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Do you have any tips for adding adventure to life?

Just go do stuff you enjoy.

It doesn’t always have to be climbing some mountain. Adventure is just a word for trying new things and enjoying life that’s given to you.

For example. I watched 3/5 of the Pirates of the Caribbean in one sitting. That’s adventure.

  • Kaya Scodelario May Set Sail For Pirates of the caribbean 5

She’s in early talks for Dead Men Tell No Tales

It may not be sailing into cinemas this year or even next, but Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales clearly has the wind in its sails and is gathering up cast members. The latest potential recruit – because she’s still at the “early talks” stage – is The Maze Runner’s Kaya Scodelario. While almost nothing is concrete about the plot at this point, we do know that Kon-Tiki directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg are marshalling together a production that will include Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow (natch), Geoffrey Rush likely as Barbossa, Brenton Thwaites as a dashing British soldier and a murderous ghostly villain named Captain Brand. The likes of Javier Bardem and Christoph Waltz have been approached for that role, but there’s no confirmed casting yet. Orlando Bloom has also gone on record to say there have been discussions about him returning in some form. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is currently aiming for a July 7, 2017 release date. As for Scodelario, she’ll next be seen in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, set to arrive here on September 18.


My Journey To Meet Johnny Depp- Part 2

Once I arrived back home from the Gold Coast everything went back to normal. I was still on uni break and had three weeks left and there was only a couple of days until I was getting my wisdom teeth taken out.

The following Saturday after my operation, Sharyn messaged me saying that Johnny was going to be making a crowd appearance at The Spit one night after filming and that I had to get back up there (three weeks after I’d been there). If I went up again I’d be flying alone. So I talked myself into going, I just had a feeling that this was going to be it. I booked a one-way flight to the Gold Coast Tuesday night, arriving there at 9.30pm. Sharyn came to pick me up and we were excited to see each other again so soon and all we spoke about was Johnny. We drove out to The Spit and she showed me where I had to catch the bus from and where I had to walk. I’d be venturing around the Gold Coast by myself until she finished work at 5pm on Wednesday. I remember laying in bed Tuesday night and everything was just so surreal. I never thought I’d be back on the Gold Coast again so soon.

Wednesday morning was an early start. Geoff and Sharyn had packed me a backpack full of food, tissues, sunscreen, binoculars, water and I packed my hat and sunnies. However I only used four of these items: tissues, binoculars, water and sunnies. Off I set in an unfamiliar place to journey to The Spit! I caught the bus from down the corner out to Sea World and walked from there to the Fishing Charters.

When I got there I sat on the sand and looked across over at The Spit where I could see filming. Looking through the binoculars, I saw Johnny on the ship. I couldn’t believe it, there he was, I was looking at him with my own eyes! I had a little cry and I just sat there trying to take everything in. I was texting Sharyn throughout the day telling her what was going on and she said ‘if anything happens you must call me and I’ll leave work’. After sitting on the beach for half an hour I decided I better start walking around to The Spit to get a good position. When I arrived there were quite a lot of people sitting against a black fence that blocked off the trailers. So I walked over and joined the crowd. By this time it was just on 12pm and I sat down and waited not knowing what was going to happen. After 1pm people started moving and I followed them, security had opened a bit in the fence to let us into the other side. I tried to call Sharyn, freaking out that something was going to happen and she would miss out, but I couldn’t get onto her. As I walked through the fence I saw another smaller fence and immediately knew that everyone had to line up along it. I hopped it between two ladies who were lovely. I was texting Sharyn everything that was going on, but because she was working she wasn’t replying.

I couldn’t believe it, here I was standing looking at the trailers where extras were going in and out of and I just thought to myself, I’ve made it, I’m going to meet Johnny today, It’s going to happen. I couldn’t help but start to cry again and the lady next to me rubbed my shoulder. Then a car drove in and everyone was wondering who was inside. It was Gibbs! (Kevin McNally).  He came down the line shaking everyone’s hands, taking photos and signing. He was so nice, when he got to the end he called out if anyone new had come in or if he had missed anyone, and he went back up the line again. Security came out and then the police, I was eagerly texting Sharyn, by this time it was nearly 3. And I had no idea when Johnny was coming out; until I heard the security guard say it would be once he had finished filming. But no one knew when that was going to be. Finally Sharyn arrived (lucky enough to finish work two hours early) and Kevin McNally came back out with Kaya Scodelario. They both seemed like really down to earth people.  When Kevin McNally was leaving he yelled out “and if you see my Captain, tell him I’m looking for him”.

A couple of minutes past and at 3.15pm a black car pulled up and Jerry got out. I was so excited to see Jerry. I couldn’t see in the car and was wondering if Johnny was in there. I was beside myself sobbing at this stage and Sharyn had her arm around me. My arms and legs felt light and tingly and Sharyn told me I couldn’t faint after waiting all this time. Jerry walked along and checked everything out and spoke to the security guards before returning back to the car. The car drove out and I assumed it was going to get Johnny.

At 5 o’clock, the black car returned. The door opened and out stumbled Johnny Depp dressed and acting as Captain Jack, arms swinging all over the place. I think my mind went numb at that point. I grabbed onto Sharyn’s arm and we were both just saying ‘oh my god’ to each other. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was living my dream. I could see Johnny’s beautiful eyes, they were just so captivating and I kept looking at him as he was over in the distance greeting a family.

He walked over to the fence and began talking to the crowd, signing posters and photos and taking selfies. He was slowly but surely making his way down to Sharyn and I. I was literally on cloud nine and I don’t think I’ve ever smiled for so long before. Then I said to Sharyn, “oh my god, you’re next” and then next minute they were both hugging. Sharyn said, “oh I just love you! I can die happy a happy woman” and Johnny replied in his Captian Jack voice, “I hope I die with a happy woman”. I was just standing next to Sharyn, gobsmacked watching this all happen. And then it clicked and I thought ‘I’m next!’ and Johnny and I made eye contact. I don’t know how, because I didn’t ask for a hug but next moment I realised we were hugging. I just held him so tightly and nestled my head into his hair/ neck, he smelt so amazing. I asked him if he could sign my arm and he said “where’s your arm”. Jerry asked if I had a pen but Johnny was already signing, and I just looked down and was thinking “it’s happening, this is it”. He did it so slowly and he was holding my hand while he did it. Sharyn was saying that I had flown up twice from Melbourne to see him and he said “where’s Melbourne? Is that in Papua New Guinea?” I just laughed and said yes and he said “is that near Australia?” and I laughed again and said yes. I managed to get out ‘I love you’, I think I said it about four times as I was just looking into his eyes and holding his hands. And I started to cry and he gave me another big hug. Sharyn and I were both saying thank you to him and he went out of his Captain Jack voice and said ‘no, thank you’. He was everything I expected him to be and so much more. The way he took the time with everyone and just looked into my eyes when I spoke. I was a mess, I accidentally grabbed Jerry’s arm and he said ‘thanks for coming girls, have a safe drive home’ and I replied ‘thanks Jerry’. He was probably thinking ‘what the, how does she know my name?’

After the best moment of our lives, Sharyn and I just grabbed each other and were crying. I was so star-struck. I was over the moon. I had never been so happy. I called Mum and she was on the other end crying and I was trying to get everything out but I was just a mess. Thursday morning I went and got where he signed tattooed. Every time I look at it I just smile, it’s a beautiful reminder of accomplishing my dream and meeting my favourite man.

At the age of twenty I’ve ticked my number one dream off my bucket list. I am over the moon. I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling. I am so grateful and thankful to my family who after all these years have just put up with me obsessing over Johnny, but now I’ve met him, it’s only going to get worse haha. Johnny has brought me so much happiness over the years. If I ever feel down or not myself, I just watch one of his movies or his interviews to pick myself up. You’ve helped me through so much Johnny. I never got the time to tell you how much you mean to me and how much your films have comforted me, but I got to tell you that I love you. Thank you for everything Johnny.  

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 SPOILERS | “There’s going to be a new female lead, a sparring partner for Jack Sparrow. She’s nothing like him, mind you – despite being suspected of witchcraft, she’s actually a woman of science. There’s also going to be a ghost in a leading role. It’s this character, a former member of the British military now sided with Barbossa on a revenge mission, that gives the film its title. The film starts with a rather awkward wedding and climaxes with a riff on the myth of the Bermuda Triangle."