How lovely and peaceful the night is.

Don’t you just love it how night skies calm you. The silence it brings. Like, you just want to contemplate on your whole life, while looking at the sky and admiring its beauty. Can’t wait to have my own room and just stare at the stars and wonder about everything. Oh, man. 

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For the very awesome thethornyrant​. Thanks so much for this prompt. Again, I had two idea seeing this so I am writing them both down. I hope you like it. A smuttier version of this will also be coming :)


Felicity stood on her toes, trying to hang the frame on the wall in her bedroom. Their bedroom. And even after months of being together, butterflies still assaulted her tummy every time she thought of them as, well, them. 

She somehow got the hook on the nail and fell back on her feet, adjusting the frame. Once done, she brushed her hand over it, wiping away any dust, and a smile lifted her lips, her hand continuing to brush the photo. 

It was a photo of firsts. 

It had been the first time she had gone hiking. She never went hiking, mainly for two reasons. One- she hated heights. And two- she was not really a hiking person by any stretch of the imagination. But when she had looked out at the woods from their cabin, the urge, for the first time in her life, to explore had come over her. That also might have been aided by the fact that her boyfriend was super capable where anything physical was concerned. 

She flushed slightly at her own thoughts, which never strayed far from the gutter where he was concerned, but brushed a finger over his face. Something deep ached inside her looking at him. She had never thought she’d ever see Oliver smile with nothing but pure joy, unburdened by the shadows that never strayed too far from him. She had accepted those shadows a long time ago, accepted that this man loved her with a purity that was untainted by anything. 

But seeing his face, smiling and so, so relaxed had been something of a dream. That smile had not left his face for months. 

They had clicked lots of pictures on the entire trip, mostly selfies and mostly by her. 

But that day, after hiking for hours and snatching quick kisses in between, had been the first time Oliver had said he wanted a picture of them. She had blinked in surprise a second before calling over a college student from the group that had been camping there and handing him the camera and going on her tows, still barely able to reach his shoulder and let the camera see everything in her heart- the pure ecstasy that came by being with this man- and she had felt Oliver’s hand go under her tank top, right on her bare skin, but not sexually or possessively (though he pulled of both like he had invented them). His hand was just there, hidden behind the camera, something that only the two of them were privy to.  

This was their first picture taken as a couple by someone else. 

And something had happened that day- changed infinitesimally. She was unable to pinpoint what but she had felt it in her bones. Oliver had somehow lightened, like a few of those shadows had been expelled from his mind.  

They had thanked the student and Oliver had pulled her by the hand, leading her somewhere with the sky darkening, and he had made a tent in the clearing and made slow, soft love to her under the stars, so light yet so heavy with poignancy that her heart pounded just thinking about it. 

She felt arms wrap around her from behind and smiled, feeling his lips press into her hair. 

Oliver just looked at the photo silently with her, pressing kisses into her neck and she sighed, keeping her eyes on the smile on his face and joy in his eyes, frozen forever, all for her. 

Their wall had space for a billion of those.


Oliver hated the hiking. 

But he couldn’t tell Felicity that, not when, even after being afraid of heights, she had turned to him with that trust in her eyes and told him to take her hiking. She trusted him to keep her fears at bay and he’d be damned if he let his get in the way of that. 

So, he had dressed in boots and cargo pants and told her to dress too. And she had come out, in jeans and boots but a tank top and some kind of a colorful poncho, no glasses or make-up, almost bouncing on her toes and Oliver had shaken his head in amusement. Only she would dress like a bohemian and go hiking. 

But they had left, with him carrying the rucksack and her swinging the camera which she had looped around her wrist, the camera that held a billion of their selfies. Oliver had hated cameras too- growing up with pictures used as weapons by the paparazzi- but pictures with her were only theirs, only memories she captured. He admitted he did it mainly for the smile she gave every time. And though he did not hate cameras anymore, he was not particularly fond of them either. 

But hiking was a different level of hate. And fear. 

Every single step he had taken, it had not mattered that the environment was nothing like the island. His mind had painfully reminded him of the muscles that had burned away as he ran, the pangs in his stomach from hunger of days but him ignoring it for his life on the line. His mind had reminded him of the breaths that had never become enough but how he had never stopped for fear of death. 

Oliver had just closed his eyes, trying to blink away the clenching of his stomach and the hammering of his heart when Felicity’s voice had penetrated his tortured haze or her hand would touch his arm. She had never even become aware of what she had done, multiple times throughout the hike, as she went on talking or holding his hand or snapping pictures or pulling him down for a kiss. 

Oliver had focused on her, and not the hike or his muscles. He had focused on her voice, focused on the way she had described everything around them, with snippy comments or awed remarks, focused on the sensation on her small hand in his, focused on her excitement of having her first hike with him. 

By the time they had reached the end of the trail, she had been flushed and completely adorable. And looking at her, realizing he had hiked with her without letting any of his tormented past catch up, for the first time since he had been back, Oliver had wanted to capture a moment for eternity. 

He had seen the surprise on her face at the wish but she had hurriedly called someone from a camp and given him the camera. And facing it, as Felicity let go of his hands and posed happily, Oliver had sought her skin exposed under the poncho, letting the now-familiar softness ground him, he had let go. 

And now, after months of having that picture taken and getting a lot more clicked since, as he held her in his arms and kissed her head, watching them in that picture that she had just hung up on their bedroom wall, Oliver inhaled her scent and let her ground him even more, realizing something all over again.

She had trusted him that day to keep her fears at bay, never realizing how much she kept his away just by being. 

He kissed her neck, pulling her to the bed, letting that moment of pure happiness months ago have its place on their wall. 

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