anonymous asked:

tell us 10 facts about yo self

1) My mom’s side of the family is French and we have a lot of French traditions
2) I’m a family person, and I am super close with my whole family, especially my siblings.
3) my dream is to be a snow white face character, and get my cosmetology license to become a makeup artist
4) I was born and raised in southern California, moved to Tennessee when I was 12, lived there for 2 years, and now I’ve lived in Florida for about 2 years.
5) my favorite color is pastel pink or yellow.
6) dogs are my favorite thing in the universe.
7) the little mermaid is my absolute favorite movie, and has been since I was little.
8) I have an older sister (a taurus), an older brother (a Gemini), a younger brother (a taurus), and a younger sister (an aries).
9) I love flannels and wear them pretty much every day.
10) its a tie between pasta and burgers for my favorite food