Cheat on me? I'll ruin your ID Photo.

Back when I just started as a Junior in highschool, I was dating this one girl, lets call her Sarah. I found out from a friend that Sarah was cheating on me with one the typical doucher jocks. Due to some problems at school, picture day wouldn’t be here for another month, keep this in mind as this is important to the story.

Anyways, I was thinking of how to get back at Sarah for cheating on me, Sarah liked to wear a lot of make-up and was very sensitive. I didn’t tell Sarah that I knew about her cheating on me. Come picture day, I tell her that I’m breaking up with her. She starts to cry and her make-up runs down all over her face (mascara, all that stuff), she didn’t have time to clean up, so her picture looked like crap. The next day I tell her that I’m sorry and that I shouldn’t have done that, we start dating again. And on retake day,I told her that I found out about her cheating on me and said we’re through, and she just exploded, ruining her ID yet again. From what I’ve heard she hasn’t cheated on anyone for awhile.

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It's clean up time...

The next to yous, the official pictures, the interviews, the song, they are all a way for 1DHQ(OT) to protect themselves. The new way that HL are being handled are both helping the CO and helping OT cover themselves. They can’t say that the OT separated them if currently, they are being anything but separated.

My opinion of the timeline is the same. We won’t get a CO until after OT is 100% out. And I believe that will be anytime after March of 2016.


I Would Die 4 U by Prince

I need to do these more often x.x. Since getting back from Korea I have been taking it easy and just focusing on work. I have yet to put up a post for that but it should be done in the next few days when I have time to clean up the photos.

These pictures were from last night as me and my roommate decided to go to Namba and have a night downtown. We tried the McDonald’s Halloween burgers and went to other shops and even the arcade! I was finally able to go to the Kinnikuman Shop which was definitely the highlight of my night. I had walked by there a few times before while it was closed but I finally had an opportunity take in all the muscle glory while it was open. It’s a neat shop full of memorabilia, some for sale and some not, but all amazing to take in - especially if you’re a fan. My roommate and I got a couple kinkeshi (or M.U.S.C.L.E. figures) each to take home with us while we were there.

Also I got about 10 more strategy guides while I was out…and Zombie Panic for the PS2! I will be updating the shop soon as some of the guides are extras

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me messages or e-mails as of late either just to say hello or inquiring about certain items in my shop and middle-manning. I’m almost a month behind on getting back to messages..I apologize to everyone for the outstandingly late responses.