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1/2 Hi Gabby, I looked through Zayn's recent stunt photos and found these:1)in the helicopter photo he posted, he 's wearing the same outfit gigi posted a couple of weeks ago beside that horse.2) there is this fence between him and the horse, which supposedly is the same fence that appeared behind them in that zigi-trisha-yolanda photo, but there is a problem with its height comparing it with the photo gigi posted, probably because the background is photoshoped

+2 Zayn’s recent photos anon again, just want to correct myself, in the helicopter , his jeans are the same from gigi’s insta and his shirt is from Zayn’s own selfie around the same time

Nice work, nonnie. We know Team Zigi uses photoshop often but I hadn’t analyzed those two pics.

The “family” pic supposedly from Eid (as if) is clearly photoshopped. Look where their heads end up in relation to the bars compared to the pic of Zayn alone where his head easily clears it. Jelena stand around 5′10″, Trisha is much shorter than her and Zayn yet everyone here looks to be about the same height lol. Just look at this pap pic from July (and she’s wearing heels!):

Everyone’s image was obviously placed into an existing pic by the horse’s stable in the second pic. I think I even see part of a hand/finger touching the horse’s muzzle above Trisha’s head, no? Honestly, they’re so shit at this. 

Here are the other 2 pics you mentioned:

The hair is different in the helicopter pic and the shirt could be the same one. He went blond in LA in July. (We got that sighting of him filming DTD and the barber’s pic on July 30th I believe.) He probably showed up to take these pics soon after that wrapped since his hair is longer at the farm than in the video and he must’ve cut the blond right after (still wonder if he actually went completely bald).

But as we all know, just because you post a pic doesn’t mean it happened on that very day. Often times it’s for the sole purpose of placing someone somewhere they’re not. Therefore dating pics accurately is quite hard. The farm is just about an hour and a half away from NYC so traveling to and from by helicopter might be how they do it.

Thanks for pointing this out, nonnie.

I was pretty busy and finally had time to do some personal so I chose to do Marx nii-san. 

However I was really upset, I had a psd file and i had rendered and coloured it cleanly, I saved but in the middle of saving my laptop just shuts down. When I tried to open it up again after restarting it, photoshop didnt recover my file and so it seems that its corrupted. And in result I cant open the file at all in photoshop neither in SAI. So all of my 4-5 hours of rendering and colouring had gone TT ….

I might go back to this again when I feel like it…. but as of now i might just move on something else…..

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That B&W filter on the Z*gi pic is the same one I used when, at 13, I photoshopped me and Lima Bean in the same pic. Obviously I had to choose that ugly filter because I suck at Pohotoshop lmao. My manip still looked more real than that tho

LMAO! I believe you, nonnie, completely.

But for real, you’d think by now Team Zigi would’ve hired someone competent to make better fakes and who pays attention to detail, like keeping captions simple and not ridiculously extra like that over dramatic declaration of love from @ zayn cuz yikes! I cringed hard and then laughed for the rest of the night.

It never stops being amateur hour in the land of the Zigi I’m afraid. 

“It could be worse..”

So today I was looking up some sexy plus size lingerie because I have a sexy plus sized body that I was looking to cover, and I came across a picture of this women’s rear

And it kinda made me pause cause well the panties are cute I couldn’t help but(t) feeling that something was… off?

So I sent the link to my sister and said “Do you think this lady’s buttcrack ends too early? Like? Did they erase some of her buttcrack?”

And my sister showed me this and said

“It could be worse. This woman doesn’t even have a buttcrack.”