Won't beg.

It’s hard actually when you try to avoid someone that you used to talk everyday,tell you stupid story,laugh for nothing and so on. When you have to pretend like you don’t care at him anymore but at the same time,you really wanna ask him a simple question like “dah makan?” “Sihat harini?” Just to make sure that he is okay.

It’s hard,people. I’m crying because this is not me who avoiding people,make people feel like they are doing something wrong to me so that i treat him bad.

It’s hard,but i still doing it and i won’t stop.

Because i don’t want to beg for someone to stay in life eventhough i didn’t say “Stay,please.” But i know,the longer our relationship,the deeper my feeling get and yes,i’ll be hurt one day. Actually,we shouldn’t meet from the start. I’m tired of fighting to my own feeling,lying to myself,pretend like i don’t fall in love.

I do this,because i love myself more. I won’t beg for people to love me or stay. I won’t beg. But yes,i’ll be leaving and you don’t need to worry.

Now,I’m trying to love myself,appreciating myself,be success in my study,get my grades back,be beautiful for my own. I won’t ask people to love me because i could love myself more way better. Family is enough. Ummi and abah are enough for me to love me. My girl-friends are enough to stay when i need them the most. Goku? For sure.

So yes it’s hard but i hope it’s worth it somehow. And saving my heart and feeling at the first place is a must.

Because no one will do that as at the end of the story,people will only save their life.

Like what i’m doing now.

#11 “I have been in love with you my entire life.”
#20 “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Even when people are against it. Even then. Especially then!”
#38 “Don’t say you love me.”

You never believed that Sirius was a murderer.
And you were right.
With tears in your eyes you’re reading the letter from Remus and memories rushes through you.

“Sirius, please..”
“No, just go away.” Sirius hisses, pushing your hands away. “Go and find someone else.”
“When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Even…”
“Don’t say you love me.” With this words he apparates and you collapse on the floor, crying and shaking.

Nervous you stand in front of the Black house as it finally appears.
“(Y/N)?” Sirius whispers shocked and you nod, pulling the thin man in a hug.
“I knew it, I knew it.” You mumble over and over again in the crook of his neck.
Then finally he puts his lips on yours, kissing you hungrily while his hands wander under your shirt.
Impatient you undress each other, your panties’ soaking already wet.
Nothing has changed.
You don’t need much words to understand each other or to know what the other want.
Sirius carries you on the table and buries slowly himself in your wet folds, wanting to enjoy the feeling.
“Oh Sirius.” You moan as he thrusts in steady, powerful rhythm in you.
It doesn’t take long to build up your pleasure, both of you groaning in each other faces.
Sirius’ movements become erratic, his pulsing cock twitching. With your name on his lips he spills himself onto your walls, sending you with him over the edge.
Gentle Sirius kisses you while he slides out of you.
“I’ve been in love with you my entire life.” He whispers rough and you giggle quietly about his nostalgia.
“I love you, too.”

My handbrace is working. Less pain in one night? Oh YES!

And I tested how the numbness was by sketching something really quick before I feel it. Results: numbness still there but not bad. Not bad at all.

It was just a small, random Nyx portrait on a small piece of paper. I hope you guys are not tired of him because I do draw him a lot in the past recent days lol. 

Why do I feel guilty spamming Kingsglaive stuff?

I’m still crying on the inside because I can’t finish Bookworm Part 2 anytime soon. and please someone stop me from drawing stuff because my hand needs to heal

I want to tell you how I feel so badly. I want us to look in each others eyes when we’re alone as I’m about to say it. I want you to lean in and kiss me right before I do and never stop. I want you to grab me and stop me from crying over the fact that you’ll be gone soon. I want to tell you that every time I see you my hearts feel like a humming bird, that every time you look at me it feels like a zap of electricity, that when I make you smile it’s like watching the most beautiful sunset in the world. I want you to tell me you’re afraid I’m going to forget you just like I’m afraid you’ll do to me. I want you- period.
—  a broken heart
sassy go go

plus I fcking love the entirety of the Real King club they’re so precious like friendship for president hell yeah I’M SNATCHED BYE

changed in an instant

an: I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to stop crying at the idea of captain hook holding his newborn daughter. thanks to @swans-and-pirates for encouraging me! <3

Everything happens so fast.

One minute, he’s sound asleep, woken by Emma’s insistent grip on his forearm, and the next, he’s standing in the hospital room at three in the morning, watching as the doctor gives the squealing red infant to her mother.

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idk why anti-shippers keep yelling about killing ships or proving them to not be canon or whatever when many of the ships they attack people for are crack ships or something equally impossible and p much everyone knows this

and people also? don’t stop shipping and making fanart just because someone on the internet is being rude lmao. if anything anti-shipping just stimulates me to do that more cause i detest art censorship & have a kink for things that are considered disgusting

i mean honestly the relentless harassment is toxic and i guess sensitive people could get hurt by that but really, in the end of the day, anti-shippers are just crying babies with no actual power to stop others from continuing to do whatever they please with fictional couples

i saw the pics and posts on tumblr and decided long before starting the show that i was strongly against gallavich. mickey is literally so abusive and ian is so extra i can’t with them. but my heart keeps telling me to support this relationship but they’re so cute im crying mickey has my heart shook i can’t i don’t want it

I need help

I’ve been reading all the letters between A-Ham and John Laurens and okay I’m slipping deeper and deeper into this fandom it makes every single scene have more meaning and all the sly little touches like they’re always touching I’m not alright i mean all the flowery language and the ‘yours forever’s and John trying to find Alex a wife so they can stop pining for each other and Alex literally offering John a threesome with him and his wife on their wedding night can we have an au where Alex and John are from modern times and can be all loved up and gay together and nobody dies and everyone is happy except maybe Burr bc he is the worst I’m not sure where this thought started off but okay someone come cry with me over Americas founding fathers please

inspired by control by halsey

from when you were small, you had this voice in the back of your head. you knew from the start that it wasn’t you, and that it was someone else. you could remember that day from when you were only five years old; you were taking a walk with your parents in the park. one minute you were giggling, the next you were thrashing, screaming and crying. you saw him, eyes completely dark, and you could feel them staring into you. you couldn’t stop screaming, “please! stop!” you tried to shake from his tight grip on your shoulders, but he wouldn’t let up, “you’re scaring me!” when suddenly he was gone. the sky turned into a glowing blue and you could see your parents staring at you in shock. you had no idea why and how that happened, you had hoped not to see him again. 

but here you were, standing in front of your demon, you completely in shock. “hi there, my name’s michael.” that monster, who had haunted you for years, was introducing himself? “you monster!” you shrieked, your patience on edge, “who do you think you are, causing nightmares for fifteen years, and you’re introducing yourself?” “it’s my job! i can’t help this awful energy! if not, i’ll be banished!” you were getting furious, and you couldn’t stop your yelling. you were shaming him, accusing him of using you to not get banished, blaming him for letting the thought of his ego worth more than your sanity. you saw him cringing and shrinking his size until he’s crouched over. “goddamn right, you should be scared of me, you freak!“ 

on the other hand, you would have never thought of ever laying on your bed, with your demon on top of you, sucking and biting into the skin of your thighs. you moaned underneath him, completely submissive. he laughed as he heard the noises coming from your mouth and said, ”who is in control now, sweetheart?“

for @softpunked and @canihave5sos‘s demon!5sos blurb night !!

Oh my god. 

I am not equipped to deal with this page. 


So, Fai. He gets praised for his cooking and his response is to STARE WISTFULLY OFF INTO THE DISTANCE AND THINK ABOUT KUROGANE. 



And then Kurogane, where like. It’s implied that someone could potentially be talking about him (and like, this is Mokona. Mokona will just say things) AND IMMEDIATELY HE BLAMES FAI. 

STOP IT YOU TWO. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS. But also never actually stop. 

Let’s not even go into the fact that whichever universal principle it is that governs the “when someone talks about you, you sneeze” rule has openly accepted that Kurogane is named “Big Puppy” now. That’s just your name now, Kurogane. It’s legal. Even the laws of the universe agree on this. 

I am dying for the day where they run into some badass characters who knows of their reputation from Outo and is just immediately like “Ah yes! Big Puppy-san. I have heard so much about you.” And Kurogane just breaks down screaming. 







terezacrazygirl  asked:

Can i have a gif exo reaction of lay being my big brother and finding out that someone from the rest of the boys have a crush on me

Xiumin: Trust your hyung, I`ll make the best boyfriend for your sibling out of them all

Luhan: Please, stop crying. I`ll be nice to your sibling

Kris: [Awkward to face Lay] How am I supposed to tell him?

Suho: Listen, Yixing… don`t you think I`m a great choice for you sister?

Baekhyun: Well shit… Shall I tell him?

Kyungsoo: Out of all people in the world, why are you his sibling?

Lay: Do I have a sibling?

Chen: Gotta be nicer and sweeter to him from now on. Who knows, maybe one day we`ll be a family

Chanyeol: [clings on to Lay day and night] You know I love you, right?

Kai: Did you just mention Y/N being Lay`s sibling?..

Tao: He will ask me not to even walk near her/him if he finds out…

Sehun: This hyung should be honored I have a crush on his relative

- Vivian

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Credits to gif owners)


- Emma crying because she doesn’t know how to say goodbye to the man that tore down her armour piece by piece; the man she now knows for certain is her true love.

- Killian crying because he’s trying to be brave for her, but this is the last time he is ever going to see the women that is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, his true love.

- Killian kissing Emma’s hand as it slips from his grasp and they’re both trying to hold on and desperately trying to keep their fingers clasped together as the elevator separates them and panic sets in and wOULD SOMEONE PLEASE JUST STOP THE ELEVATOR I CANT TAKE THIS. DID I EVEN ASK FOR THIS. SHOW ME WHERE I ASKED FOR THIS

oh my god i just remembered…i’ve untrained myself from thinking about this as a barrier in fiction it’s so ugly to me that i don’t often realize…victorian holmes and watson have this added level of pining where they are literally afraid of telling each other because the other might literally disgusted an d horrified with them and hate them i hate this i hate this they love eac h other they literally think who they are might cause the other disgust i am truly crying please please someone stop this from happening to me ever again 

She had been chasing after cranky and mischievous twins all day, despite the need to get them to a sitter so she could spend time with her tributes. Neither had taken too well to that idea, both running in various directions as she tried to dress them so much so that both were in a state of casual chaos. Marley at least had her tshirt on and her nappy, Gabe merely running commando around their floor yelling his usual battle cry of defiance as she chased after him. “Gabe…Gabriel!” she called, trying to sound like she meant it. As she heard someone come in she stopped, “Hi, come in, won’t be long–” she replied, presuming it was the sitter. As she heard a crash and the sound of something breaking following by a soft “ut oh–” from Marley she stopped, closing her eyes. “Please tell me that is not a broken vase, they’ve broken three already today, please tell me, please..please.” she chanted, knowing no matter what she would open her eyes to find a shattered vase and two innocent faces. 

Things we do:

• watch Vines together in the afternoon and laugh till we cry + we always tickle each other until someone says “stop please” / just to seek revenge seconds after
• walk distantly from each other when exploring the city but then suddenly he pulls me closer and give me a forehead kiss or a kiss if no one’s watching.
• always watches out for me crossing the streets (because I don’t look at both sides and he freaks out about it)
• we buy each other’s favorite chocolates randomly and surprise each other every time (snickers can make him so happy)
• sarcasm is the natural tone of our conversations
• I always wake up earlier, he lies his head on me while I read

Translation: Personal Book, “Special Talk” with Yuzuki Reon

Translation of the Special top-star interview with former top-star, Yuzuki Reon from Suzuho’s personal book, released in August (2015). 

A special note before reading… translating this was extremely difficult. So please take what you read with a grain of salt, I’m not confident I actually captured everything correctly. (Also special thanks to my beta readers who gave me a ton of help <3) I mean… it actually got to the point half way through that I almost gave up. It didn’t help that a certain someone would not. stop. talking. in excessive amounts of Kansai-ben while dropping every other subject from their sentences……..

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading the ‘crying series’…

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