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Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: SMUT ASF. Also mentions of Domestic Abuse 

Request by: @talia-grace-daniels Imagine based on the song Feelings by Maroon 5 :) Also Incorporated @delish-duck ‘s request for the reader having an abusive boyfriend and Tom being protective

Word Count: 3,500

A/N: People fr need to stop coming after me in my messages. I know I write smut. I’m 20 years old and write this stuff for people who actually want to read it. That’s why I put warnings before the imagine starts so I don’t have to deal with messages but I still get them.. -.-


ps. I used the word trousers because its fun to say? Let me live lmao

*Slides down the pole throwing the smut to you hungry darlings*

[Reader’s POV]

“Fucking asshole” you mutter throwing your phone onto your bed. Tears were falling down your cheeks. You couldn’t help it. Your boyfriend, well ex boyfriend now had been cheating on you for months.

   You caught him fucking her when you stopped by his apartment a day early. He thought you weren’t coming back so soon. You just got back from visiting the states and came home to heartbreak. It never occurred to you that he would be cheating on you. Everything felt fine and nothing seemed wrong.

   Wiping off the rest of your running makeup you wash your face. Looking at yourself was so pathetic. You were too blind to see his deceit and look at you now. Crying over someone you thought you loved. Letting out a sigh you head back towards your bed.

   Picking up your phone you click the home button. Using you Touch ID to open it up and click on the phone app. Scrolling through your contacts you click on your best friends contact. Putting the phone to your ear you hear the dialing tone. After a short few rings it stops.

“Hello love, what’s up?” Tom’s voice fills your ear making you smile. Tears spill over and you whimper from the pain in your chest forming again.

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Mine Once

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Liam x Reader

Warnings: sex, 18+ gif under cut

“You can’t be serious.” You gasped as your mother dragged the air mattress from the attic and dumped it in your room..

“His parents are going away for the week and Liam’s parents asked if we could look after him … I wouldn’t want you alone for so long.” She sighed and smiled when you shook your head and refused to look at her. “I’m sorry that it will be awkward but… you know what it’s like here if something happened while they were away they’d never forgive themselves.”

“Why can’t he go with them!” You offered hopefully but she shook her head as the Dunbar’s pulled into the drive..

“I’m sorry ok, I promise I’ll make it up to you.” She insisted as you reluctantly headed down with her to greet everyone looked down at your feet when Liam heaved his bags inside, offering your mother his help for dinner once his parents had left. “Thank you Liam.”

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reioka  asked:

Sorry you're having a bad day. For you: Maria gave Tony a Bucky Bear when he was a child and when Howard sneered at it she got up in his grill about his attitude toward their TODDLER having a STUFFED ANIMAL so Howard doesn't say another word about it. Tony still has it. It's well worn and soft. An eye and arm have had to be sewn back onto it from all the love its gotten. Steve finds it and Tony sees him holding it and karate chops him to get Bucky Bear back safely. 1/?

Of course Steve’s like wtf Tony you could have just asked for it back is your hand okay? YES it is because he’s holding Bucky Bear with it. Steve is like “all of my whats” but he lets it go and asks about the bear. It doesn’t look like all the other Bucky Bears from back then. And Tony is so proud, his mother stood in line at a toy store for a SPECIAL EDITION Bucky Bear. Only a hundred of them were made. They’re worth thousands in pristine condition. 2/?

Tony’s bear isn’t pristine but he doesn’t care. It’s special to him because his mom waiting in line to get to him. It’s priceless. “Do you still sleep with it?” Steve asks curiously. Tony scoffs at him and says “Absolutely you dolt. Bucky Bear has always been there for me.” Steve melts because that’s so sweet, and he mentions it to Bucky, and Bucky’s like “??? okay buddy I don’t give a fuck about his bear???” And of course Steve snorts and says “He likes the bear better than you.” 3/?

Bucky is v offended by this and creeps into Tony’s room and THERE. THERE IT IS. THE BUCKY BEAR. And Tony is there sleeping too but THE BEAR. He eases it from Tony’s arms and glares at it jealously but then he realizes he is in Tony’s room? Tony’s sleeping? So he sets the Bucky Bear aside and climbs in bed with Tony. Tony wakes up to Bucky instead of his Bucky bear and he says, “I’ve had dreams like this. Where you turned human to protect me.” And Bucky’s just like FUCK MY HEART. 4/?

And so he wraps around Tony and cuddles him and apologizes for taking so long. Tony sighs and tucks his face into Bucky’s chest. (And then he wakes up fully with a squawk and punches Bucky in the stomach with his flailing because WTF ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED YOU CREEP. It’s too late, Bucky knows Tony wanted to be protected by him as a child, so he rolls on top of him and says “I was the bear and now I’m not” but Tony sputters because HE CAN SEE THE BEAR BUCKY WTF. But he likes cuddles so. 5/5

This is so precious I’m squealing!!! Just imagining Maria going at Howard in a Rage over the Bucky Bear is brightening my day. (Especially when I think about how, even a decade later, Howard will not dare to say a word against the bear in question. His mouth twitches once, suspiciously, during dinner when Tony is fourteen and carries the bear with him out of pure spite, but Maria notices and her eyes narrow dangerously. And Howard isn’t always a wise man, but he’s not suicidal, so he gripes about his latest business deal instead.) 

It’s this intriguing combination adorable and funny and slightly creepy (you don’t just climb into other people’s beds while they’re sleeping, Bucky, what even?!) and I love it. I can just imagine Bucky’s indignant face when Steve Dares To Insinuate that Tony prefers some toy to him lol. Thank you so much for cheering me up!!!

Of course now I can’t stop thinking about a tiny Tony clinging to his precious Bucky Bear, the one toy Howard would never dare to take from him, crying silently into it’s fur, begging it to please protect him and tell his father that he isn’t stupid and–

Yeah okay, I stop before I ruin it with angst haha. Lets focus instead on how, after all the well-deserved Tony-cuddling that morning ends, Bucky drags Tony down to the gym because that punch will not do if someone other than Bucky tries to sneak into his bedroom, not at all. Tony is less than impressed.

In the background, Clint loudly complains because “Bucky pulls an Edward Cullen and then actually gets into Tony’s bed and cuddles him while he’s asleep and it’s freaky cute but when I listen in on your margarita nights from the vents it’s creepy, what the hell???”

Natasha doesn’t look up from where she’s sorting her smarties by their colours. “Nobody disturbs margarita nights, Clint.”



(Clint is slightly appeased when only one Bucky Bear is allowed to join the next margarita night, and it’s not the fleshy one)

Liability (Part 2)

A/N: ITS FINALLY HERE! This one hurt..not gonna lie, and it kinda opened up old wounds that I thought I was over so this was really personal, but I feel like this is a healing process in it of itself.  You can catch up with Part 1 here and if you wanna read more of my work here is my masterlist. 

Dean x Reader (ish), Sam, Jody, Claire

Warnings: Angst, Swearing

Word Count: 1500

Tags: @msimpala67 @escabell @angelus320 @katymacsupernatural @melissasalvatoremikaelson @kazosa @angelsandwinchesters @mogaruke @star-gazer178 @pickupthatamulet @cozyjaws @mychemical21fallingphandoms @sammysgirl1997 @saradiamayaf @enthusiasmisdepressing @badsongwinchester @i-want-to-believe-x @jensenackesl @hellogracebarnes @aquabrie @holahellohialoha @snazzyunicorn @itsjaybro16 @cameronbraswell @xthefuckerysquaredx @toridawn892345 @18crazybutcutealsopsycho @keep-calm-and-omfg-jensen-ackles @samdean-67 @svannah @kiejera @erule @sams-little-toy @supernaturalqueen47 @formulafun @smalltowndivaj @adellyhatter-blog @jennylj16 @trinty33 @earthtokace @hunterpuff @deansgirl215 @iamthemaskhewears @lipstickandwhiskey @today-only-happens-once

“Was she on a hunt?” Sam asked, gently handling a cup of tea and setting it before Jody. Dean had yet to move away from his spot on the couch that rested a few feet away from you. The sun was beginning to creep over the quaint houses of Sioux Falls.

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Can’t Sleep Without You

Steve can’t sleep without his girl, and it’s becoming a problem for everyone around him.

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A/N: This came to me forever ago listening to “Can’t Sleep Without You” by Brett Young (delightful song btw) I hadn’t written for Cap in a really long time so here we are! Hope you guys enjoy! (Please tell me if you did I’m needy af) Special thanks to @whotheeffisbucky for letting me bounce this idea off of her when it first came to me and to my clonesister, love of my life @actuallyasgardian for the read over once it was finally done.

*Flashback is in italics*

Warnings: Some swears. Mentions of a car accident, hospitals. (Also aside from me watching Grey’s Anatomy and ER years ago I don’t know anything about medically stuff, so yeah forgive me if it makes no sense.)

Words: 2,500


He missed her. Missed her every minute. After the Accords, the civil war - her words - being forced into hiding, Bucky, just everything, she stayed. He wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t, if she needed space. Hell, she and Tony were so close before everything; they were practically siblings. He hoped they still were. They must be, he was still able to talk to her regularly. Tony had to be involved with that somehow.

Being away was torture. This wasn’t like the times he’d go on missions. On missions he had a general idea of when he’d be back to her. Plus he was usually so busy he never had time to think about missing her. But here in Wakanda, he had time on his hands. Too much of it. Bucky was back in cryo, and it’s not like he could help with any of the doctors or scientists but he just couldn’t leave quite yet. Sure there was Bucky, but he needed to repay T’Challa in any way he could.

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Go Away ~Pennywise Imagine~

Summary: You fell in love with Pennywise and he fell for you. Howeverm you met him when he was in his human form. When you find out he’s the child eating monster, you feel conflicted. 

Author’s Note: Two imagines in one night. I’m on a roll. Now, I just need to update fanfiction. This may or may not be inspired from American Horror Story: Murder House. Also, this might suck but I thought of this. 

Part Two

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It all started when you moved to Derry. It was an odd and strange place. But you loved it. You started to get close to the Loser’s Club. You would protect them from Henry Bowers and his gang. You started to be a big sister or mother to them. That was because you didn’t like it when people would make you feel small. 

Then you met him. Bob Gray. He was perfect to you. Brown slick hair, memorizing green eyes, tall and lean. You fell for him and he fell for you. But every perfect boy has a deep dark secret. 

You babysat for Georgie when their parents needed to go out. You would help Bill take care of his younger brother. You were devastated when he went missing. You would cry to your boyfriend who was there for you. 

“I can’t believe he’s gone,” You cried. Your head in your hand as you cried. You heard a knock from your window, making you walk over and open it. Bob was there on the tree next you your window. 

“I thought you might needed the comfort,” He said. You nodded and let him in. He pulled you into a hug and you cried onto his chest. 

Normally, the clown would eat kids. But you were different. He saw your beauty and fell for you. So he turned into a human to be with you. 

You were currently walking home until Henry Bowers and his gang found you alone. 

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the mother of the Loser’s Club,” Henry said. 

“You know, Henry, one day, you’re going to live all alone in an apartment full of drugs wondering why no one loves you and you’ll remember that it’s because you were such a dick,” You snapped at him. 

“That’s it!” Henry said. He and his gang started to chase you. You ran to the nearest place near you which was the sewers. You climbed in and they followed you inside. You hid by a wall, hoping they would leave. 

“Come out, Y/N,” Henry said.

You felt someone cover your mouth making you jump a little. You looked to see Bob there, holding his index finger to his lips. He was signalling you to stay quiet. You nodded and he walked over to the gang. 

“Hey, what the hell are you doing here?” Henry asked. 

“Go away,” Bob said. 

“Or what?” You looked over to see what was happening. 

The next thing you knew, Bob was changing into something horrifying. You stared in shock as he turned into a clown with fangs. Henry and his gang ran out making you scream. The clown turned over to you making you run. 

“Y/N! Wait!” You heard. You ran away from the clown, hoping to get out somehow. 

“Y/N!” You felt someone grab your wrist making you cry. 

“Let go of me!” You screamed. 

“Y/N, stop,” The clown said. 

“Who are you?” You asked him.

“It’s me Bob,” The clown told you.

“You’re not Bob. What the hell are you?” You asked, struggling to get away. 

“Stop struggling,” He said. You did as he said, hoping he would let you live. 

“Please don’t hurt me,” You begged. 

“I’m not going to hurt you. I should’ve been honest with you. I’m known as Pennywise,” The clown said. 

“What?” You asked, still confused and scared. Pennywise leaned in close and smelled you neck, making you more scared. 

“You shouldn’t be afraid Y/N. I’m still me,” He said, changing into his human form. You were terrified. 

“What the hell are you?” You ask him, shaking in fear.

“I’m an alien. I eat and then hibernate for 27 years,” Pennywise tells you. 

“What do you eat?” You asked him. Pennywise hesitated for a bit. 

“Children. I eat children,” He tells you. You stared at him in shock.

“Did you get close to me so you could eat me?” You asked in horror.

“No. No. I would never do that. I love you,” Pennywise said, coming up to you. You backed up as he got closer. 

“Please don’t be scared,” He said. You stood there staring at the thing you were with for the past three months. 

“You eat children? Was it you who killed Georgie?” You asked him. Pennywise hesitated again. 


“Answer me!” You yelled. 

“Yes. It was me,” He tells you. You felt more tears run down your face. 

“You murdered my best friend’s innocent brother,” You said. 

“Y/N, I need to eat-”

“You knew how much Georgie meant to me. He was a little brother to me!” You yelled angrily now. 


“No. Stay away from me. Please,” You said. 

“What? Y/N, please don’t leave me,” Pennywise said, growing sad now. He loved you and you loved him. Or used to now. 

“Go away, Pennywise,” You tell him.

“You’re all I want now. You’re all I have,” Pennywise tells you. 

“Go away!” You scream at him, shutting you eyes. 

When you opened them, Pennywise was gone. You started to get out of the sewers. When you finally got out, it was almost dark. You ran home and went straight to your room. You found a red balloon by your window with the words, I’m sorry. 

You grabbed the balloon and popped it. You ran outside to your backyard and threw the balloon over your fence. You ran back inside and locked your doors. 

Pennywise, stood nearby, watching you throw away the balloon, locking your doors, and getting rid of things that involved him. He stared in sadness before going back into the sewers. 


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The Avengers invaded the very base you call home, you were sitting in your room reading a book, until the sirens went off. You were given a mission to kill Tony Stark many years ago, but you had failed. As punishment, you were brainwashed along with your supervisor, The Winter Soldier

Hydra sent you to Eliminate Pietro Maximoff , but when you came face to face with your target, you realize that you couldn’t do it.

“So! You must be the sweet Y/N that Hydra sent for me” Pietro chuckles as he stands infront of you. Your hands are raised with a gun pointing straight to his chest and a smirk on your face.

“Not so surprised?” You snicker

Pietro hums quietly and begins to walk towards you.

“You don’t have to do this, you can leave Hydra. You can be free. Isn’t that what you want?” He slowly raises both his hands in the air, showing you that he isn’t the enemy

“That’s where you’re wrong, Hydra is my home. And you’re my mission”

“Y/N please come home. come back to me, I know you’re in there. You can fight it, I know you can-”

“STOP Calling me that! My name is Shado” You yelled, your head was pounding, as if someone had it you with a crowbar from the back of your head. 

“No! Your name is Y/N!…….. You’re my fiance” You were about to pull the trigger, but then something deep down inside you forced you to stop your actions. You didn’t know what it was, but it made you cry. Tears began to fall and your body begins to tremble.

“Pietro…” You whispered and dropped the gun to the floor

“Y/N?” His arms drop to his sides

“Help me” Those were your last words until you blacked out, before you could even hit the ground Pietro zoomed forwards and caught you in his arms, laying you down on the floor with your heard laying in his lap

“Tony! I have her” He shouts through the com

Good, get her to the jet now!” Tony grunted

Pietro picked you up bridal style and sped his way to the jet, where he was meet by his twin sister and the rest of the Avengers, the Iron Man rushed in and leaped out of his suit and rushed to your side

“F.R.I.D.A.Y Check her vitals

Her vitals are fine sir, but however, she has conducted some memory loss

Tony brushed away the hair that was sticking to your face.

“Im sorry” Tony whispered

“Stop, none of this is your fault, if anyone should take the blame it should have been me. I wasn’t fast enough to get to her when Hydra invaded the tower” Pietro laid a hand on Tony’s shoulder as a comforting manner

“Its been 5 years. She’s 22 now. What father lets their child get kidnapped and it takes them 5 years to find them?” His tears fall down his cheeks slowly

“You’re not a bad father Tony” Steve reassured his team mate.

Wanda took place next to her brother by Y/N’s resting body. Wanda tries to look through your head, but somehow she was blocked. She took your hand in hers and closed her eyes. Pietro watches his sister as she whimpers. Wanda released your hand with a scream and grasped her head tightly, nearly pulling at the roots of her hair.

The entire team quickly get up and scramble to her in a blink of an eye.

“What is it, what did you see?” Vision looks deeply into her eyes.

Wanda looks back and fourth to Pietro and Y/N

“Wanda!” Pietro said worringly

“We must go back!” She whimpers

“Why” Natasha said from the pilots seat

“What exactly did you see Wanda?” Clint stood next to Steve with his chest out

Before she could answer you shot up from the bed you were resting on and screamed


RFA + Minor Trio find out MC is a Ghost

Hey guys! Here’s the last Halloween hc for this year, written by the awesome @rainydayswriter and yours truly ^^ We hope you guys had lots of spooks today or will have lots of spooks, depending on where you are! We hope you enjoy this despite the heavy angst ugh i’m so sorry guys that was my fault ;;; thank you so much to @rainydayswriter for injecting some happiness into these and have a Happy Halloween!

Warning: Angst ahead ;A; 

“You’re gonna suffer, but you’ll be happy about it.” -Ron Weasley


  • “I think my dorm is haunted.”

  • Everyday he logs into the chatroom to tell everyone the weird things that are happening around his dorm room

  • Lights flickering on and off

  • The chair scraping against the floor as it moves on its own

  • “Seven I’m telling you!!! My guild members all told me that they can hear a girl laughing whenever my mic is on!!!”

  • Will probably sleep at another member’s house for a while ;;;

  • And when he returns he’ll see you typing scary messages on his computer

  • Let’s face it, there’ll be a lot of screaming and tears from Yoosung

  • But when he calms down you two start talking and he finds out you’re not such a bad person ghost after all

  • “Did you have to scare me that much, MC? I was terrified you know!” ;;;; poor kid ;;;

  • Spends his days playing LOLOL, going to school and hanging out with you most of the time

  • And it was great at first because for the first time, he got to play pranks on other people

  • You told him the answers for his tests it wasn’t cheating okay, you just told him enough so he could pass ;;;

  • You guys have so much fun together that you find yourself more and more attracted to him

  • But you realize he’s spending waaaay too much time with you instead of his friends

  • Instead of real people

  • He doesn’t even log in to the RFA chatroom anymore

  • And you tell him to live his life and just forget about you but he confesses his feelings for you and why is the world so unfair and cruel to him?

  • First Rika, now you? He’s so deeply and madly in love with you and he doesn’t know what to do okay

  • You guys cry together for the rest of the night

  • And you realize…he has to let you go

  • It will be painful –you would say goodbye but he’d beg you not to leave him

  • There will be a lot of tears and begging and arguing but in the end, you make him understand that you’re already gone, that he can never have a future with you

  • And he’s such a bright kid with so much potential

  • So you leave

  • Yoosung will be a zombie for months –all the RFA members try to help him but they can’t bring you back anymore

  • He starts recovering after a while, thinking you’ve gone to a better place and his grades start to improve

  • When he graduates he’s surrounded by the RFA members and his friends

  • He’s so happy that doesn’t notice you watching him with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes


  • How can a ghost look so breathtaking?

  • When he first found out you were a ghost, he couldn’t believe it because aren’t ghosts supposed to look scary and bloody? ;;;

  • He’s surprised that he could touch you but he’s relieved that he can

  • Fans and paparazzi would go INSANE trying to figure out who Zen’s girlfriend is

  • You guys will just laugh it off and you’d even scare some of the paparazzi stalking Zen

  • Date nights are something else

  • “One ticket, sir?”

  • And he would almost argue that the guy was being rude because the most beautiful woman on the planet was beside him

  • But then, nobody else can see you, can they?

  • He’ll hold his tongue and pretend everything’s okay

  • But you see the weight it puts on his shoulders, and you’re so grateful to him for accepting you as is (ie. dead)

  • You always have the best seat in the house during his performances (aka hovering above the crowd lol)

  • But whenever you see women looking at him and Zen ignoring everyone, you start to feel guilty

  • Because those women were all alive and you weren’t; you may love each other, but your love can only go so far

  • And day by day you feel worse seeing Zen fawn over you when you can never give him a child who would inherit his good looks

  • So you sit down with him one night and discuss it with him but he immediately stops you

  • “MC, for a long time I’ve been in relationships where they just wanted me for my fame and my good looks. You’re the first person I’ve met who loves me for me. I want to spend my life with you. Someday, we’ll be together, my princess. Please stay with me until then.”

  • You agree to stay and you guys are happy for quite sometime but you still can’t shake the feeling that you’re holding him back

  • “Hyun…I need to go.”

  • “Go? Go where? Let me grab my ja–”

  • “No, Hyun. You can’t come with me.”

  • Dread and fear fills him

  • And you’re both crying because you both love each other and he doesn’t want you to go

  • But in the end, he makes you a promise

  • “My princess, I can’t stop you from leaving…but please wait for me. I will surely find my way back to you again.”

  • And after a successful career and a long and fruitful life, you’re there waiting for him with a smile


  • She only saw you when it was absolutely pouring, at the back of the coffee shop on her way to or from the office

  • You quickly became her confidante, someone she could rage to about her boss or gush about Zen’s work

  • It became a routine, since you were always at the same place at the same time

  • You don’t talk much about yourself, but she takes note of every little detail you give

  • And soon it all kind of adds up

  • There was an accident not too far from the shop, with one single fatality, someone at the wrong place at the wrong time

  • And her heart just;;;;

  • Breaks

  • She wants to help you, because you’ve been such a comfort to her, but she doesn’t know how

  • But you tell her that just spending time with her is more than enough

  • Her heart is bursting with tears

  • Spirits are usually caused by lingering regrets or emotions right?

  • Jaehee suggests leaving the coffee shop one evening, taking a walk

  • Cautiously, you accept, letting her lead you around at first before you take over, pointing out places you frequented when you lived, where you had worked, your favorite store, the people you had met, the plans you had made

  • She listens, beaming the entire time, urging you on

  • When at last, you find yourself back at the coffee shop, which is now closed for the night

  • “This was the plan all along, wasn’t it Jaehee? To say goodbye properly.”

  • She takes your hands and promises to think of you every day, and that she truly believes she’ll meet you again some day

  • You hug each other for a long time before you pass on


  • It’s so fun to be invisible in a CEO’s penthouse and office

  • You cause a lot of trouble before getting caught by the one and only Jumin Han

  • He seems so dull, but he takes the whole ghost situation impressively well?

  • Asks you why you’re causing mischief at C&R of all places

  • And you reveal your death was a result of a poorly managed project that links back to his company

  • He’s stunned and ashamed

  • But you watch in surprise as he promptly tasks Assistant Kang with appointing an investigation team

  • And as you spend more time haunting his apartment with him you two begin to fall in love with each other

  • He’s so tall but that isn’t a problem when you can just float to give him proper ghostly kisses

  • Elizabeth the 3rd goes absolutely bonkers chasing you around, and the pictures Jumin attempts to take are so confusing and a mess of blurs and the rest of the RFA are so confused

  • Reads up on spirit lore so that he doesn’t accidentally hurt you with iron or send you away somehow

  • Requests that you not play tricks on his staff, including but not limited to his maid, his guards, his chef, his stylist, his nutritionist, Elizabeth’s stylist, Elizabeth’s nutritionist, Jaehee ;;;

  • But he would LOVE it when you scare the hell out of his father’s new girlfriends like he would have such a hard time keeping that smirk off his face

  • Everything is actually good with Jumin; he doesn’t mind being with you and often reminds you that you are the love of his life and he doesn’t care if you’re dead –he loves you all the same and he just wants you by his side

  • Nothing can harm you, no other guy can have you and you’re with him virtually 24/7 –he’s the happiest man alive

  • Until the day his father sets him up with another woman

  • They need to secure the next heir to C&R

  • And you can never give him that

  • He refuses his father, saying he doesn’t care about heirs but it’s too late; you realize you can never give him a future –no marriage, no baby, no growing old together because you’re dead

  • At the same time, the investigation of your death comes to a close, with consequences being given to those involved in the project

  • So there was no reason for you to hang around his penthouse anymore..right?

  • Even though you loved him, you know you can never be together

  • Jumin would tell you over and over again that he only wants you and needs nothing else but you but he can see he’s already losing you

  • And the day you leave him is the day Jumin Han becomes the perfect puppet of his father


  • Hates making you upset for many reasons, which includes the fact that you can fry his technology with a mere thought

  • Neither of you exist in the world, but you exist to each other and that’s all you can really ask for

  • Think of all the pranks you can play on Yoosung

  • You leave messages in blood everywhere, reminding him to eat right and shower and clean up his workspace a little

  • It’s a little startling at first, but he finds himself looking forward to finding them

  • And looking forward to hanging out with you

  • And it takes him a while, but he eventually realizes he’s in love with you

  • Because you’re so much fun to hang out with and you get all his jokes and his puns

  • And he wants to spend his life pranking people with you

  • But remember his route, when he pushed you away so much?

  • This time, you’re the one who pushes him away when you realize that Saeyoung never deserved this

  • You’ll help him escape the clutches of his agency, help him start a new life

  • But it’s a life without you in the picture

  • “MC, please, don’t do this. I love you!”

  • “Saeyoung, you don’t mean that! I can never give you the future you want. You and Saeran deserve so much more

  • “MC, please. Please.”

  • He would actually get down on his knees and beg you to stay

  • But it isn’t right and you both knew it

  • So when you move on, Saeyoung shuts down

  • And Saeran does his best to comfort his brother but Saeyoung is a hollow shell for a long time

  • Until one day he brings out 707 again and starts making jokes and saying nonsense and Saeran is both relieved and even more upset that his brother’s coping mechanism has kicked in; he knows Saeyoung is still devastated inside

  • Saeyoung asks Saeran to come with him to the cemetery and when they get there, Saeyoung stops in front of a tombstone with your name on it

  • And he starts crying again

  • “She was the one I wanted to take to the space station, Saeran.”


  • The famous photographer V seems to have a new muse in his recent works

  • The problem is he never means to

  • You just sort of show up in his photos

  • A hand caressing a flower here, the back of your head there, always just out of frame, making it impossible to get a good look

  • He doesn’t know what to make of it

  • So he posts the photos in the chatroom and it scares the hell out of Yoosung

  • Seven makes it 100 times worse and talks about all the signs of a haunting

  • “Better check your phone, V, make sure there aren’t any pictures of you while you’re sleeping.”

  • There aren’t but he finds dozens of black shots in his camera roll? Like his phone’s camera had gone off in his pocket or something

  • Right?

  • It isn’t until his equipment battery drains alarmingly fast that he tries something new

  • “Can I have a proper shot of you?”

  • And he uses his phone to take a few pictures around him

  • And in the very last one you’re there, a full-bodied apparition, staring right into the camera  

  • His heart stops oh God what is this Seven was right

  • You finally reveal yourself, a little embarrassed at being caught

  • But really if you could haunt anyone wouldn’t you choose a darling like Jihyun?

  • He’s so curious about you, but at the same time is reluctant to bring up any bad feelings or memories you may still be harboring

  • Being an empathetic being, you can feel a sort of sadness buried deep in his heart

  • You help him take photos sometimes, since you don’t have to worry about getting hurt and you have access to all these weird angles thank you floating skills

  • You still photobomb any selfies he takes and take shots of him when he isn’t paying attention

  • RFA is confused as to why is V suddenly posting enough pictures to the messenger to rival Zen‘s selfies???

  • Deep discussions at the dead aha of night

  • If there’s an afterlife, why did you decide to stay behind?

  • “I had a feeling that there was something I needed to do.”

  • “And that involved sneaking into my work?”

  • He’ll never stop teasing you for that

  • As you get to know him, you grow more and more adamant about him moving on from the past

  • Ironic coming from a ghost

  • He seems determined to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders

  • So you finally tell him about when you were alive and your untimely departure from life, and that holding on to what cannot be is what kept you here in the first place

  • While it has a silver lining and let you meet him, nothing good comes from never letting go of guilt and pain

  • This man is so moved

  • You believe in him so much???

  • “I’ll try, MC, thank you.”

  • “You’d better or I’ll drain every camera battery from here to the United States.”

  • Can you actually do that???

  • You urge him to reconnect with the RFA for his own sake

  • Being alone is fine and all but isolation is something else entirely

  • Take it from a spirit who hadn’t had a real conversation with anyone in years

  • He reconnects with the RFA and when you finally see him surrounded by the people he loves you see a bright light

  • As V turns his camera to you, you smile at him and wave goodbye before moving on


  • As a ghost, you were basically nonexistent to the living unless you made a racket

  • It was a very lonely type of existence

  • Until Saeran came along, and was able to see and hear you

  • Turns out he was almost as isolated as you, though more by choice stemming from his past

  • For once in his life, somebody understands him and accepts him for who he is

  • Aside from his brother at least

  • He looked forward to every minute spent with you and he wasn’t afraid to show you his true self; you didn’t judge him and you weren’t scared of him

  • He couldn’t hurt you physically and he enjoyed your company so there was no reason to hurt you with his words or push you away

  • But he would never hurt you –because he’s already fallen for you

  • You’re his guardian angel

  • Saeyoung would always wonder why his brother stays in his room for most of the day but he didn’t pry

  • So Saeran enjoyed his days with you

  • Until you started talking nonsense about how he should live his life and spend time with his brother more, be with other people

  • He had no future with you and you only wanted the best for him

  • “How would you know what’s best for me?!”

  • “Because I love you, Saeran! This isn’t the life your brother envisioned for you!”

  • “I will do whatever I damn well please with my time on this earth!”

  • “Saeran–”

  • “I love you! Can’t you see that? I love you, MC! I don’t want to live in a world without you!”

  • You realize that the only way for him to move on is if you remove yourself from the picture

  • And you did

  • Saeyoung was startled when his brother started screaming and breaking things and nothing he did could comfort his brother

  • Why was he destined to suffer? Why did you leave him? You said you loved him –was that just a lie?

  • Eventually Saeran gets tired and Saeyoung holds him as he cries

  • Saeran would have a hard time loving someone again

  • And Saeyoung would always hear him crying in his sleep

  • But eventually, everyone in the RFA would help him move on and Saeran will learn to smile again

  • He still misses you though, and there will always be a special place in his heart for you


  • He’s not scared of you

  • In fact, he asks for your help ;;;

  • His missions are now a piece of cake thanks to you

  • There’s an enemy waiting for him in the next corner? You tell him immediately since he’s the only one who can hear you

  • Surprise CCTV cameras? No prob, you can scramble the wires by passing through them!

  • Your presence calmed him and he felt like everything would be okay as long as you were with him

  • After all, if you were dead, no one could find you, no one could harm you and no one could take you away from him

  • But that’s the problem

  • You’re already dead

  • He’s in love with a dead girl

  • And how selfish could he get, holding on to you when you should’ve moved on a long time ago?

  • He would push you away, telling you to move on or go “haunt a different house, I don’t care”

  • But he does care

  • He cares so much

  • That’s why he needs to let you go

  • And when you’ve had enough of his tricks, his harsh words, his insistence that he never loved you, you finally leave him and move on

  • And he would drown himself in alcohol and smoke everyday

  • Vanderwood never thought he was capable of love before he met you, but your absence will haunt him, along with his regrets and his sorrows

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My Own Brand Of Heroin -Part 1

Request from anon:Hey, do you think you could write a Bucky x Reader based on the line “ I lost myself between your legs, your medicine is in my head ” from Jaymes Young’s song “ Habits of my heart ” please ? It’d be awesome ! :)

Note: I hadn’t heard this song before so I read the lyrics and also listened to it too and if I am perfectly honest this piece is actually probably based on the whole song but the line that was given in the request helped to open the piece. I hope this is what you were looking for and I apologise a) if it wasn’t and b) for being a dick to Bucky in this *strokes him* I don’t mean to be so mean :( 

Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,427

Warnings: Smut. Oral foreplay, slight dominance, language, angst and heartbreak.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3 ….and obviously the lyrics in the request are not my own.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do 87 and 83 with theo reaken. Have a nice day!

Theo Raeken - “She is in the car and won’t stop crying”

“Good, you’re home!” Theo let out a relieved sigh when you opened the door and you raised your eyebrows when you noticed the pearls of sweat covering his forehead. “I have a problem and I really hope you can help me, because I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself any longer if you can’t.”

You cocked your head and crossed your arms over your chest. You had seen Theo stressed before. You had maybe even seen a hint of panic in his eyes before. But you had never seen him like this before. “Why don’t you come in for a cup of tea so you can tell me what’s going on while you calm down?” You opened the door a little wider, but Theo shook his head.

“I can’t come in.” He looked over his shoulder at his expensive looking car, without a doubt stolen from someone who had more than enough money to buy a new one. “For some reason someone thought it was a good idea to let me watch their baby.” He rolled his eyes and you bit your lip to prevent yourself from laughing out loud. “She is in the car and won’t stop crying and I have no idea what to do!” He shook his head and he placed his hands on your shoulders, his hold was strong enough to bruise your delicate skin. “Help me not to kill her, please?”

You knew that for Theo this was a serious problem, you knew that laughing would probably only make it worse, but you just couldn’t help it. The moment you opened your mouth a giggle escaped your lips. “I’m sorry, it’s not funny and I know, but somehow…”

“Somehow it’s funny anyway.” Theo stepped back and he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. “Are you gonna help me or not?”

“Of course I’m gonna help you, don’t worry.” You brushed his shoulder while you walked past him and the smile on your face brightened when you noticed the cutest baby girl ever in the back of his car. “How long ago did she get a new diaper?”

“How am I supposed to know that?” Theo lifted his hands up and widened his eyes. “Don’t look at me. I’m just looking after her for a day or so.”

“A day or so?” You frowned your eyebrows. “How long ago did they ask you to watch her?” You opened the door of the car and carefully you lifted the little girl up.

She was surrounded by a horrible smell and her cheeks and eyes were red and swollen from crying.

“How long is she crying already?” You looked at Theo while you closed the door behind you and walked back towards your front door. “Did you get a bag with stuff for her?”

Theo took a deep breath. “Yes, I got a bag with stuff for her. She’s been crying for over an hour already and I’m looking after her since this morning, why?”

You rolled your eyes and let out a deep sigh. “Theo, it’s four pm! Of course the girl is crying! What did you expect? She’s hungry, she needs a new diaper and she probably needs sleep too.” You pressed the little girl tighter to your chest. “Go get that bag. I’m sure there will be diapers and food in there and I promise that after she got a new diaper and some food she’ll stop crying and fall asleep.”

“Hey! I already said that letting me look after a baby was a bad idea! You can’t blame me for not knowing all of that!” He hurried to the car to get the bag and when he came back you had already emptied and cleaned the table with one hand. “Why do you think I came to you?”

“I don’t know.” You curled your lips up into a smile while you took the bag from him and searched for a blanket or something. “I didn’t know you were seeing me as some mother figure.” You placed the blanket on the table and then you carefully put the baby girl down. “Why am I the first one to cross your mind when you have a baby problem, Theo?”

“How should I know that?” Theo spoke softly and he scratched the back of his neck. “I just thought of you.” He licked his lips and bent his head. “Maybe because I always do.”

You curled your lips up into a smile while you started to undress the little girl on your table. “I think I like that.” You looked up at him to exchange a short glance. “Let’s talk about that when we’ve got this one happy again, shall we?”

“Yes, please, make that crying stop first.”

“I’m already working on it.”

If someone is actively having a panic attack please do not say things like:

“Why are you panicking? Nothing is wrong.”
“There’s nothing happening to you, calm down.”
“You’re fine. You can stop.”

no.  I can’t stop.  I know there’s no immediate danger; I know I’m not actually dying. I can’t help what’s happening to me.  But you are targeting me.  This will make things worse.  I even had my hand over my mouth to keep myself from hyperventilating (not blocking my air, just regulating like one does with a paper bag) and this lady pulled my hand away and held it to the table I was laying on. ((I guess I should clarify I had just undergone a surgical procedure))  I felt trapped.  I felt like I was being restrained, by definition I was being restrained.  

But the harsh tone coupled with “why are you panicking? nothing is wrong” I felt blamed. I felt scared and hurt.  I felt weak.  I felt stupid.  I was getting dizzy from hyperventilating.  I was crying but unable to wipe my tears away because I was being restrained.  

I would have sold my soul and six minutes of my life for someone to tell me “you’re safe” “this will be over soon” “what do you need” “i’m here, can i help?” “let me tell you about the sleepy kitten I saw yesterday”  like…anything 

Please understand that I want this to stop more than you do.  I’m not doing it on purpose.  It doesn’t have an off switch.  How can I be chill if you aren’t?

Blur albums: Honest names

  • Gay? Sure.
  • Life Rn Is Shit.
  • YOLO.
  • Fuck This Shit I’m Out.
  • Nothing Makes Sense.
  • Slaying While Crying.
  • Bby Come Back I Luv U.
  • Fantastic Reunion.
EXO Finds Out You Cry Easily

contains: fluff / tears / skinship / tissues / funniest member in EXO

[[ // Masterlist // ]]

// Minseok

After you hit your toe on the wall by accident, you fell on the floor and cried.  Minseok came running to see what had happened and you told him through your sobs.

“…Does it really hurt that much?”  He seemed to not believe you, but hugged you anyway, kissing your cheeks to distract you from the pain.

Once it stopped hurting so much, you told him, “Sorry to worry you… I don’t know why I cry so easily about so little…”  You were a bit ashamed of it, if you were honest.

“No, I’m sorry, Jagi.  You don’t need to be ashamed for crying.  Here, cheer up!  WUUUULULULULULULU!!!“  He made a funny face and you laughed almost instantly.

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// Junmyeon

When the lightning flashed and sound of the thunder rumbled through the house, you covered your head with the blanket and began to cry.  Junmyeon instantly went into clown mode to try to make you laugh.

“Jagi, look!“  You peeked out of the blanket and you saw him jumping around in front of you, waving his arms like a crazy person and you tried to keep your eyes on him.  He began doing the Call Me Baby choreo as wrongly as he could possibly do it and you couldn’t help but laugh more.  You didn’t even hear the thunder, you were laughing so hard.

“Stop, stop!” you told him, your stomach feeling like it was about to split open if you didn’t take a break.  He sat on the couch next to you and engulfed you in a tight hug as you two waited out the storm.

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// Yixing

“Hello?” you said, answering your phone quickly.  It was Yixing’s special ringtone.

“Hi, Baobei.  I’ve missed you a lot today,” he said.

Your voice cracked and he quickly asked if you were okay.

“I… I miss you too, Yixing… so much…“ you sniffled.  You thought you’d be able to have one phone call without breaking down, but here you were, already failing.  He’d only been gone for one day, but you already felt hollow without him around.  And there were ten more days to go.

“Please don’t cry,“ he said.  “I’ll be back before you know it.“

“I need a hug, Yixing.”

“We can do this, Baobei,“ he assured you, and stayed on the phone with you until you stopped crying.

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// Baekhyun

You were relaxing in bed with Baekhyun when you suddenly started crying.  Tears rolled down your cheeks and dripped onto his shirt.  You asked yourself why and you didn’t even have an answer.

“…What’s wrong?”  He sat up and cupped your face, wiping a tear with his thumb.

“I… I don’t know!”


“I don’t know,” you said again.  You really didn’t know why sadness had overcome you.

Baekhyun snorted and shook his head.  “Oh, Jagi.”

He picked a rose out of the vase on the nightstand and handed it to you.  You stopped crying instantly, all the feelings of sudden sadness vanishing!  You smiled up at him and he pulled you back down onto the bed with him, resting your hand on his chest.

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// Jongdae

You hated messing up a book in any way, whether it was a bend in the page or accidental ink, but you had managed to drip tears from your nose onto at least a dozen pages.  These characters were just so relatable, and they were being hurt so much!

Jongdae suddenly sat down next to you and dabbed your cheeks with his sleeve.  “You okay?”

You nodded, sniffling.  “It’s just this book.”

“What happened?”

You sighed.  “Please don’t make me relive it, Jongdae.”

“Want to hear a song?”

It was so random, and he started before you could say yes or no.  He began singing and his voice transported your thoughts far from the fictional misery.

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// Chanyeol

As someone who also cries easily, he would sympathise and often cry with you because he hated to see you crying alone.

“N-no, Jagi, stop it…“ he said reaching out for your shoulder.

For the fifth time in a row, you had called your friend and she hadn’t answered.  “I’m really worried about her…”  The tears came quickly and Chanyeol pulled you into a tight hug.

“She’ll call… she’s probably busy, or maybe she lost her phone,” he choked out as you wiped your eyes.

“I hope you’re right…“ you whispered.  “Why are you crying?”

“I’ll stop if you stop.”

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// Kyungsoo

You were watching his movie Hyung together when suddenly you burst into tears.

“Jagi, nothing even happened!  Why are you crying?“

“It’s… it’s the brotherly love!  It’s so sweet!” you screamed, burying your face in Kyungsoo’s arm.

You could hear him laughing and when you looked up he was shaking his head.  “I didn’t know you were so sensitive.”

“You’d have to be a stone-hearted monster not to cry at this movie,” you sniffled.  “You did so well acting this role… I can’t believe I get to watch it with you!!”  There you went again, getting his shirt wet with your tears.

He held you tightly and rubbed your back until you calmed down enough to turn the movie back on.  Kyungsoo had to pause the movie several more times while you cried it out, his arms around you the entire time.

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// Jongin

“Jagiya, I’m home~” you heard Jongin call.

You rushed from your room to the front door to find him holding out roses for you.

“Oh, Jongin!” you gasped, bursting into tears and taking the roses out of his hands.

He was surprised to see you crying instead of smiling and he hugged you.  “Jagi, don’t cry, don’t cry,” he said quietly as he kissed your forehead.

“I’m sorry,” you said, “I just don’t know what I did to deserve you.“

Jongin grinned wider than you’d ever seen him grin and held you tighter.  “I feel the same way every day,” he said.  You stood just hugging for five full minutes before Jongin told you his feet hurt, and you continued hugging on the couch.

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// Sehun

Sehun hated to see you cry.  This time, it was due to stress from school.  Even if you worked and studied all night, you weren’t sure if you’d be able to do well on your final exam tomorrow.  You couldn’t even see through your tears to begin looking at your notes.

“Jagiya,” you heard Sehun call from the doorway of your room.  “Stop crying, you’re making Vivi sad.”

He carried Vivi over to you and dropped him in your lap.  Vivi pawed at you and licked the tears off your face, making you laugh a little.  You scratched behind his ears and played with him as Sehun watched your stress fade away.

“Aww, Vivi, thanks for cheering me up,“ you said.

“What about me?” Sehun asked, picking Vivi up out of your lap.

You stood up and kissed him.  “You too, Sehunnie.”

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Letters: #1 Open now [NCT Yuta scenario]


I’m glad people are liking the series! Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy the series - I promise it won’t get as angsty as the last chapter again but there will be angst scenes again lol. This hasn’t been edited but I’ll go through it tomorrow!

Anyway, please don’t expect too much from this chapter! It’s kind of like a filler chapter that I can’t exactly leave out otherwise nothing will make sense :))))) There’s also some little things you’ll probably overlook now but actually play some significance in the future chapters! Keep your eyes out but also good luck :) also Yuta cries in this, pls don’t tell me oh he cries too much or stop putting descriptions of him crying. bitCH he’s just lose someone and this is set on the same day it happened - chill

also between the  ❝ ❞ is the letter. sometimes i might close them to explain something, or mention a thought or something thats happened!

Word count: 2506

Originally posted by icetaeil

if u find any gifs of yuta being serious, pls tag me in them bc every single fucking gif i find of him has him either being extra as fuck, smiling or some caption where he says something savage

Letters series {read from the beginning otherwise other chapters won’t make sense lol}

  • Letters: #0 The crash
  • Letters: #1 Open now
  • Letters: #3 Open when you miss me
  • Letters: #2 Open when you feel like giving up
  • Letters: #4 Open when you need some optimism
  • Letters: #5 Open when you’ve achieved your dreams
  • Letters: #6 Open when you need a reminder of how much I love you

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Imagine there being a age gap between you & Jeffrey...

He loved you & you loved him - but people didn’t love you being together. 

It was about 5 months ago when the media discovered that you & Jeffrey were dating. Since then you didn’t dare to be seen with Jeffrey. The reasons you didn’t want to go out in public with Jeffrey was because you didn’t want Jeffrey getting a bad reputation or people looking at him differently because he was dating you. There was a decent age gap between you both, which a lot of people disagree with.

It hurt you both but neither of you showed it until one evening.

You were sat on the couch doing work & suddenly heard the front door slam shut. You jumped up in fear.

“Jeffrey, is that you?”.

“Yeah.” his voice was low and raspy.

“Are you alright?” you asked, then he appeared at the door.

“Do I look alright?” his eyes were puffy with tears cascading from them. 

“Oh what’s wrong babe?” you ran to him about to grab his face, but before you could he turned away from you. 

“Y/N, I can’t do this anymore. We’re barely together anymore because you won’t go out with me. I thought I could handle this but I really can’t.” Your face dropped as he began to sob a little more.

“Jeff, please. I’m only doing it so you don’t get hurt or ruin your career. I love you more than life, please don’t leave me.” you squeeze his arm and try to stop yourself from crying.

“I know what I’m doing Y/N, It would be my own fault if my reputation got ruined. I would risk everything and anything for you. I could never leave you. There are worse things that celebrities have done than fall in love with someone a few years younger than them. Now, grab your coat - we’re going out.” he wiped his eyes and waited for your response.

You hated how upset it made Jeffrey. Fuck this. You went to the rack and grabbed your jacket and put on your shoes before coming back to the room Jeffrey was in. When you entered the room Jeffrey’s eyes traced your body, you noticed. Your teeth shone through your lips as you laughed - you ran and leaped into his arms, locking your arms around his neck, you began kissing each other with such passion. 

Hand in hand you walked out of your home and headed for a cafe. You clung onto Jeffrey’s arm. You loved him and he loved you - from now on you weren’t letting anyone control how you lived. 


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mnemnems  asked:

All your Homecoming talk has been great to see. And I even went to see it to see all the hype myself, it was all true. But its made my day to see Voltron family posts again! Is there a resolution to the Samantha situation? Them breaking up and/or Lance and Keith reconciling? What was Shiro's opinion of Samantha and I'm assuming his talk with Keith later that night?

artbymaryc said: Ok but nooo u CANNOT leave us hanging like that - Lance smartens up somehow and Dads cool down and amends are made even uf ut takes a little time yeS? YeS?!

captaincara said: Okay i just caught up with your Voltron Family AU! And I wanted to know if there is a ending to Lances falling out with Keith over his not-so-great girlfriend? Will Lance end up with anyone and if so who? Overall i love your au and would LOVE to see a conclusion to this conflict

sednamode said: I was reading through your family au (it’s perfect) and I was wondering if you’ve written a sequel to the whole “horrible girlfriend samantha” thing? (post/163656056618) and if not could you write it? I wonder what finally makes Lance realize she’s abusive and how he gets out of it and how the family react/help him

[The Voltron Family] Lance and his horrible girlfriend Part 2 (Part 1)

It was awful. The dinner with his family was so damn awful. He couldn’t stop replaying how angry his Dad was on why he was with Samantha. She may not be the usual good girl anyone would go for but—

“God, your family is so full of shit,” Samantha said as she took off her shoes. Lance was staying with her in her apartment for a while after that family spat.

“Excuse me?” Lance raised an eyebrow.

“You heard me, babe,” she pointed at him. “They seem so pretentious, save for your other Dad with the white fringe, he’s pretty hot in a very adult way, not gonna lie. The other one is just so hotheaded. What is his problem? But whatever, I don’t like him. Makes me wonder why your other dad even married him in the first place,” she paused to scoff and added, “because I know I never will go for someone like him, he could definitely do better. Maybe he drugged him or something? Wouldn’t be surprised, to be honest. Or he’s the only one who caters to his—”

“Samantha, shut up!” Lance growled. 

Her eyes widened in shock then proceeded to glare. “Excuse me? Did you just raise your voice at me?”

Red was everywhere in Lance’s eyes. He clenched his fists, trying to restrain himself from punching something. “If there’s one thing I hate the most than people judging my family and how we live, it’s when someone thinks my Daddy Keith is not worthy enough—”

“Ugh,” Samantha rolled her eyes. “You really need to stop saying ‘Daddy,’ Lance. You’re like 25, it’s kind of weird.”

That hit the final nerve. None of his siblings really got rid of the term for their dads since they grew up that way and nothing was going to change that. It took him every ounce of energy not to do something he’d later on regret.

“That’s it, it’s not working out,” Lance took a deep breath. “I’ve tried so hard to make this work but all you do is treat me like I’m your personal maid. I’m tired, Sam. I’m so so tired and maybe Daddy Keith was right. This isn’t how you treat someone you’re supposed to be in love with.” He looked at his girlfriend straight in the eye and said, “You may not like him but at least I know that he loves my Daddy Shiro. I’ve seen how they act, and honestly, Samantha, I wish you could see them, how perfect they are for each other and maybe you could learn a thing or two about not making someone feel like shit. I’m breaking up with you.”

Samantha just stared at him, not knowing what to say. He turned around to grab his jacket when Samantha said, “Well, I never loved you anyway.”

Lance stopped in his tracks and turned around, “You know what? It’s kinda sad because I knew that right from the start.”

It was almost midnight and Lance was walking on the sidewalk, crying his dumb heart out. He didn’t care if someone saw him, he didn’t care if someone mugged him, he didn’t care about anything at all.

He placed his hands in his pockets because it started to get chilly. Then he felt his phone inside. He took it out and instantly dialed a number.

“Daddy Keith? Can you please pick me up?” He sobbed.

Lance was sitting on a bench by the park when he saw a familiar black car. It stopped right in front of him and Daddy Keith came out from the passenger seat and he could see Daddy Shiro in the driver’s seat. His Dad approached him on the bench and Lance didn’t have the energy to stand up. He looked up at him and more tears fell, he felt arms pulling his head towards his Dad’s stomach.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” he choked up in between his sobs.

“It’s okay, sweetheart.”

“I wanna go home,” he wrapped his arms around his Dad not caring if he soaked his shirt with his tears.

When he opened the door to the backseat, he was surprised to see Hunk and Pidge. Before he could do anything, Hunk pulled him up and suddenly he was squished in between their siblings hug and he couldn’t help but melt. Only his family could love him this much despite everything, and dammit did he love them right back. Daddy Shiro looked back and smiled at him.

Alex Standall X Reader imagine

Request: ¡Hola! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you call Alex because you just heard the tapes from Hannah and he comes over, but it actually prevents him shooting himself. Thank you!

~*Alex’s Pov*~

 I gave this so much thought, I planned it out very well and nothing was going to stop me, yet I still can’t seem to actually do it. I wanted someone to stop me, to convince me to stop but no one was there. I was alone. I kept thinking about if this is what i really wanted. I saw how fucked up everyone got after Hannah’s death. What if me doing the same thing Hannah did would make things hard for (Y/N)? 

 'No it can’t be, she knows what you did to Hannah, she doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore.’ I thought to myself. 

 My phone rang in my pocket, i pulled it out and looked at the called ID, it was none other than (Y/N). Me and her haven’t spoken in about a week. I was really distant from my friend group and so was she. No one knew why she suddenly stopped talking to anyone, but i did. She had the tapes. She new about everything that has happened. I don’t know how or why she had them. She wasn’t friends with Hannah, she wasn’t even really mentioned in the tapes except for a few times. 

 After 3 missed calls she tried calling again, this time I chose to finally answer. 


 "Alex I finished them, all 13 of them.” She said crying. 

 I didn’t really understand why she was crying, her and Hannah were never really close, but it still hurt to hear her so upset. 

 "O-okay" i answered, not really knowing what to say or how to react. 

 "Can you come over? I really need to see you" she asked 

 "Why? Are you just gonna yell at me for what i did to Hannah? You don’t think I already know how fucked up it is?“ I said taking out my anger on (Y/N), which I instantly regretted.

 "No Alex, i just finished the tapes and i don’t know what to do. I need someone to talk to right now, and I don’t really have anyone. Please just come over" 

 "A-alright then, I’ll see you in a bit” I answered back and quickly walked to my car. 


 I stared at the red light in front of me. 

 'Did (Y/N) actually stop me from putting a bullet through my head?’ I thought What would she even do if she found out what i was going to do? Would she be mad and yell or sad and cry? To be honest i don’t really want to find out which is why i don’t plan on telling her.

 I pulled into her driveway and saw that there weren’t any cars there, which meant her parents aren’t home. I knocked on the door and she quickly opened it and pulled me into a hug which i really wasn’t expecting. I thought she was gonna lecture me about how much of a dick i was. 

 "Wait so you’re actually not going to yell at me?“ I asked obviously confused.

 "No” she simply answered. 

 She pulled away and told me to come in. I did so and made sure to close the door behind me. 

 "(Y/N) why are you even crying over Hannah? You didn’t know her. You weren’t friends with her. You were just an acquaintance i guess.“

 "Even though i didn’t know her it still fucked me up to listen to a dead girl talk. I can’t imagine how hard things were for her and how she had to deal with it every day.” She answered.


 After a while I was just sitting there on the couch holding her in my arms as we talked about many things. We started out as talking about our shared hate for Bryce and how much of a bitch Courtney was, but then we moved on to random topics. In that moment I was glad (Y/N) called me. Im glad she stopped me before i did something stupid. Even though she doesn’t know what she did, i cant help but be thankful for her just being there.