bone bakery and skeleton tea based on suggestions by @spookyscaryskeletitties , @luiysia , @leofartodicraprio

at bitmapdreams bone bakery you can enjoy this spooky skeleton high tea set, featuring bottomless bittermelon poison tea, redwine grape petit choux, calcium cream eclairs, crabapple macaron and baby bone cookie with sandman frosting, followed by a bubbling green jelly cauldron chaser (▲w▲)

to learn more about the pixel art challenge that I am doing with @pretty-transparents, click here. and click here to see everything we’ve made so far!

This gif was originally intended to end with Winston appearing in the distance but I decided on a perfect loop in the end.

Edit: it appears that the gif doesn’t work properly on some mobile devices. I don’t really know how to fix that so, in case the picture isn’t animated for you, you should be able to see it properly here.