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That B&W filter on the Z*gi pic is the same one I used when, at 13, I photoshopped me and Lima Bean in the same pic. Obviously I had to choose that ugly filter because I suck at Pohotoshop lmao. My manip still looked more real than that tho

LMAO! I believe you, nonnie, completely.

But for real, you’d think by now Team Zigi would’ve hired someone competent to make better fakes and who pays attention to detail, like keeping captions simple and not ridiculously extra like that over dramatic declaration of love from @ zayn cuz yikes! I cringed hard and then laughed for the rest of the night.

It never stops being amateur hour in the land of the Zigi I’m afraid. 

“It could be worse..”

So today I was looking up some sexy plus size lingerie because I have a sexy plus sized body that I was looking to cover, and I came across a picture of this women’s rear

And it kinda made me pause cause well the panties are cute I couldn’t help but(t) feeling that something was… off?

So I sent the link to my sister and said “Do you think this lady’s buttcrack ends too early? Like? Did they erase some of her buttcrack?”

And my sister showed me this and said

“It could be worse. This woman doesn’t even have a buttcrack.”