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Are they any Nuzlockes that you'll recommend?

( WELL, UM— despite the fact that i write one, i really don’t read as many as i should. Buuuut I do have a few that come to mind, but you’ve probably already read them! sorry! ;o;

Mewitti and Sinnfinity’s Alterity is honestly one of the best I’ve read so far. The worldbuilding is astounding, and her art is very fluid and beautiful. It makes you feel like the world is really alive.

Nyapapa’s Doubt and Trust (A gijinka nuzlocke) is probs my favorite nuzlocke currently. It has a great blend of humor and plot/drama, and the characters really hook you, not to mention the fantastic art (dem pagodas though). I always get ecstatic when she posts a new page even though nyaps is a useless paperclip

XEarlGreyX’s Pokemon Gijinka Nuzlocke Comic (PGNC, more commonly known) is obviously something you should read if you’re reading my comic. It’s the original gijinka nuzlocke and the comic is hilarious. Earl has been on hiatus, but will be coming back soon, hopefully.

Protocol00’s Death’s Nuzlocke AND Cross Out are both awesome. Death’s Nuzlocke is a prime example of an artist using a comic to improve their art, which he did IMMENSELY, and one of the most well-written, if I can say so myself. It was eventually cancelled, but still a good read. Cross Out is Proto’s newest nuzlocke, and I’m really invested in it so far.

Jexima’s Clare’s Story (gijinka nuzlocke) is a Yellow nuzlocke and I find it to be totally radical bruh. The characters and the constant conflict of racism against gijinkas really keep you on your toes. An awesome read, if you like gijinka nuzlockes!

Land-walker’s Yellow Nuzlocke is DEFINITELY high on the list of best nuzlockes I’ve read. Red is a silent protagonist, true to the game, and a wonderful main character to this story. The plot is FANTASTIC. The twist near the end really made this whole comic for me, and I mention it anytime I’m asked about my fav nuzlockes.

Ky-nim’s Diamond Nuzlocke AND Myths of Unova are both 10/10. I remember reading her Diamond Nuzlocke first, just as Myths of Unova was first coming out, and I loved it. She and Petty really introduced me to nuzlocking in the first place, and everyone should read hers.

Pettyartist’s Leafgreen AND Heartgold Nuzlockes hold a very special place in my heart. Her Leafgreen comic is just great, start to finish, and is probably the only comic to ever make me cry (all of you better consider that a challenge). Her Heartgold nuzlocke is still beginning, and I have not a single doubt that it will be even better than its prequel.

YinDragon’s Kick@$$ Mode is another nuzlocke I more recently picked up, and it’s hilarious. The amount of mystery around our dorky main character keeps you wanting more. Yin is also a great person overall, andher comic is a big inspiration for me.

Mihneis’ Playing For Keeps (another gijinka nuzlocke) is just starting, but I have high hopes for it. I know the author personally, and I know he’s excited to share the story. Give the few pages a read!

If I missed anyone, I am so so sorry! I’m still really sick and loopy, and it’s getting late. But that’s all I can think of for the moment. )