okay so im going to get straight to the point, my younger brother literally used aprox. 1,000$ for video game loot boxes (cs:go/overwatch) without telling anyone. normally, nobody would care since it’s his money, but it’s not. he took and used my mother’s credit and debit cards for his own selfish needs.

this is really, really bad for me and my mother. i’m going to go to college soon, which is expensive enough, but now we barely have any money for bills, taxes, and rent, even if we combined my mom’s and my money. and, my mom refuses to use my money anyways since she wants me to save for college, but she’s a single asian mother working two shit jobs to try and support me and my bro. with the 1,000 gone, who knows how things will go now.

which is why im making this post. i really, really need help. like i said, now we can barely pay our bills, taxes, and rent. add that to college funds, we’re screwed. i’m willing to do anything at this point. i can do art/writing commissions if necessary. i just need some help, please

art examples: http://oceanicmarina.tumblr.com/tagged/bakabeast-draws
writing examples: https://archiveofourown.org/users/rixalia/works

donations will be greatly, immensely appreciated. like god, you don’t know how much it will mean to me. please, please if you can, help us out.

here is my paypal: paypal.me/oceanicmarina

if anything, please just spread this post around. it will help me so much. thank you for taking the time to read it, and all i hope for now is for things to work out

Emergency commissions!

I have 3 slots open, and I need them filled today! I have to pay my medical bills!

3 1 busts will be for sale for 25 EU each, need to pay ASAP. 
I need 75 25 EU.

1. @ageofwar666

2. @lightcloud9


Will finish them after my hospital visit, thank you ;A;

Also, feels like begging, but if you want to support me any, buy me a coffee

So, I’ve noticed people are making several positive posts about Bex Taylor-Klaus. So I figured I’d say something since I’ve been wanting to get what I’m about to say out there for a while now.

I’m sure whenever my followers (most of them anyway) see Scream posts and gifs on my blog, they go ‘ugh, he’s reblogging that stupid MTV show again.‘ And granted, I can’t really blame them. The show does look kind of generic out of context. But it’s not generic to me.

I wasn’t a fan of the movies at all, and I figured the show would be about as good as the films if not worse, so I paid it no mind at first. But a few friends and college who I trust said to check it out, and I did. And it was pretty damn good. The writing was good, the scares were good, it had a really good mystery, it improved upon every aspect of the Scream movies. But there was one element which, for very personal reasons, stood out as not just great, but outstanding: Audrey Jensen.

Not because she’s such a great character, though she certainly is, but because she was the character I didn’t realize I needed. Around the time I started watching Scream, I was getting a bit curious about my sexuality. I started thinking about guys in sexual and romantic ways the same way I would girls. And at the time, I thought I was just ‘faking‘ or I was going through a phase because, honestly, I thought you were either gay or straight. I mean, Sex Ed never touched upon it, I couldn’t think of any characters who were bisexual, so I just assumed you either liked guys or girls. So I didn’t take any of those thoughts seriously. I almost felt ashamed to even have them. Then I watched Scream, and by the end of it, any confusion I had was gone. I’m bisexual, no doubt in my mind, and it’s thanks to Scream, Audrey Jensen and Bex Taylor-Klaus. Audrey Jensen was never classified as ‘confused‘ or ‘either gay or straight‘ by the show itself. She was curious, and that was normal. She had a clearly healthy romance with another girl, albeit torn to shreds by outside forces. And she wasn’t just the token bi either. She was smart, emotional, angry, tough, badass, caring, protective, just an all around great character. And she’s still a great character even after they’ve gone down the ‘is she a villain?’ angle.

I’ve always held a firm belief that fiction can teach important lessons and change people for the better. Star Wars taught me evil people were just good people who lost their way, and that they could redeem themselves. Harry Potter taught me love will overpower hate. Lord of the Rings taught me the good in the world is worth fighting for. Spider Man taught me with great power comes great responsibility. And Scream taught me that my sexuality is not made up or invalid and that I should embrace it. I’m not even sure if it fully meant to, but it taught me all the same. And because of that, Audrey Jensen isn’t a character to me anymore. She’s a part of me. She helped form who I am today. And I’m a better person because of her.

There are rumors that MTV will cancel the series due to low ratings. And I hope they don’t, cause this series deserves at least one more. But if this series is the last one, then I must say: thank you writers of the show for creating Audrey Jensen. And thank you Bex for embodying her so perfectly, and for being such an all around wonderful person.