I know you’re checking me out.” I raised my brows again. “Alright pretty boy, buy me a drink. Let’s see what happens.” I smiled. He called the bartender towards us.

Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane
Choose your last words, this is the last time
‘Cause you and I, we were born to die

A smile formed on my face as I looked back on the memory. The bathroom door opened. Jax walked out. He grabbed his shirt from the dresser. “Todays the day.” He wouldn’t look at me. “I know…” I whispered. I wanted to scream at him. Tell him how much I hate him. He walked towards me and kneeled down. He buried his face in my neck. “You know this has to happen.” He kissed my forehead before grabbing his jacket and heading out the door. A few tears ran down my face. Jax told me last night that today would be my last chance to see my brother. I needed to say goodbye. I needed to tell him how much I love him.

Lost, but now I am found
I can see, but once I was blind

I was so confused as a little child
Tried to take what I could get, scared that I couldn’t find
All the answers, honey

I sat in the room waiting. My knees shaking. He shouldn’t be here. He should be home with me. This shouldn’t be the last time I see my little brother. I don’t know what I’ll do when he’s gone. I felt like crying. When I first found out I wanted to kill him myself. Even if he deserves this, which he doesn’t, he’s still my baby brother. The only family I have left. We’ve always been there for each other through thick and thin. The door opened. My eyes watered as soon as I saw him. I jumped out of my chair and wrapped my arms around him. I looked at the guard. “Can you take these off him?” I looked at the cuffs. The guard was silent. “Jax said you owe him. Unless you want him to hear about this I suggest you take em’ off him.” He glared at me before taking them off. He walked out of the room. I hugged him again. This time he was able to hug back. I sobbed into his shoulder. “I’m so sorry Juice. I should have helped you.” He pulled back. “You couldn’t help me. I was stupid and ran away even from you. You were the only one who I should of went to.” He pulled me towards the table. We sat and talked for what felt like hours. “ I remember when-when you first came home. I hated you so much. I wouldn’t even look at you. The first time I did, you had the biggest smile on your face. I loved you ever since. You became my baby.” He laughed. There was a loud bang on the door. “Five minutes!” The guard warned.

Don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don’t know why

Keep making me laugh – Let’s go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime

“I love you, Juan Carlos Ortiz. I know I haven’t always shown it or said it as much as I should’ve, but I do. There isn’t anybody or anything that could ever take your place in my heart. I know after today I won’t be able to see you again and that makes it even harder for me to leave. Without you, I don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t know if I can go on without you Juice. You said we’d always have each other. Please don’t leave me.” I broke down. 

Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane
So, choose your last words, this is the last time
'Cause you and I, we were born to die
We were born to die
We were born to die

He pulled me close. I couldn’t stop crying. Everything hurts so much. There’s this ache in my chest. I can’t even breathe. “I know. I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. You’re strong, stronger than me. You can go on. I know you don’t feel like you can but please try for me. Don’t give up please because giving up is the worst thing you could ever do. I love you. I love you so much. You have to go now.” I shook my head. “No! No! Please don’t make me.” I held on to him tighter. He kissed my head and hugged me tighter. The door opened. “It’s time to go.” The guard said. “I’ll always be with you, sis.” He kissed my head before pulling back. He wiped the tears from my face before making me look him in the eyes. I cupped his face and kissed his forehead. “I love you…” I whispered before pulling away. The guard cuffed him and took him out of the room. I still couldn’t stop crying. I was walking to my car when I bumped into someone. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry.” I looked up to see the last person I wanted to see right now, Jax. “Did you see him?” I nodded. “Yeah, I did.” I glared at him. He sighed. “Look I explained how this would go down. I don’t expect you  to understand.” I scoffed. “Understand what Jax? That you’re going to have my brother killed in a few fucking hours?! My baby brother who I grew up with and took care of?! The only family I have left!” I pushed him. “Don’t try to make me feel guilty for something that should have happened a long time ago. You may not think it’s fair and I don’t expect you to!I understand how you fell I lost my brother too.” “You think I don’t know that? It isn’t fair Jax! Nothing’s fair, life isn’t fucking fair! You should know that better than anyone, goodbye Jax.” I was turning when he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him and pressed his lips to mine. I pushed him away and slapped him. 

Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane

I got in my car and left the parking lot. I looked at my mirror and seen Jax watching me leave. I kept driving. I finally stopped when I got to the Charming Welcome sign. I parked on the side of the road and waited. My phone vibrated, it was Jax.

So, don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don’t know why
Keep making me laugh – Let’s go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime

‘It’s done. Meet me somewhere. We need to talk.’

Was the message. I looked in my mirror. I looked terrible. I pulled a makeup wipe out of my bag and cleaned my face. I had a couple bags packed of things I absolutely need which a packed before my visit. I had no idea what to do or where to go. I have nowhere to go. Charming was never my true home. Juice was, but my home was taken from me. I couldn’t stay in Charming. I started my car and left. I left everything. Charming, the club, my friends, my job. I don’t have anywhere to go but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane
So, choose your last words, this is the last time
'Cause you and I, we were born to die
We were born to die
We were born to die
(We were born to die)

Imagine there being a age gap between you & Jeffrey...

He loved you & you loved him - but people didn’t love you being together. 

It was about 5 months ago when the media discovered that you & Jeffrey were dating. Since then you didn’t dare to be seen with Jeffrey. The reasons you didn’t want to go out in public with Jeffrey was because you didn’t want Jeffrey getting a bad reputation or people looking at him differently because he was dating you. There was a decent age gap between you both, which a lot of people disagree with.

It hurt you both but neither of you showed it until one evening.

You were sat on the couch doing work & suddenly heard the front door slam shut. You jumped up in fear.

“Jeffrey, is that you?”.

“Yeah.” his voice was low and raspy.

“Are you alright?” you asked, then he appeared at the door.

“Do I look alright?” his eyes were puffy with tears cascading from them. 

“Oh what’s wrong babe?” you ran to him about to grab his face, but before you could he turned away from you. 

“Y/N, I can’t do this anymore. We’re barely together anymore because you won’t go out with me. I thought I could handle this but I really can’t.” Your face dropped as he began to sob a little more.

“Jeff, please. I’m only doing it so you don’t get hurt or ruin your career. I love you more than life, please don’t leave me.” you squeeze his arm and try to stop yourself from crying.

“I know what I’m doing Y/N, It would be my own fault if my reputation got ruined. I would risk everything and anything for you. I could never leave you. There are worse things that celebrities have done than fall in love with someone a few years younger than them. Now, grab your coat - we’re going out.” he wiped his eyes and waited for your response.

You hated how upset it made Jeffrey. Fuck this. You went to the rack and grabbed your jacket and put on your shoes before coming back to the room Jeffrey was in. When you entered the room Jeffrey’s eyes traced your body, you noticed. Your teeth shone through your lips as you laughed - you ran and leaped into his arms, locking your arms around his neck, you began kissing each other with such passion. 

Hand in hand you walked out of your home and headed for a cafe. You clung onto Jeffrey’s arm. You loved him and he loved you - from now on you weren’t letting anyone control how you lived. 


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BTS as things I've had to tell my 3rd grade students
  • Taehyung: Please, stop trying to fit your entire fist into your mouth
  • Seokjin: You're not going to die from missing snack time, please stop crying
  • Rap Mon: So run me through this again...just how exactly did you break your desk?
  • Yoongi: Don't deny that you were sleeping through math you literally had a puddle of drool on your desk
  • J-Hope: Just because we're having indoor recess doesn't mean you can gallop around the classroom screaming at the top of your lungs
  • Jungkook: So you're saying you can't work with your partner because she's a girl and girls annoy you?
  • Jimin: I know that they tease you for being short but calling someone a "big fat giant" isn't acceptable
Bad Girl Ch 9: PTSD

I’m sorry for leaving you all hanging I didn’t mean to wait that long!

“What?” Baekhyun whispers, his eyes wide.

I can’t hold in my uncontrollable cries anymore, “I’ll be a good girl daddy, I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me.”

He drops the knife and releases my hair, his hands hover over my shoulders as if he is suddenly afraid to touch me like I might break. “My baby, my sweet baby,” He cries as he wraps his arms around my head, holding me to his chest. “Daddy is so sorry, don’t cry, I’m so sorry.”

“What the hell is going on down here?” Suho roars when he busts the heavy metal doors open. It only takes him a moment to access the situation in front of him. His younger brothers are all a mess, Baekhyun more than anyone but the younger three seem to be in shock. My eyes lock with his and he seems to join them in their daze for just a second before someone pushing pass him knocks him out of it.

“Did you really take her?” It is Xiumin roaring this time. All this screaming is too much, I can’t stop myself from shaking.

“All of you stop yelling!” Jiyong snaps, still on speaker. “She’s scared, I know this is a lot for everyone but calm down. She is so scared right now, please.”

“Oppa, come get me,” I cry, “Please Oppa, I can’t be here right now, this is just too much.”

“I’m coming my love,” I can hear him moving things around, rushing to my rescue.

“Don’t fucking dare come anywhere near our home,” Baekhyun seethes.

“She asked me to, I’m going to leave her there with people who just tried to kill her!”

“That was before we knew!” Sehun screams as he fights with Baekhyun to get a hold of me.

“Knew what?” Suho tries to catch up on the conversation.

“It’s her Hyung,” Kai cries as he drops to his knees, tears slide down his cheeks, completely contrasting the bright smile on his face. “It’s our baby! She isn’t dead.”

“Is it really her?” Tao joins us in the room.

“Stop asking me that!” I scream earning the attention of everyone in the room. “Why do you keep saying that? I’m not dead, I’m not a copy, I am me, why is that so hard for you all to understand? Why did you do this? Why are you guys so willing to hurt me over and over again? Is my happiness nothing to you?”

“We thought you were dead,” Xiumin tells me. “We saw you getting beat into a bloody pulp, they found your body, there was a funeral, we thought you were dead.”

“We need to get her out of here,” Suho rushes over and picks up the knife Baekhyun had dropped. He pushes the younger two out of the way and quickly and cuts the ropes binding me. The knife is out of his hand the moment the last rope is cut, his hands are on my shoulders pulling me out of the chair and to my feet but my legs aren’t strong enough to hold me up. He catches me and picks me up without a problem. I want to fight him so bad, I don’t want any of them to touch me, I just want to go home. But I’m tired, I’m so tired. My head rests on his shoulder.

“She’s bleeding,” Baekhyun reminds them, rushing to keep up with Suho who is basically running through the dimly lit hall.

“You keep your distance, you are the one that hurt her!” I see Tao stop, he pushes the older boy to the ground.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was her, I was just so mad,” Baekhyun is stumbling over his words to the point I almost don’t understand him. His voice fades as Suho continues on taking me out of the basement into the bright hall way upstairs. I close my eyes, the transition being too much for me. The only thing that let me know that we joined the others in the living room is their unison gasps.

“Lay get over here,” Suho commands the minute we step in.

“Is that?” Sweet Lay’s voice wonders.

I swear to God if he-

Suho thankfully cuts both Lay and my thoughts off, “She isn’t a copy, this our baby. I don’t know what the hell is going on and how she is alive but this is her and she is hurt. Fix her.”

“I-I need a first aide kit,” He stammers, his voice coming closer.

“Than stop fucking staring at her and go get it!” Kris snarls.

“Keep your voice down,” Xiumin warns, poison thick in his voice. “This isn’t the time to be angry with each other, we need to focus on this, on her.”

“Is she awake? How did she get hurt?” It’s Kyungsoo this time, his voice deep and warm like morning coffee, I forgot how much I love his voice.

“I think so, Baekhyun cut her, he was in one of his episodes and I think he lost it.” Suho tries his best to explain.

One of his episodes? Is that a normal thing? How long has that been going on? I have so many questions in my head that I want to ask but I know I would receive questions of my own that I’m not sure I can answer.

“That fucking piece of shit,” Kyungsoo seethes but I’m assuming one look from Xiumin keeps him from opening his mouth again.

“Baby,” Chen calls.

“Jooyoung,” I finally respond and open my eyes slightly.


“My name is Jooyoung, not baby, I don’t know what is going on but for the past year I’ve been told you abandoned me so understand that I will not be pretending like everything is fine and none of this just happened.” I sigh and sit up without Suho’s arm around me. For a moment I consider getting up and moving but I choose not to push my luck, no matter what I say if they want to hover over me I don’t really have a choice.

I look at everyone, starting with Kyungsoo who is on my left, we are on the couch, Chen is next to him sitting a good distance away with Luhan. Kris is next, he is standing with his arms cross over his chest, Xiumin is in front of the TV, directly across from me. The next few are standing in a cluster; Tao and Sehun have their arms locked together while Kai is standing in front of them. Baekhyun and Chanyeol are creeping in the hallway for good reason, I don’t think I can have them any closer right now. Suho is the closest, his arm is resting behind me, waiting to wrap me in them again. I finally look at him, actually look at him and I’m taken back.

Without a thought I reach both of my hands to his hair, “Daddy, you hair is pink.”

He seems a bit dumbstruck for a moment but leans into my touch instinctually. A soft chuckle leaves his lips, “It used to be red but it faded.”

I take my hands back, what am I doing? I just told them to drop their pet name for me yet I continue to use theirs.

“Are you going to go back to him?” Chanyeol suddenly asks.

“What?” The room echoes.

“Are you going to go back to Jiyong?”

I shrug, “I don’t know. I want to talk to him, I need to know what is going on.”

“He lied to you,” Kai reminds me.

I narrow my eyes on him, “Like you were an open book Jongin.”

His eyes go wide, “How do you know my real name?”

“I know a lot of things now, Minseok, Yifan, Jongdae, Junmyun, Jongin, Yixing. Good to know half of you lied to me right off the bat. You guys couldn’t even be honest about your names, why should I believe anything you say over Jiyong? He is an open book to me, anything he does in this big bang world, I know about it.”

“Because why would we lie to you about something like this?” Kyungsoo quickly questions.

“I don’t know! Maybe you all realized how much you missed me and thought of some lie to get me back. Even though I would like to believe you wouldn’t destroy the happy life I had to do that, I don’t know. I need some kind of proof.”

“Proof?” Xiumin mumbles. “I can give you proof.” He steps aside and runs his hand along the edge of the TV to turn it on. In seconds the screen lights up revealing a frozen frame of me on the ground. My heart stops.

“The video, you guys have the video? Do you have all of them?” I run my hands through my hair, my face becomes hot. They saw it, they saw all of it. I wanted nothing more than to forget all of that. I cover my face to hide my shame, how have I not ran out of tears from crying so much in one day? My chest feels tight, I try to breath in but it isn’t working, I can’t, I can’t breath.

I close my eyes to try and calm myself but that only makes it worse. Suddenly I’m back in that small cement room again, Taeil is there, the memory of his his mask is burned into my mind, all of them are. I imagine him grinning, excitement bright in his eyes. My clothes are gone leaving me naked in front of him, I know even with five layers on he would still be able to strip me with just a look. He makes me feel so vulnerable and fragile, he could crush me in his hand and blow me away like dust without a problem.

“Hello pumpkin, you look so scared,” He chuckles, lunging for me quickly only to land a few feet away. He’s taunting me, always taunting me. I press up against the wall as he comes closer and closer.

“Did you miss me pumpkin? Huh? I came all the way back just to finish the job, just me. No more Zico, no more savior. I have you all to myself to do all of those horrible things I’ve been aching for since the last time we met.”


“Yes, pumpkin, you have no where to go,” His laugh echoes in my ears.

“He’s going to kill me! Get him away!”

“Baby, calm down,” Kyungsoo and Suho are both wrapped around me, whether they are doing it to restrain me or comfort me I’m not sure but it’s only making me panic more. I fight my way out of their grip into the middle of the living room. Everyone seems closer, like they are trying to close in on me without me noticing. They aren’t going to catch me, I’m not going to let them.

“Everyone just back up!” I command with my arms out at my side making sure they get the message. I scan the room, looking for an exit or at least some place to sort of hide.

“Sorry, I’m sorry baby, I’ll turn it off,” Xiumin quickly turns the TV off.

“I need time, give me time,” I tell them.

“Maybe one of us should take her to our room,” Luhan suggests. “One on one seems a lot easier to handle.”

“I’ll take her,” Lay volunteers, “I need to patch her up.”

“Do you honestly think she is going to let you touch her?” Kris scoffs.

“I want to do it!” The younger three interject.

“No!” Xiumin, of course, is the one to put his foot down. “Luhan will do it.”

“What?” The crowd whines.

“He is the only one who is stable enough to do it, the rest of us can’t handle it.”

“I can take care of her just fine!” Kris roars.

“You can take care of our baby just fine when she is having a tantrum, this isn’t a tantrum, this is a panic attack. Can you handle watching her relieve those things we saw on those tapes in front of you?” Xiumin snaps back, standing chest to chest with the taller man but still manages to be the more terrifying of the two.

“Is that alright with you?” Luhan asks me, everyone else took a step back. “Do you want to come to my room with me? I promise that I won’t lay a finger on you.”

I nod. My hands are shaking against my chest as I follow the older through the familiar hallways. He walks into his room first and lets me be the one to leave the door open or closed. I close it. He stands on the far side of the room and again lets me decide on how we do things. I have free rein of the room and decide to go for the bed. Though I’m a bit hesitant to just crawl under the covers and make myself comfortable Luhan quickly encourages it. Once I’m settled everything just fades away. He has always been able to do this to me, if I had a nightmare, or was nervous about something he would bring me back down to earth.

“Are you feeling more stable?” He is by the windows now, far from me.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Can I come closer?”

I sit up in bed, “You can come sit by me if you want.”

“Is that what you want?” He cocks a brow at me and give me a small smile.

I nod.

Oh so slowly he makes his way toward me, he goes around the other side and lowers himself on to the bed so we are laying next to each other, “Is this okay?”

I chuckle, “We’ve laid together before Luhan, this normal.”

“No this isn’t normal anymore. You have no idea how much this means to me right now. You have no idea how many times I’ve woken up hoping you would be next to me. Lets not talk about that now though, how about something more light?”

“Like what? Everything is a trigger for something that could break the others heart.”

He hums, “When I was younger I wanted to be a fireman.”

I stare at him, he’s looking up at the ceiling his head cradled by a soft pillow. He looks like an angel. I couldn’t imagine such a beautiful savior, “I wanted to be a ballerina.”

“Why weren’t you?”

“Because I wasn’t allowed to take classes as a child.”

“What do you want to be now?”

“I’m not sure, I’m just trying to figure out how I want this day to end before I start thinking that far a head.”

“How do you want this day to end?” He looks over at me.

“I honestly have no idea. Either way, someone will be hurt. Either way I will end up with a heavy heart.”

“I know you are dealing with a lot right now but is there anyway I could hold your hand?” It is such an innocent request that for a moment I think he’s kidding but when our eyes meet there is so much emotion in his I just want to start crying.

“Only for a little while,” I offer my hand to him.

“That is all I’m asking for.”

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Mind in the game (Part 2)

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the hallway floor felt real cold underneath me, but I couldn’t care one bit because my harsh sobs came to me so hard that it was already difficult enough to get up the floor to walk out of the school and avoid all of those weird looks people gave to me when the came in and it was not an easy task to get my phone out and manage to call my brother who was already on his way to pick me up, this feeling i have inside of me is so painful, i wanna fight it on my own, and forget, just.. forget. 

i feel a sudden touch on my shoulders that make me raise my look, Brendon is already here, he works close to the school so it didn’t took him too long to get here. he is beyond worried, his look makes me predict that he is ready to kick anyone who made me cry like this. 

“Holy crap” he exclaims “(Y/n) what happened to you?” he wipes my tears with his thumbs waiting for my answer. 

“let’s just go” i sob, trying to get up by myself.

“Did someone said someone to you? (Y/n) tell m right now, i swear, i am gonna kick whoever’s butt-” 

“Brendon” i exclaim stopping him from keep taking “i broke up with him, okay? please, let’s go home, i can’t be here anymore” i say crying even more. 

he doesn’t ask questions, or put up a fight, he just slides an arm around my shoulders and guides me to the front door of the school. helping me covering from the rain with his umbrella while we walk to the car. We don’t take long until getting home, and i do my best on telling him the entire story between broken words and hiccups. 

He looks furious, even though he is trying to pretend he is not, in front of me, but while i tell him my story his face changes turning darker and darker, his over protective side empowering him more and more, and i knew, i wouldn’t stop it. 

“you gotta be fucking kidding me” he groans pulling on the garage of our house and parking the car “i am going to fucking kill him” 

“Brendon” i sniff and try to reach for his hand 

“No! (Y/n), who the fuck does he think he is?” he yells and hits the wheel with his hands “first he hides you for a year like you are a fucking piece of drugs or something like that, then he treats you like shit in front of everyone, makes you walk in the rain because-” 

“i know” i groan to make him stop 

“Then give one reason right now, to not drive back to that school and kick his ass” he says already mad enough and looking like he’s going to punch someone. 

“Because right now i just need someone” say shrugging “i want my brother, not my bodyguard” i clarify 

he sighs and nods, opening the door of his side of the car and getting out, i do too, and when we both meet, I don’t waste any time and hug him. i can fee his warm cooling me off from my still wet clothes, while rubbing my back softly, comforting me from my very first heartbreak. 

the day went by pretty fast, sadly, and the more the minutes passed, the closest the moment was for Michael to come home and to be right across my window. i was hoping to that moment to never happen, but I know it is almost impossible, Michael and i have been living next to each other for approximately a year and a half, and since then we’ve been seeing each other almost every night since he moved in,on one way or another i will have to face him at some point. 

 At dinner when my mom gets home, I have no other option than sit on the table, after an entire day of crying and sobbing on my pillow, she takes no time on noticing that i have been crying, and she does not think for a single second that it could be because of a boy. 

When she sees the dry tears on my face and sad expression, she hugs me, caresses my hair and asks me what’s wrong, and for a single second, i do not contain myself, i spit everything out. “I broke up with my boyfriend” i said and the look on her face was indescribable. 

she was surprised, not only for the fact i had a boyfriend and she didn’t know, also for the fact that i was so hurt about it, she could tell, that i was really in love and it was killing me to save such a secret from her. 

“i am so sorry mom” i cry and lean my head on her shoulder “I am so sorry” 

she understands and doesn’t asks questions, she knows I’ll tell her when i am ready. 

“I know you are love” she simply says “C’mon, let’s have hot chocolate, it’s good for the heart”

and that’s the moment when i know, if i had a real caring boyfriend i wouldn’t be crying to my mom for hiding a secret, one that it was not supposed to be a secret on the first. i need to be valuable, i don’t want to be hidden. and i’ll have someone who thinks i am worth it.

“What the hell was that about?”  He says in a protesting tone

He is right in front of me, sitting in my bed, he probably came inside my room by the window  when i was down with my mother. It makes me mad seeing him right in front of me, asking for an explanation of what happened he knows what’s going on and he knows I am not happy about it. How does he dare to ask such a thing?

“Get out of my room” I say in my normal voice And closing the door behind me

“No” he says “I want an explanation! (Y/n) you can’t make such a scene in front of everyone and then break up with me, no one knew we’re dating, you put my reputation in the game, and in fact, you completely ruined yours. Everyone thinks you’re a liar (Y/n), are you aware of what you’ve done?”

“You know what I heard in that entire thing? ‘Me, me, me, me!’” I say whispering/yelling my words and walking around my bed, getting closer to the window ready to pull it open. As an invitation to him to get the hell out.

“What are you trying to say?” He asks frowning.

“You’re a selfish asshole” I say vocalizing every single one of my words with as much clearly as a possibly can. 

He gasps like he was completely surprised and asks “How am i selfish?” he argues “i have been protecting you the whole time, in fact, i am doing it now, we have to think of something, people at our school is going to-” 

“I don’t care” i roll my eyes and turn my face around to stop looking at me “this is your fault, Michael! Don’t you understand? I am done” i say on my most serious tone and looking down at my feet. 

“What do you mean?” he says almost sounding desperate and i look of at him with a bored look “You can’t be serious, you can’t break up with me”

“i already did” i shrug and push on my half open window “i am sick of being a secret, i deserve to be with someone who is not ashamed of me” 

“What?” he says frowning and still not moving from my bed “i am not ashamed of you, (Y/n) you perfectly know why we are a secret, i am so close to being captain of the team, and all my friends are already voting for me for me to be king of prom in a couple of weeks, i can’t let anyone know that i am dating  the nerd i would-” he stops in track when realizing how he called me and stutters “i-i mean, not that you are but, you know what i mean, this is important, i need to have my reputation intact, and i already promised you, i will eventually tell everyone we-” 

“When?” i laugh ironically when he says that last thing “Gordon, it’s been a year already, and you know what? you keep making promises you are going to tell everyone and we will be a normal couple, but i am tired, i know, i am a nerd and i have no friends, all your super popular friends bully me, they have hit me, they have laugh at me, they stolen things from me, they have thrown things at me and i could continue the list, but you know what hurts me the most?” 

“Stop” he says quietly looking very angry at me.

“you have been there every single time, and you see what they do to me, and what do you say? absolutely nothing” i say angrily “they are mistreating your girlfriend right in front of your fucking face, it’s been a year already, i want things to change Michael” i exclaim, and before i even notice, i start crying “i wanna be able to go on dates with you, hold your hand, sit beside you on lunch, kiss you whenever i want no matter who is watching, and i honestly don’t care who says nothing about us as long as we can have a normal relationship!” i say pacing around my room “God dammit! i even want to be able to tell my mom about you, but no! i can’t do that either” i sob “Why Michael? Why do you make me go through this?”

“We can work something out-” he mumbles still trying to make it better

“No we can’t” i groan interrupting him and clean my own tears with the back of my hands “Don’t you understand Michael? i am so done with your bullshit, i am not valuable to you” 

“Can you at least hear me out?” he gets up from the bed “High school is mess up, okay?, do you actually know how i fucking love you?, i guess you do, but honestly, what do you want? I’ll do anything, a date?” he says looking at me and trying to smile, leading his hand to my cheek and cleaning a falling tear “it’s our anniversary, if that make you feel better i’ll take you on a date” 

“Okay” i nod “Then take me on a date” i cross my arms and i see his bright smile pointing at me “to the school cafeteria” he nods 

“After school” he finishes for me “Got it” 

“At lunch, you idiot” i roll my eyes and his smiles fade. 

“Babe” he chuckles “you perfectly know that i can’t do that, my friends-” 

i laugh “Then what’s the point?!” i exclaim “Where will you take me? your basement?” i say rolling my eyes “Oh no, even better, to the cemetery at dawn, where no one can see us because no one in the fucking school would be in such a place at that time!” 

“You are being dramatic” he states and gives a step closer in which i give a step back “Please (Y/n), i’m begging you ..” 

“Are going to tell you friends about me anytime soon?” i ask 

he stays quiet and looks down, passing his hand through his hair in frustration but still he looks up at me and shook his head, and I shrug, there was his answer, if he doesn’t speak up, i won’t take him back. period. 

He tries to reach for my hand but i pull apart and don’t let him touch me, he needs to understand how mad i am at him, and know that i am not willing to accept his apologies if he doesn’t do something. 

We seem interrupted, my bedroom door opens and the tall figure of my brother is shown, i can almost feel every single cell of Michael’s body growing in fear when he sees my brothers angry glancing at him and almost strangling him with his look. i don’t seem to notice it, but more and more tears are running on my face and quiet sobs are coming out of my chest.

“i am gonna say this once,” Brendon’s voice says quietly entering my room “You have 30 seconds to get the fuck out of my house” he says speaking directly at Michael “otherwise, someone’s eye is going to be black tomorrow, and i’ll give you a hint, it’s not gonna be mine’s or her’s” he says quietly “and next time, if i see you even an Inch close to her, i am going to kill you” he makes clear, making an intense eye contact “Understood?” 

Michael gasps and rolls his eyes “Look bro, i-” 

“one, two, three…” he starts counting and Michael rushes, walking past him and going down making his way to the front door, in the way mumbling a “we are not done” 

“i think we are” i respond to then hear my brother’s voice start counting faster and louder, three more seconds and Michael is already gone, from my house, from my life and from everything we’ve built in the past year. 

“Are you okay?” Brendon asks, getting closer to me

i shook my head, to then hug him, looking for a bit of comfort from someone “I don’t want to go back to school” i cry “Ever”

“I am sorry kiddo” he rubs my back, in confort. “i know it’s hard, but, at least look for the bright side, he is out of your way now” 

i shook my head “i did not wanted him to be out” i confess “i just want to be normal” i shrug “Is that a lot to ask for?”

my brother shooks his head, and pulls me in his arms closer to him, rocking me and mumbling sweet nothing, to hopefully stop me from crying, but, i don’t think it will work. 

“Life sucks” i sob on his chest and i see him nod. 

“I know kiddo” he affirms, nodding his head “It does suck