I originally did not intend to post more parts of the Spirit of the Athlethes, but in this last part Yuzu just states that he thinks he can do a program with 5 quads!!!!!

oh god, Yuzu please don’t forget you don’t have to have 5quads, your GOEs and PCS can make everything up Nathan (or anyone else) can do. And Nathan was tremendously overscored at 4CC.
I hate that they don’t say that Nathan, despite it was US overscored Nationals, did not reach the points Yuzu had at GPF 2015 with only 3 quads. Yuzu could have sticked to 3 quads and still could have won everything, but it won’t be Yuzu if he is not trying to put in new stuff.

And the main focus is on Nathan as his most close rival, but Shoma or Javier or even Patrick can also challenge Yuzu for the Worlds Title if he is not clean.

With a clean skate Yuzu wins, unfortunately this season he did not have two clean skates in one competition. So in the end it could be anyone’s title. This is what makes Worlds a whole competition with lots of heart attacks.

(You can still find all the parts on youtube. Thank you Yuzu Fairy and their team for translating.)

Decided to paint a sketch/doodle I made during a convention. I forget why I drew it (aside for the sake of drawing Donnie), but the words “Don’t Want to Feel” were scribbled next to it. I can only guess it has to do with Donnie’s struggles and conflicts as a worrisome logical creature and his overwhelming unrequited feelings he cannot let go of.

Will post fluffier later.

In church today...

@howtotrainyournana pointed out to me that Jesus’ three closest friends (Peter, James, and John), were all these impulsive and aggressive guys. Like Peter cut off a dude’s ear, James and John were referred to as “sons of thunder” like literally part of the reason Jesus kept closest tabs on them might have been because they were frickin’ loose canons! Like, guys, did you forget that he can literally summon down a legion of angels whenever he feels like it? Chill bros…chill



Oh, so yeah. I’m opening commissions. As you can see, some prices have been increased a bit due to popularity and such. The most popular item up to date have been shaded pictures.


And within 5 days, they get full pretty quickly, so you guys should act fast while you still can!

If you’re interested in commissioning me, please throw an ask my way or contact me by email:

Want to see more examples? Check them out here: [Link]

But if you’re unable to commission me, but you still like my art, then please do a friend a favor and reblog this post to the ends of the earth! I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks guys and I hope to hear from you all soon! :D

hopinmyimpala  asked:

LOVED your sam graphic omg!! So much talent 😱 PLease do more if you can find the time! x

Hey!! Thank you so much omg?!?!?! I’ll definitely make another Sam graphic! In fact, my next one is going to be about Sam (since i haven’t made one of him in forever) :D Thank you, though!! :’))) You’re so nice.