i love hazy pollution sunsets and i love sautéing vegetables and i love laying on the deck listening to in depth interviews w artists and authors while i try to tan and i love being able to go to walmart at night with my brother after i pick him up from the y and buy him ice cream and i love picking blueberries and i love the smell of butter and garlic and i love how u can hear the music from the county fair at my house even though it’s shitty country

Blueberry picking has been frustrating this week.

On the 4th we went and Mom took an scary heat exhaustion turn that cut it short.

On the 5th I tried to go finish picking that area but it was cut short by a thunderstorm.

On the 6th I couldn’t go. Instead I dealt with a car that won’t start and a major problem with the bathroom.

Today I went to pick and again got cut short by a thunderstorm. Oh, it’s all clear now, but I can’t go back because I need to work on that (ICK) bathroom problem.


I guess it’s nice for the critters. It has been the best crop of blueberries I’ve ever seen (shocking after the freeze/snow we got while they bloomed). Actually, I’ve already got more than we can do much with since the freezers broke last year….

Little things that remind me of the signs
  • Aries: Orange flavored soda, math class, pulling an all-nighter, skipping rocks on the water, making new friends, a pure laugh, buying travel books, going to music festivals, falling asleep in the shade
  • Taurus: Finding an old treasure map, reading mystery novels under the covers, the scent of cedar, having deep talks with your mom, roasting marshmallows with your friends, a full moon, exploring old castles
  • Gemini: Driving down the expressway way to fast, reading novels about magic, missing your mom and dad, peach ice cream, doodling animals in your school notebook, keeping a secret, singing in the shower
  • Cancer: Boarding a flight, the mid-July heat, reading art technique books, jumping on a trampoline with your best friends, waiting for the storm to pass, bakery fresh apricot brioches, relaxing on a river bank
  • Leo: Falling in love for the first time, watching shooting stars, going to an art museum, exploring a grassy meadow, bright blue eyes, peeling an orange, Sunday brunch, the smell of roses
  • Virgo: Sunday mornings, kayaking on a lake, making s'mores on summer nights, having a picnic in a meadow, cuddling with your cat, writing in your journal, baking oatmeal and cranberry cookies
  • Libra: Endless rainy days, watching old French films, sipping freshly brewed coffee, getting strawberry jam on your fingers, watching historical documentaries, the scent of honeysuckle, keeping a dream journal
  • Scorpio: Dark skies, grape jelly beans, finding old love letters in your attic, going on adventures through the forest, the beach in the winter, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, quiet libraries
  • Sagittarius: Dark eyes, paint stained jeans, buying new art supplies, taking late afternoon naps, binge watching tv shows, drying flowers in a book, freshly made lemonade, the scent of cotton, reading on the train
  • Capricorn: Your first heartbreak, sliding across a wood floor in your socks, orange and yellow autumn leaves blowing in the wind, cramming for a test, the scent of cinnamon, reading until you fall asleep
  • Aquarius: French braids, watching a meteor shower, a foggy shower mirror, breeze blowing through an open window, succulents, reading about space, the smell of the ocean, eating fresh red cherries
  • Pisces: Old film cameras, newspaper clippings, a cloudless sky, yellow rain boots, picking blueberries with your brother, sleeping outside on a warm Spring night, blowing bubbles, toast with honey
all to myself: vlog 5

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader
warning: smut

teaser&info | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | on-going

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So yesterday got a bit exciting for a little while.

It all began when I mentioned I might go pick blueberries. Wild blueberries, of course. Mom responded “If you go I want to go too!”

To be honest, I was delighted when she said this. No one has EVER picked berries with me. Not once. The idea of having company was so wonderful I was almost giddy.

Now of course I was wanting to be careful. I insisted Mom get on sunscreen and her big straw hat. I packed extra water on the bag I carry out there. I got clippers and all along the way paused to cut the bramble that tear at me normally to protect her fragile skin. Because the logged area is so overgrown, hiding the seemingly endless supply of limbs and tree trunks the loggers abandoned, I went extra slowly to point out all the hazards to Mom so she wouldn’t trip. Most importantly I decided to spend no more than an hour out there before escorting her back. I was trying to err on the side of caution.

But boy was I excited! I was showing her this and pointing out that like a hyper little kid. Look at those flowers! Aren’t they great! They smell lovely too…but watch out there, that’s a a fire ant hill. And oh, a deer was here since yesterday…. I wanted to show her everything. Sharing things is something I’m kind of starved for.

Anyway, we finally got to the largest area of blueberries and she was as impressed by the crop as I expected. The clippers were set aside and I showed her the stump with saplings creating a bit of shade that I use to rest when I start to get too hot picking, and told her to use it. And then we both started picking.

Man it was hot! It’s been hot before while I picked this year, technically even hotter, but for some reason this was a crushing heat, grinding us down. I kept asking Mom of she was ok, suggesting the shade spot, but no, she insisted she was fine. But it was definitely too hot. I decided half an hour was enough. We wouldn’t get that far…

When I offered Mom her water and she accepted I knew we were in trouble. Because of her low sodium mystery problem she’s permanently on low fluids.  Usually I have to remind her that when she sweats a lot she can drink more, so I expected her to refuse the water at first.

Then Mom said she was going to sit down. I noticed she walked past it and pointed it out. She said she was walking all the way back to the wooded area to sit on a log there. Alright, picking was over then. I told her to take her time and be extremely careful while I got the stuff together and would catch up with her.

How hot was it? Hot enough that even though it hadn’t been half an hour the clippers were so hot from the sun they burned my skin visibly when I picmed them up! I ended up carrying them in my arm pit so the fabric of my shirt wouod protect me.


I called ahead of me and Mom answered. She’d just lost her balance. Which meant she’d fallen. I told her to wait for me. 

I rushed up to find Mom lying flat on her back, one shoe off, red faced in the sun. And she couldn’t get up on her own. She’s had trouble getting up from the floor or ground for a few years (which is why I used to get grouchy my brother used to want her to sleep on an air mattress on the floor at his house) but here she wasn’t working on it or trying to sit up. Scary.

She said I wouldn’t be able to lift her up, but it wasn’t so hard to hold each other’s hands and lean all my weight back since she could stand if her legs got under her. But clearly she was incredibly wobbly and overheated.


Out of the until that moment clear sky there was thunder. A thunderstorm was blossoming up directly over us! Because we needed that. 

Well, at least as the clouds blocked the sun it cooled things down. 

So now we were racing a storm, but at the pace of a snail. The berries are out in the middle of the logged area so there was a good distance to go, with the obstacle  course nature we had going in. Much of it overgrown so you  have to walk single file, so Mom held tight to the waist of my jeans as I led her out. It was a gruelingly slow process and I started to feel worryingly overheated myself. But it wasn’t like we could rest, not under the circumstances.

It was a relief to get to that logged she’d aimed for, but she was clearly needing to rest a while and also clearly that storm was going to break any minute. The thunder was getting really impressive, but she just sat there panting. 

Not good. 

So, rather than have her not only have to walk out of that woods but cross two fields, the railroad track and the small woods…a very long distance in her condition…. I decided to hurry back as fast as I could, get the car, and drive it around the edge of the field close to the woods. I told her to sit on the log with her back against the tree beside it, drink her water, and NOT to move. And then I left her.

I hated leaving her, but this would get her home many times faster. Still, if only my ankles would let me run like they used to. I pushed it as hard as I could (and I looked like she did when I glimpsed myself in the rear view mirror) but the rain started before I could get back. In fact, by the time I go the car parked my the field it was a deluge!

We joked about that. We both needed a cool shower, but dang we could have done without the lightning!

Mom was already making a remarkable recovery by the time I got there, having rested, drunk the water, and been cooled down by that storm. When I’d left she’d seemed incapable of saying anything other than “ok” but now she was back to herself. And she was moving slightly faster, which is good when there is an intense thunderstorm raging overhead! She was still holding on to me because she was wobbly.

The good news is, she was fine extremely quickly once she had the wonders of an airconditioner. And I felt better too. I’m not sure why the heat was so horrible yesterday, but dang it could have been awful. Talk about killer heat!

Oh, and Mom repaid me today. I’d gone to pick more of the blueberries, and though I didn’t get overheated another strong thunderstorm bloomed over me. Mom, who never usually notices these things, heard the thunder and called me. She even tried to check the radar (she didn’t realize she had to hot refresh, so was annoyed the storm wasn’t showing up). She drove to where I’d picked her up to pick me up. 

Those blueberries might not be worth the bother! LOL

“Why would I be nervous? There’s nothing to be nervous about, I’m just doing my job.” You snorted, struggling to keep your phone sandwiched in between your ear and your shoulder while you rummaged through your purse to find your pack of chewing gum. 

How can you not be nervous knowing you’re going to be traveling with Harry Styles?” You nearly stumbled over your feet after tripping over a little dip in the sidewalk before continuing to walk as if nothing happened. 

Yes, you were going to be traveling with Harry Styles for his solo international tour. You were extremely fortunate to have nailed the job interview to be his personal assistant and his team seemed to really like you, so really, this was a dream! Of course, you hadn’t had the chance to meet Harry yet, but you figured he was just like any regular 23- year-old… If a regular 23-year-old was a billionaire singer. First impressions were important, and if you screwed up you’d have to deal with awkward tensions for the months that you’d be with him. Hm. 

Hello? Did you pass out?

“No, I didn’t pass out. The point is, I’m not nervous because this is just a job. I’ve been an assistant before, this is nothing new! I’m going to be calm, collected, and Harry Styles is going to fall in love with me because I’m just that perfect.” You joked, glancing up at the numbers on the building to find the studio you were supposed to be at. (You were a little late. Twenty minutes counted as a little in your book.) “Plus, I’m great when I meet new people! Give them a firm handshake, crack a joke, and I’m good to go.” 

“You’re twenty minutes late - I don’t think a good first impression is an option anymore.” Oh, shit. She was right. You had originally planned to pick up a blueberry muffin at Starbucks for Harry but obviously, you didn’t have enough time. Your feet began to pick up pace underneath you as the idea of Harry Styles and his team waiting for you in a huge meeting room entered your mind - You could already feel your palms getting sweaty. “I bet they’ve already moved on to the next assistant.” 

“Y/F/N!” You snapped, raising your hand in apology when you crossed the road and nearly got hit by a car. “I’m terminating this conversation - You’re the one that’s psyching me out and you’re supposed to be supportive! I’ll call you later.” 

It was fine. You were fine. Your legs were sore and your cheeks were bright red from the fast-walking you had done, but you were fine. All you had to do was go into the studio, introduce yourself to Harry, and that would be that. You were confident, charming, and witty. This would be easy! 

“Hi, I’m so sorry I’m late. I forgot to set my alarm last night and-” As you entered the studio, the last thing you were expecting was to see Harry sitting there by himself, scribbling things down in that leather journal you saw so much. It was only when he looked up at you with a bright smile that all your confidence suddenly dropped all the way down the depths of hell. “Hellooo…” You didn’t want to be that person, but god damn - He was very attractive and you weren’t sure why you were only just noticing this. His eyes seemed brighter and his lips were definitely the colour of a ripe strawberry that you’d love to just sink your teeth-

“Hi! You must be Y/N. I’m Harry,” He set his things down on the couch before strolling over, grasping your hand in a firm handshake all while keeping that charming smile on his face. “I hope you’re excited about this job. I promise I’ll try not t’ be too much of a bother.” Harry smirked lightly before heading back to his place on the couch. 

“Yes, I’m, uh, that’s me!” Your voice cracked before you covered it up with a cough. Being with Harry Styles would be an easy job… Right? 


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for those of you asking, girl code is on hold while i try to organize my thoughts :-) 

wanting pt.2 (complete)

*request —> Anonymous said: Wait wait wait. Stop everything. Are u gonna do a part2 of ‘wanting’? Because i liked it so much and now you got me suffering wanting to know what’s next and i really really need a Part 2. I really loved it. I love you and your writing 💓💓👌😭

Originally posted by sugutie

author’s note: 1,216 words. 

I wasn’t going to write a second part tbh. I really hated the first part to this like I hated it with a passion. But then I saw your request again recently and went “Oh, why the hell not.” Let’s hope this goes a bit better. (thank you so so much for your kind words anon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  I’m very appreciative of you loving me and my writing. one person’s trash is another person’s treasure lolol

wanting pt.1 here

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So I was out picking blueberries out in the woods and logged area, the first chance I’ve had in days, when a thunderstorm blows up. 


In the old days I would have called Pop at the first sign of any storm to ask him if he could check the radar. If I couldn’t get back in time he’d take the pickup to meet me at the edge of the field or where ever he could drive to that I was closest to. 

Why not just call Mom? Ah, she means well but it would take her awhile, with me trying to talk her through it, to check the radar. The internet isn’t her thing. As for picking me up, she drives vehicles like they are tanks so getting stuck along the edge of the highly muddy field would be likely. Besides, it turned out she had misplaced her phone anyway and was hunting it so she could call me. 

Instead  I rushed back, fast as I could without running (Stupid Ankles!!!!) and something occurred to me:

Today is Father’s Day here in the US. How perfect to have something remind me just how much I miss Pop. 

Well, not that I don’t miss him all the time, like how great working on the water pipe I dug up would have been if I could have asked his advice yesterday. But still, this sneak attack storm was the sort of Pop event that used to make me feel so lucky. He really would try to stop everything to come to my rescue, often before I even  needed to call him. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads (and father figures) out there that when their kids are off in the literal OR metaphorical wilds, never just leave them to face the storms alone.


Black Holes and Blueberries 

Last night my daughter was asking about black holes, and a few weeks ago she was asking why calculators show an error when you try to divide by zero. I decided we could talk about both of these while also picking some blueberries in our backyard. 

This is a video of that little lesson. 

(Sorry in advance for the shaky camera work. My nine-year-old daughter was willing and enthusiastic operating the camera, but not exactly steady.) 

anonymous asked:

AU where monsters mark their s/o's SOUL: how would UT/UF/US/SF and FT skelebros react if their s/o somehow (with the help of Alphys/Undyne in swap universes) learned how to mark and after some intimate time the brothers just find their s/o's mark on their SOULs?

Neat Idea! ~Mod Feral

Somewhat related to this post

UT Sans

He isn’t very observant when it’s nothing threatening, so he doesn’t notice it right away. Once he does notice the mark, though, he’s surprised and overjoyed. He’ll go and look for you if you two aren’t in the same room and, whether he has to search for you or not, will hug you. He has to thank Alphys the next chance he gets.

UT Papyrus

He notices right away and is beyond overjoyed. He’ll hold you tight. He’s just so glad you actually do in fact love him the same way he loves you. He’ll then compare your mark with his to see how well they match. He’ll think they match well no matter what.

UF Sans

Surprise, fear, happiness, fear, confusion, and fear. He’s never expected to actually have it go this far. He didn’t think anyone could actually like him like this. The emotions are overwhelming and he’s likely to freeze up. Help him out.

UF Papyrus

He’s surprised and very, very likely to ask how you learned that. When you tell him, he can’t help but feel like he should’ve known Alphys had a hand in it. He’s happy, even if he never, ever lets it show. He’s likely to hold you close more often.

US Sans

Be prepared to get picked up and spun around by a really short skele. He’s so happy and will shower you with affection. More so than before if at all possible. Skele kisses will increase.

US Papyrus

More than the mark itself, he’s interested in how you did something magic related. Humans don’t exactly have magic, after all. He’s glad you actually like him enough for a mark, but he wants to know how much magic you even have. He’ll be thanking Undyne for helping you out later.

SF Sans

At first, confusion. What is this on his SOUL? How’d it get there? Who put it there? Is it dangerous? Once he realizes what it is, he’s beyond happy. He’s likely to hug you tightly and bury his face in your chest. Tears will start to leak because this mark means so much. He probably won’t let go for a while.

SF Papyrus

He’s, oddly enough, not surprised. He’ll act surprised for your sake, but he’s not. He’ll then go to show it off to others on occasion {mostly in Muffet’s} and try to convince you to either never use magic again or learn how to use it to defend yourself.

FT Sans

Boy, is he shook. He didn’t think you had magic in you, and yet here we are. He’ll try and make light of the situation with a joke, but he’s pretty overjoyed. Expect him to randomly appear and be pretty much attached to you.

FT Papyrus

Like Blueberry, he’s picking you up and spinning you around. He’s so happy. He’s more likely to stay close to you. Expect a lot of hand holding and random skele kisses.

circa 2008

the hum of grandmother’s old washing machine. plants on the windowsill that overflow into the kitchen sink. strawberry milkshakes that cured chapped lips. sleeping with your head at the foot of the bed. picking blueberries in your aunt’s backyard. baby bunnies & creaky swingsets & the universal ache of watching the branches of a birch tree collect snowflakes in a snowstorm. crying because you’ll never be able to touch the clouds above you. but being okay when hiding beneath the covers.

All About Balance

Originally posted by becks28nz

Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader x Tony Stark
Word count: 402
Request: @making-a-better-me Bruce and Tony lol and a reader who isnt smart in science but has creative ideas and has them drawn in her book.

You were nothing like your boyfriends. They were incredibly smart science oriented men- which you really loved. Not that you could follow some of their conversations at dinner when they really got into it. It was still fun to watch and listen to.

Most mornings were the same thing- you only half paying attention to your food, hair in a messy bun, wearing one of their shirts, your feet up on another chair while your legs were bent, and your sketch book in your lap. None of the sketches that you’d started of them were finished, but you loved that.

In your mind, it was just like them- never complete. They were like everyone else when it came down to it. Ever learning, ever changing, and beautiful to observe. Smiling softly to yourself, you focused on Tony. You loved that smirk he got, it was pure Tony Stark. Glancing down at your sketch, you zoned out the topic at hand. Something about physics.

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Hey Angel Chapter 76

“Ooooh snacks!” Jackson giggled before running over to the snack food aisle at the grocery. “Can we get these?” He asked holding up a huge bag of candy. 

“That’s not snack food,” Harry laughed taking them from him. “That’s candy and we don’t need that much in the house.” 

“But Daddy, they yummy,” he groaned. 

“We can get a few up at the front, but we don’t need a lifetime supply,” he laughed. 

“Ugh fine,” he mumbled. 

You laughed shaking your head. “Jackson, why don’t we find something else, what about those granola bars that you love?” You smiled.

“Ooh yeah! I love those!”  He nodded with a smile. 

“Just don’t eat them all before the week’s over,” Harry laughed picking a few boxes up off the shelf. 

“I growin’ boy I hungry!” He smirked. 

“Oh my god,” Harry laughed. 

“Ella, baby, do you see a snack that you want to have?” You asked. 

“Uhh,” she said tapping her finger on her chin in thought. “I wan those!” She said finally pointing to some pretzels. 

Harry grabbed them and threw them into the shopping cart. “Okay, now on to the real food,” he joked. 

You laughed and pushed the shopping cart over to the produce section. Harry walked over and grabbed a bag of apples, while you got some Bananas and the kids went to pick up some blueberries and strawberries. 

“Yummy!” Ella giggled handing them to Harry. 

He smiled. “Yep, we can have them for a snack today with our lunch.

“Yay!” She clapped. 

You laughed and went over to grab some vegetables and put everything in the cart and headed to the checkout. Harry put the food on to the counter and laughed when Jackson picked up a handful of the candy bars. 

“Don’t forget these,” he said putting them on the counter with the rest of the food. 

Harry laughed shaking his head. 

“He takes after you,” you laughed. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he laughed and paid for the groceries before grabbing all the bags. “Okay, babies, hold Mummy’s hand while we go to the car. 

“Kay!” They giggled grabbing your hand. “Hey, Mummy where ya ring?” Jackson asked. 

“Oh, it’s at home,” you said softly. “It doesn’t fit right now because of the babies growing in my belly.” 

“Huh?” He asked as you all walked to the car. 

“Well, you see, because the babies grow in my tummy, everything else sort of has to grow too, so my hands are a little bigger than they were when Daddy gave me the ring,” you said. 

“Oh, huh,” he said nodding. 

“I think you’ve just blown his tiny little mind, baby,” Harry laughed putting the groceries in the car. 

“I think so too,” you giggled. 

Jackson climbed into his seat in the car and Harry helped Ella into hers while you got into the passenger’s side. 

“You know could you imagine what people thought of us parking in the expectant mother parking space and you were the first one to get out and the last one to get in,” you giggled. 

He laughed and rubbed his belly. “I’m just not showing yet,” he smirked. 

You giggled. “I would totally be okay with you carrying at least one of these kids,” you said. 

“I would if I could trust me,” he said backing out of the parking space. 

“Daddy, how come Daddy’s can’t have the babies, but the Mommy’s do?” Jackson asked. 

Harry looked over at you and you giggled. “It’s a valid question,” you pointed out. 

“Well, buddy, um Daddy’s just don’t have the means to carry babies inside that tummies. We don’t handle pain very well, so that’s why Mummy’s carry the babies because they’re like superheroes when it comes to that. Daddy’s couldn’t do any of that,” he said. 

“So true,” you giggled. 


Back at the house, you were making everyone some lunch. You were making some sandwiches when the babies kicked you hard. 

“Oof,” you groaned grabbing your stomach. “Calm down babies, we’re about to eat.” you giggled rubbing your belly. 

“Are our babies hungry?” Harry laughed putting his hand over yours. 

“Yes, they keep kicking me,” you said. 

“They’re active little ones,” he laughed. 

“Very,” you laughed. 

“Well, just think in a few months, they’ll be here and they’ll be keeping us up in another way,” he laughed. 

“Yeah, we better start getting as much sleep as we can,” you giggled. 

“But our nights are so much fun,” he smirked. “So much fun.” 

You giggled. “That’s true,” you said. 

“Hello! We hungry over here,” Jackson said from the table. 

“Ya! My tummy bout to eat me,” Ella gasped. 

“Nu uh,” Harry gasped. 

“Yes uh,” she nodded. 

“Well, then we better feed it, uh?” He laughed bringing them their food. 

“Thank ya!” They smiled before taking bites of their sandwiches. 

You brought over your and Harry’s food while he got everyone drinks and sat down at the table. 

“Is it yummy?” You smiled to Ella. 

“Ya!” She nodded with a mouthful. 

You giggled. “Just think we’re going to be adding two more mouths to feed. We’re going to have four kids,” you said. 

“I know it’s crazy to think about, but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” he smiled. 

“Me neither,” you smiled. 


The kids were napping now and you decided to have a relaxing a bath. You were starting the water when Harry walked in. 

“What’s this?” He asked. 

“My form of nap time,” you laughed. “Want to join me?” 

“You know you don’t ever have to ask,” he smirked taking off his shirt. 

You rolled your eyes and took off your clothes before getting into the tub. Harry joined you and pulled you to his chest and wrapped his arms around you. 

“I love you,” he whispered tracing his fingers on your belly. 

“Are you talking to me or the babies?” You giggled. 

“Both?” He laughed. “Because I love all three of you.” 

“And we love you,” you smiled. “Who do you think they’ll look like or we’ll we have a mix?” 

“Hmm. I would love to have both of them have a mix of us,” he smiled. “I want to see a little bit of you and a little bit of me in them because it will be a reminder that they’re made from both of us.” 

“And our love,” you smiled. 

He smiled kissing your head. 

“So, there’s been something I’ve wanted to talk to you about,” you said. 

“Oh, yeah what’s that?” He asked. 

“Well, you know how at one point we were talking about looking for a different house? One that we chose together and could make our own?” You asked. 

“Yeah,” he said. 

“I know that got put on hold because of everything that happened, but I think we should still consider doing it. I know we won’t have time to do it before the babies get here and it might be months down the road after their born, but I really want to look into again,” you said. 

“We could definitely do that,” he smiled. 

“And that sort of got me thinking about something else,” you said. “What if we moved a bit closer to Abby and Hunter? I’m not saying like right next door to them, but maybe the same neighborhood?” 

“I mean, yeah, we could do that, but do you mind if I ask why?” He asked. 

“The other day, Jackson and I sort of had a talk,” you said. “He asked me if the babies would have to leave like he has to leave. He’s getting older now and I think he’s starting to realize that not everyone has to leave their Mom and Dad each week. So, I started thinking that maybe if we lived closer to Abby and Hunter, all of us could spend a little more time with Jackson and he wouldn’t feel like he’s leaving. If we were all just walking distance from one another, it might help him feel not so far away when he’s staying with his Mom and when he’s here. Plus, Hunter’s my brother, so we’re all connected in more ways than just Abby being Jackson’s Mom,” you said. 

“You would do that?” He whispered. “You would choose to live somewhere just to make my son feel better?”

“Of course,” you smiled. “I love him and it hurts me to see him so upset and I feel like when the babies got here, it might be harder on him having to leave.” 

“You’re fucking amazing,” he said. 

You laughed. 

“God, I love you,” he whispered. “And to know that you love my son, that much,” he sniffled. 

You turned around a bit to wipe his eyes. 

“I’m so glad that I met you,” he whispered. “I’m gonna need to send James some sort of gift basket or something.”

You giggled. “He has been waiting on that for a while,” you laughed. “Although I technically would blame the hot ass coffee you spilled on me.” 

“You’re never going to let me live that down are you?” He groaned. 

“Nope, I lost a really good shirt that day,” you said. 

“Hey! I told you I would have bought you a new one, but you declined the offer,” he laughed. 

“Because I didn’t want your money,” you laughed. 

“No, you just wanted my body,” he smirked. 

“Okay, yeah, on that note, I’m getting out,” you laughed standing up. 

“Hey, get back here,” he whined. 

“No,” you laughed stepping out of the tub and wrapping a towel around you. 

“Okay, but you know it’s true,” he said following you and wrapping a towel around his waist. 

You rolled your eyes. “I think out of the two of us, you were the one who wanted to sleep with me first,” you said. “I saw you looking at my boobs that night at the restaurant.” 

“I might have had a few glances, but I wasn’t doing it in a pervy way,” he defended. 

“Was that before or after you knocked the water on me?” You smirked. 

“Oh my god, leave me alone!” he laughed. 

You giggled and changed into some clothes and sat on the bed. 

“You know that all feels like ages ago,” he whispered. 

“it does, doesn’t it. We’ve been through so much and here were are getting ready to have babies of our own,” you smiled. “Which we still need to name by the way.” 

“Yeah, I’ve actually been thinking about it,” he said. “And I have an idea for our little girl.” 

“Oh, I wanna hear!” you smiled turning to face him. 

“Well, I sort of wanted to name her after my Mum, but not like a full on naming after her. So, I thought about using Anne has her middle name, and so I started just thinking about names that went well with Anne and I came up with Willow,” he smiled. “Willow Anne Styles.” 

You gasped. “I loved that name! Yes, that’s perfect!” 

Harry smiled. “We have our first name! Do you hear that Willow Anne, you have a name now!” 

You giggled. “Since you thought of her name, want to hear what I thought of for our boy?” 

“Of course,” he smiled. 

“I had been contemplating a few names, but I think I have the perfect one now since we’ve decided on Willow. The name I came up with is Wylie Ace,” you said. 

Harry smiled. “Willow and Wylie,” he said. “I love it. They’re perfect.” 

“We finally have names!” You cried. “We’re one step closer now!” 

“Yes we are and I can’t wait to meet you Willow Anne and Wylie Ace Styles,” he whispered to your belly. 

Stop That {Calum Hood Smut}

RATING: It’s smut y'all.

I actually like this one a lot! I hope you do as well, cupcakes :)


“Fuck,” you whimpered, clutching your stomach and pulling your legs up to your chest. The cramps were unbearable.

You shifted around on the bed quietly, trying to find a comfortable position that would result in less pain. Your period was a constant pain in the ass during that time of the month, and this time, it was no different.

Finally, you settled into a position that dimmed the pain down a little bit, and you eased your tense muscles. Beside you, someone shifted, and you cursed under your breath, hoping that you hadn’t woken Calum.

It had started yesterday. And you still hadn’t told him.

Something about it–you just felt awkward and embarrassed having to come out and tell him that you guys wouldn’t be able to have sex for the next week. You tried to avoid the situation, always leaving evidence–a tampon wrapper here and there, or asking him to buy you extra pads–but he never seemed to catch on, always leaving you to telling him bluntly that your vagina was “shedding its inner walls”.

Last night had been a close call. He’d pounced on you as soon as you’d both slid into bed. And granted, you’d loved the feel of his soft lips, and how his hands ran all over your body. But Mother Nature just wasn’t going to have it.

And that led you to telling him that you’d been “tired”. And he’d been fine with that; but you knew that he’d try something again soon, and you guaranteed that he wouldn’t buy the “tired” excuse for the next several nights.

Suddenly, a muscular arm snaked past you, wrapping around your midsection. You jumped, and the sudden movement caused another flood of pain to course through you, making you wince. You were glad you weren’t facing Calum.

“You scared me,” you breathed faintly. Your sleepy boyfriend merely hummed in response, nuzzling his face into the nape of your neck. Despite your cramps, a gentle smile graced your lips.

“Morning,” Calum greeted gruffly. You felt his long eyelashes tickle your skin and you sighed. He pressed a soft kiss to the back of your neck before swallowing lightly.

Neither of you said anything for the next few minutes, basking in the silence and the sensation of having one another so close. And for the briefest moment, you contemplated the possibility of an overreaction on your part.

But then Calum grew restless, his lips beginning to pepper along your shoulders, kissing the smooth skin lightly at first. He sucked on the curve where your collarbones met your neck, probably hard enough to leave a slight mark.

“Still tired?” He murmured lazily, and you could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

His right hand played with the thin material of your camisole, rubbing circles into your stomach before dipping his fingers lower. You gasped as he cupped you through your shorts and cotton underwear–he’d always been a tease.

“Um,” you began, hating how your brain was protesting. Your body was betraying you, subconsciously leaning into Calum’s chest, your thighs clamping together; damn hormones.

“Actually,” you stammered out, “Yeah. I am.”

His touch disappeared.

You looked over your shoulder confusedly, your eyebrows creased with worry. Calum sat up, swearing breathily, the duvet falling around his godlike hips.

Your bottom lip was brought between your teeth as you studied your boyfriend. His hair was fluffy and messy, and you had the strangest urge to run your hands through it. His plush, pink lips were sinful. And his body…

His chest and torso was tanned and toned, his abdomen tight as he pushed himself upright. You watched as his biceps flexed when he brought his left hand up to scratch as his head, running his fingers through his hair. Tattoos laced his skin, reminding you of all the times you’d trailed your tongue over the outlines of the designs.

You groaned internally, your toes curling into the mattress. You couldn’t afford to be turned on, you couldn’t do anything about it.

“Cal,” you turned over, fighting a cringe as you did so, your comfy position gone. Calum looked away, muttering under his breath, and you felt the slightest twinge of annoyance.

“Calum, what is it?” You asked, a bit sharper than you intended.

“It’s,” his eyes bore into yours, sleepy yet alert at the same time, “Fuck Y/N, why don’t you want to have sex with me?”

“Seriously?” You scoffed, sitting up as well and ignoring the stabbing feeling you felt above your groin. Before you knew what you were saying, you blurted, “My vagina is gushing blood, Calum!”

Both of you went silent. Calum looked at you with wide eyes, and you felt your face heat up. You hadn’t meant to say that, but your quick tongue had gotten the best of you.

Your eyes trained on your lap, staring at your fingers, before you heard a small giggle. Looking up, you saw Calum laughing silently, and you flushed an even darker shade of pink.

“I’m-I’m sorry,” Calum gasped out, breathy chuckles falling from his lips, “It’s just, the way you said it…”

He trailed off, laughing even more. Your lips turned down in a frown, and you shook your head, “Whatever.” You muttered the words, pulling back the duvet and sliding under, your back to your boyfriend. You were both annoyed and mortified at the same time.

The laughter stopped.

The bed shifted, and you felt Calum’s arm wrap around you again. He pouted in your ear, “Hey, baby, don’t be like that. I’m sorry.”

His fingers doodled imaginary circles on your stomach, easing the cramps somehow, and you cursed under your breath, hating how you couldn’t stay mad at him for long, “You’re annoying.”

“You love it,” he pressed a kiss to the spot right below your ear, sending shivers down your spine, “I really am sorry.”

You sighed, rolling onto your back and pouting up at him, “Can you just rub my tummy? It really hurts.”

Calum just smiled fondly at you, leaning down to press a loving kiss to your lips before obliging.


A few days had passed.

And you were growing steadily weaker and frustrated at the same time.

You’d always been one to get exceptionally horny while you were on your period. And you couldn’t do anything about it other than wish that by some miracle your body would run out of blood a day earlier.

Calum didn’t help much. It seemed as though every day he was walking around the house in only a pair of grey sweats hanging low on his hips, making your mouth water. He knew what he was doing too; what he thought were subtle smirks weren’t so subtle after all.

You could see that he was sexually frustrated as well, but he did a much better job of handling the situation. Calum was usually horny, but he wasn’t under a biological condition that practically enhanced his sexual desire and threw his hormones out of balance once every month. It was safe to say that at the moment, you were the wreck in the relationship.

You were sitting at the kitchen table Tuesday morning, a large breakfast mounted in front of you: waffles with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and cut strawberries. A tall glass of orange juice stood proudly next to your plate.

You suddenly heard a yawn from the doorway and turned. Calum stood there, his arms in the air as he stretched like a toddler. His mouth formed a cute little ‘o’ and his torso stretched, causing his sweats to slip down his hips a bit, exposing more of the prominent V-line that disappeared under the hem.

You groaned silently at the sight, desperately wanting to run your hands and tongue all over his tanned and curvy body.

“Morning baby,” Calum quipped, walking over to you and pressing a quick kiss to your hair. You inhaled deeply, smelling the spicy scent of boy that lingered around him.

“Hi,” you breathed. You reached for your orange juice, bringing the cup to your lips and taking a sip, watching your boyfriend warily as he padded over to your counter, opening up the cupboards and ruffling through them to prepare his breakfast.

“You sleep well?” Calum asked, looking up at you with his soft brown eyes as he pulled out a bowl. He closed that cupboard and pulled out a drawer, removing a spoon from inside and tossing it inside his bowl carelessly.

“Not really,” you admitted as he opened the fridge, pulling out a milk carton and opening the flap before pouring the contents into his bowl, “I napped during the day yesterday, so I couldn’t sleep afterwards.”

Okay, that last part had been a bit of a lie…more like a half-truth to be honest. You hadn’t been able to sleep, but it had mostly been because you were too busy studying your sleeping boyfriend to bother yourself with anything else.

You’d been in Calum’s arms, feeling his chest rise and fall with every deep breath he took in his sleep. And then you’d propped yourself up on your right elbow, watching him in amazement and wondering how you’d gotten so lucky.

“I’m sorry,” Calum frowned lightly at your words. He placed the milk back into the fridge and grabbed his bowl, bringing it to the table and setting it down across from you. He then grabbed a box of Fruit Loops and opened the flaps, pouring the brightly coloured cereal into his bowl. You watched with a faint smile.

“What?” Calum asked, looking up at you as he spooned the first bite into his mouth.

You shook your head, your smile growing larger as you looked away, a faint blush tinting your cheeks at the fact that you’d been caught.

“Nothing, nothing,” you said gently.

“Baby, what is it?” Calum was smiling too now, chewing his Fruit Loops and swallowing them. You picked a blueberry off of your waffle creation and popped it in your mouth, hoping to stall.

“I just really love you,” you confessed to him, trying to keep a light tone.

Calum’s eyes widened a bit, him obviously not expecting you to say something like that. But then he smiled widely, grinning at you like an idiot. You took in his appearance, from his fluffy hair to his warm eyes that crinkled at the edges to his bright white teeth that were on perfect display as he smiled at you.

You laughed, “Well, aren’t you going to say you love me back, you idiot?”

Calum merely pushed his chair back, abandoning his breakfast while he crossed over to your side of the table. He grabbed your chair and pulled it away from the table, you sliding with him. You looked up at him confusedly.

“Calum, what are–?”

“I love you too,” he cut you off, leaning down and scooping you into his arms with ease. Your bare thighs wrapped around his waist as he pressed a curt kiss to your lips, and then another, and another. Soon he was peppering your faces with kisses, making you giggle like a toddler.

Suddenly, his innocent little pecks grew into longer, more deliberate kisses, ones that made your breath hitch in your throat and your thighs tighten around his hips. He kissed up and down your neck, setting you onto the kitchen table and standing between your legs, never disconnecting your bodies.

“And,” he added hotly, “I can’t wait to be lodged deep inside that sweet little pussy of yours again.”

Your eyes widened at the sudden vulgarity of his words…and how much you liked it. Nonetheless, you slapped his arm as he continued to suck on your neck. “Calum Thomas Hood!”

“You know it’s true,” he chuckled lowly, biting down on your collarbones lightly and causing you to jolt, “I know you’re desperate. Fuck, I can’t wait to pound you…make you scream babe.”

“Cal,” you breathed, trying to hold back little noises of pleasure. You were a victim of his words and his lips, he was able to stimulate you using only those things. It was a skill only he possessed, and it drove you crazy.

“Cal,” you repeated, your head lolling back, granting him more access despite your common sense, “Stop that.”

“I don’t think you want me to,” he mused in your ear, nipping at your earlobe lightly and earning a strangled sound in return. You blushed at how easily you could turn to putty in his hands.

“Shit, I want to taste you,” Calum breathed hotly, his hips bucking into yours. A small gasp escaped your parted lips, your eyes rolling back in your head. You knew you should’ve stopped before it went too far, but your body wasn’t in correlation with your brain.

You leaned into Calum, letting him continue his sweet torture of grinding his erection into you, since actual sex was out of the question at the moment. Your fingers gripped tightly onto Calum’s biceps, loving the way you could feel them flex as he supported your weakened form and kept you upright.

“Fuck baby, I want to be inside you so badly,” he admitted to you, pressing his forehead to yours and staring at you hungrily.

“I want that too,” you practically cried out, the friction getting you riled up. If he stopped now, you didn’t know what you’d do with yourself.

As if triggered by the thought, Calum bucked his groin into yours with a sense of purpose and finality before letting go of you and stepping back. Your jaw dropped as you reached for him, determined to bring him back to you, but he just smirked, taking another step back.

“Calum, what the fuck–?” You began, but you cut yourself off as he smirked.

He held up his hands as though he was surrendering–but you both knew that he did indeed have the upper hand. He looked like such an asshole, and it only proceeded to turn you on even further.

“Didn’t…?” Calum hesitated dramatically, “Didn’t you say you wanted me to stop?”

You couldn’t say anything, your lips moving to form words, but no sound coming out. Calum just shrugged, taking your silence as encouragement.

He grabbed his bowl–which was still filled with cereal–and turned on his heel, walking out of the kitchen and bringing the spoon to his mouth for another bite. Right before he disappeared he shot you the smallest yet cockiest smile over his shoulder, knowing he had you exactly where he wanted you.

And where he wanted you was spent and frustrated on the kitchen table, breathing heavily and sitting in silence as you watched him go.



You smiled at the clean, white pad as you tossed it into the garbage of your bathroom.

It was Saturday morning, and neither you nor Calum had any plans today. He was downstairs, playing FIFA on the console while you were just about to spontaneously combust from all the pent up sexual tension.

Calum hadn’t tried anything since Tuesday morning. Granted, there were the quick hello and goodbye kisses he gave you when he left for and returned from the studio. And of course, he still held you close at night, burrowing his face into your hair and inhaling the coconut scent of your shampoo.

But you were horny. And Calum was downstairs, looking utterly delicious.

You sauntered down the steps, dressed in only a pair of denim shorts and a loose grey flannel that belonged to your boyfriend. Calum was sitting on the leather couch, his eyes trained on the television.

“Hey,” you said quietly, lowering yourself down next to him.

“Hi,” he replied, smiling at you before turning his attention back to the screen.

You watched the tiny characters move around on the television for a few minutes, eventually growing bored. You tucked your feet under you, your left arm resting on the arm of the couch, supporting your chin.

Calum scored a goal, smiling satisfactorily, clearly happy with himself. From the corner of your eye, you watched him, how he stuck out his tongue in concentration, how his cocoa eyes trained intently on the screen.

He wore a grey, long sleeved sweater with a pair of black denim shorts that reached his knees. His feet were bare, and you let your gaze rake up and down his body shamelessly, being able to see all of the curves and creases in his torso thanks to the top that was a bit on the tighter side.

“You know,” he mused, glancing at you quickly and smirking, “It’s impolite to stare.”

“Sorry,” you just giggled, leaning up and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek before leaning your head on his left shoulder. He didn’t seem to mind the advance, continuing to play his game.

But there was a fire between your legs, and you were determined to put it out.

You lifted your head from his shoulder, scattering small kisses along the exposed skin of his collarbones, where the collar of his shirt ended. You snuggled a bit closer to him, giving yourself more leeway.

“Babe,” Calum whined, shifting, “Stop that.”

“Why?” You pouted, your left hand coming to run down his chest over the soft material of his sweater. You continued to pepper kisses along his neck.

“Y/N,” Calum protested, “You’re making me lose.”

Seriously? Now was the one time that he didn’t want to go at it? You couldn’t believe this, and you scowled lightly. Pulling away, you huffed and stood up, walking over to the love seat instead, giving yourself ample room for what you would do.

Calum eyed you before shrugging, going back to his game. You stood in front of the sofa, your fingers snaking down your body to fiddle with the button of your shorts. Calum took no notice.

You sighed loudly, unzipping your shorts and sliding them swiftly down your legs in one move, stepping out of them. Then you plopped down onto the couch, spreading your legs.

You left his flannel on, but undid a few buttons so that ample cleavage was showing. You felt a bit pathetic, but you were desperate. You teased yourself a bit, running your fingers along the insides of your thighs.

When you rubbed yourself over your panties, you found that you were already wet. Simply waiting and imagining your boyfriend touching you had been enough. You whimpered lightly as you rubbed your clothed clit with the pad of your thumb, the material of your plain white panties already soaked.

“Fuck,” you breathed as you teased yourself even further. From the corner of your eye, you could see Calum staring at you with wide eyes, trying to control his game at the same time, but to no avail. There was a bulge that was beginning to form inside his shorts.

Deciding to step it up, you hooked your fingers through your panties and pulled them down your legs slowly. They dropped to the floor, next to your shorts, and you ran your index finger up your slit delicately.

“Oh,” you gasped as you reached your swollen clit, your toes curling into the couch. You opened your eyes a millimetre, seeing that Calum was gripping his controller tightly, yet he’d given up trying to play.

You added another finger, your pointer and middle now running up and down your folds, collecting your arousal. Your back arched lightly, just for a bit of effect, and you breathed out, “Calum.”

“F-Fuck,” came a strangled whimper from the couch a few feet away from you. You spread your legs wider, giving him a better view of your slick pussy and how your fingers were working at you.

You hummed appreciatively as your index finger dipped downward and circled around your dripping hole. You brought your lip between your teeth, biting down hard as you slid it in slowly, letting your body grow accustomed to the slight intrusion.

You pulled your finger back out before pushing in again, this time, a bit faster. It wasn’t long until your hair was falling around your face as your eyes closed, your finger pumping in and out of you quickly.

It felt good, but not as good as you knew Calum’s would feel. You squirmed around as you fingered yourself, your jaw slackening as you whimpered out, “Calum, please.”

That did it.

You suddenly felt a large weight on top of you, your eyes flashing open. Calum grabbed your hips, flipping the both of you over so that you straddled his lap. He knocked your hands out of the way, replacing them with his own.

“You think you’re funny, huh?” He grunted as he looked at you with hard eyes, a very visible bulge now tenting his shorts. His fingers rubbed at your clit frantically, making you cry out.

“Oh!” You called, catching your breath before gasping out, “M-Maybe.”

“Yeah?” He challenged, his fingers practically flying as he continued to rub harsh circles into your clit, his left hand now joining in to position his fingers at your entrance, “Well, you’re not.”

“Please!” You cried, your hands gripping his shoulders, nails digging in, making him curse. He slid two fingers into you, burying them to the hilt, before retracting and pumping back in at a speedy pace. Your head fell onto his shoulder, body weak yet buzzing with the satisfaction of finally being touched.

“Ride my fingers, baby,” Calum ordered lowly, “Show me you want it.”

You whimpered in response, slowly moving your hips. You rocked back and forth on Calum’s tan fingers, pulling back to press your forehead to his. He stared at you intently before leaning forward and capturing your lips in an animalistic kiss. You moaned into his mouth.

“Calum,” you sighed, “I want you to fuck me.”

He chuckled, “Patience, baby. First you’re going to come all over my fingers.”

You whined at the order, rocking your hips even quicker, determined to get off so that you could have Calum in you. Calum’s fingers also sped up, his thumb digging into your clit as he rubbed different shapes, his fingers pounding in and out of you as though this was the last time he’d ever be able to touch you.

“Come on baby, that’s it,” he encouraged as he felt your body tense up, “Come for me.”

You cried out as he delivered a small slap to your clit, tipping you off the edge. The coiled ball in your stomach exploded, leaving you in a state of pure bliss as you closed your eyes. Calum milked your orgasm as much as possible. His thumb still rubbing at your clit as you trembled.

Once you came down from you high, you opened your eyes weakly, quick enough to see Calum bring his fingers to his mouth and lick off your juices. He groaned in satisfaction, his eyes rolling back, enough to make you shudder.

“Ride me baby,” he demanded.

You whimpered in response, your shaking hands fumbling with the button of his shorts, eventually undoing it. Calum shimmied his shorts off, and you pulled his cock from the confines of his boxers, both of you too rushed to yank his briefs down all the way.

“Fuck, I can’t wait to slip inside this snug little pussy again,” Calum panted as your lined yourself up with his tip.

“’S gonna feel so good baby–fuck!” He yelled as you slid down his cock swiftly. You suppressed a moan, closing your eyes and revelling in the feel of being full again.

“Oh my–Cal!” You called out, throwing your head back; you could feel him in your stomach. Calum whimpered, bucking his hips up to yours, and you took that as a sign to move. Steadying yourself using his shoulders, you lifted yourself up before dropping back down, both of you emitting curses and moans.

“Feels so good,” you sobbed, shaking your face free of any hair. You moved back and forth on his cock, your walls tightening around him, making him swear. His hands kneaded your ass, something he knew you loved.

“Pretty girl,” Calum cooed, bringing your lips to his for a passionate kiss. He nipped at your bottom lip and your fingers tangled in his soft hair, nails scraping along his scalp lightly.

“How–How did I get so lucky?” He wondered breathlessly as you rode him, “How did I get so lucky to have the prettiest little girl bouncing on my cock?”

“Calum!” You cried as he began to snap his hips upwards, hitting a spot inside you that made you shiver with pleasure. You felt your second orgasm approaching.

“I fucking love you baby,” Calum gasped, his hands squeezing your ass tightly, no doubt leaving red fingerprints. You let out breathy moans with each buck of his hips, each time his skin met yours. It was heaven.

“God, I love you Calum,” you whined. He grunted in response, shaking sweaty hair out of his eyes.

“You feel so good baby,” Calum panted as you sped up your movements, bouncing up and down frantically, trying to get you both off. You moaned, your fingers braiding into his hair and tugging as you felt a warm feeling begin to form in your stomach.

Calum leaned in to kiss your neck, suckling at patches of skin, sure to leave a mark afterwards. He nipped at your collarbones lightly and your eyes closed, your muscles tensing.

“I’m coming,” you whimpered as you felt yourself lock down on him. For the second time that afternoon, you were taken over by pure euphoria as your body went limp in Calum’s arms.

You felt him stiffen and throb within you, releasing inside of you. Realizing with a jolt that he wasn’t wearing a condom, you panicked for a moment before remembering that you were on the pill. You usually used protection as well, just to be safe, but this time birth control would just have to do.

You both rode out your highs with breathy gasps and wandering hands, grabbing the other and holding them close. Once your eyes reopened and you gathered your bearings, you smiled up tiredly at your boyfriend, who returned it.

“That was amazing,” you admitted. He chuckled, “Worth waiting a week for?”

You shrugged, teasing him by biting your lip, “Well, I don’t know about that, but…”

Calum cocked an eyebrow at you, “Oh really? Give me ten minutes and I’ll prove you wrong.”

You giggled, “You’re on, Hood.”


I hope you enjoyed it! Feedback is greatly appreciated!