• [10/5/14 11:56:39 AM] Nyapapa: ......BADASS.
  • Omfg this is really awesome and funny senpai xD I really like it! //especially Marcel and Diego's conversation haha
  • [10/5/14 11:57:30 AM] Earl Grey: yeah I'm getting more hyped to do this because just
  • [10/5/14 11:57:35 AM] Earl Grey: I was so high when I just
  • [10/5/14 11:57:38 AM] Earl Grey: I actually
  • [10/5/14 11:57:50 AM] Earl Grey: accidentally punched someone in the face once trying to give them a brofist
  • [10/5/14 11:58:00 AM] Earl Grey: and to cover it up I just said "I brofisted your face" and they just
  • [10/5/14 11:58:03 AM] Earl Grey: took it
  • [10/5/14 11:58:26 AM] Earl Grey: this happened really really really recently
  • [10/5/14 11:58:33 AM] Earl Grey: like last month
  • [10/5/14 11:58:45 AM] Earl Grey: which is why nobody heard from me in a while because holy shit september
  • [10/5/14 11:59:11 AM] Nyapapa: oMFG.... INSPIRING....

yo guys. I don’t know what the likelihood is that you will be seeing this message since I usually don’t talk to my followers because I mostly come here just to reblog funny shit and then go back to doing whatever I need to in life, but thanks. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but I look at my activity and sometimes I see you guys reblog a lot of my stuff. cool. if you guys don’t know me from deviantART, I have a comic called pokemon gijinka nuzlocke challenge based off my soul silver game that I put on hiatus for nearly 2 years just so that I could get my life under control (which is debatable) and work on the world building for PGNC whenever I have time on the side. I have links on my front page that goes to my gallery and my twitter but I only use that thing as a note to self and to like videos on youtube to remember what I watched which is on my front page on deviantART because I check that goddamn thing more than I do here. so yeah, in case you’re a lazy fuck here you go. 

PGNC on DeviantART: and more shit

I have a thread on the Nuzlocke Forums but its pretty dead with a ridiculous view count its no wonder it didn’t get deleted because I keep it active with the occasional post just to let everyone know I’m working on it:

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’m a colossal asshole, which is why I appreciate being able to go on the internet where my personality seems to fit in a lot better with the insanity, even though I pretty much do the same crazy shit in real life. I’m also trying to get abs. 

Oh yeah if you nerds are somehow still reading this far, I’m looking for PGNC beta-readers. No requirement really if you think you can help, would help if you read the comic. You can check out the poll on deviantART:

damn niggas you hella all up on pgnc I wasn’t even paying attention to the follower count until I went to check if I was on the right blog this time anyways HEEEEEEY WELCOME TO THE MOTHA FUCKIN PGNC TUMBLR BLOG I will be posting screen caps of what I am working on

Like I said before I am in my script writing phase which is why I had a call for beta readers. If you guys haven’t heard from me, don’t trip, I’m just making sure I have my shit together so that I will be able to take back meaningful critique instead of unfinished bullshit that is hard to understand like hahaha remember that one time I left you guys in the middle of a flashback for almost 2 years? me neither

anyways feel free to shoot me questions I am more than happy to talk to you guys and shout out to an awesome fan

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that’s the kind of attitude that will make pgnc hype all aboard the HYPE TRAIN CHOO CHOO

a reminder for all who don’t follow this blog, you can follow the tags #pgnc #awyeahsonpgnc and for any news you can follow #pgncnews or #thatpgncannouncement both will be for keeping you guys updated stay fresh y'all

Yooo! IS EVERYBODY READY FOR THE PGNC HYPE SILHOUETTE BIRTHDAY BASH!? My birthday was 2 days ago and I put up a poll to have the next character revealed and these choices are no joke. Each choice will reveal a character who is important to PGNC, but there is a catch– you gotta vote on DeviantART! Cast your vote here:

Only votes that are cast on DeviantART are going to be counted. Its going to take a long time for one of these options to get to 300 votes, but I think it can happen. The climb is slow but steady!


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kira kira mother fucker

  • [10/15/14 9:49:27 AM] Earl Grey: its not fair for me to expect people to understand what I am saying, I know
  • [10/15/14 9:49:56 AM] Earl Grey: but this is a dangerous time we are living in and we don't even realize it
  • [10/15/14 9:51:24 AM] Earl Grey: but at the same time
  • [10/15/14 9:51:35 AM] Earl Grey: I know because this is a dangerous time we are living in I have to find some sense of peace
  • [10/15/14 9:51:42 AM] Earl Grey: and that is where I have to fix myself
  • [10/15/14 9:52:56 AM] Earl Grey: I wrote something too dark for PGNC something so crazy I don't even think it will work
  • [10/15/14 9:53:13 AM] Earl Grey: but that is what makes me want to try it
  • [10/15/14 9:53:46 AM] Earl Grey: I'm going to deliberately do things in PGNC that everyone thinks would not work and make them work to prove that shit is upside goddamn down around the world

Page two for my gijinka nuz

Finally finished this OTL My parents kinda limited my Internet time because school’s starting in two weeks so it was hard to work on this page with the limited references/resources I had. (*cough Hajima no Ippo manga books cough* *cough random manga pages cough* Oh yeah… some DaT and DEN Nuzlocke scripts and note files got messed up and deleted so the dialogue on this page is pretty bad.. GOMEN. Gonna take me a while to work on the next DEN page because of the note file corruption thinger + short Internet time. 


*slowly crawls away*