Hey guys, y’all like coffee, right? I do, y’all prob do too! and my lil big pal @stevenquartz also does!! 

I know I’ve been posting a lot about this, but its because help is REALLY needed, long story short, Lil Steman its on an abusive situation right now, and needs somewhere to stay.

Since I know y’all are lovely, I would like to ask for a little favor! I know I’ve been asking for some a good while, but this is really important!!

Let’s keep it quick, nice and easy, for only 1£ you can “buy Steven a Coffee”, basically, this is his donation’s pool, Steven has been needing food and a home for a good while, so this could be a great way to help someone!!

Thanks everyone for listening… reading? and I hope y’all are able to drink coffee today, if you like it!! 

me: *takes a deep breath*
also me: h-

anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: hey what’s up you guys its scarce here, ok i get it haha, so funny, scarce here holy shit pure comedy 100% so funny, might do a double upload today, we get it, okay hella fun, WHATS UP GUYS SCARCE HERE AND I MIGHT DO A DOUBLE UPLOAD FOR TODAY OK WE GET IT STop


I just got a donut delivered to me for free from the UberEats app. To get $10 off your first order use my code eats-lorys112ue. I get free food and you get free food, Please I need to order more dounts to fill the void in my heart.

My UberEats code eats-lorys112ue please use it and treat yo self.