Full race Hakosuka running an interesting alternative powerplant. L20ET powered skylines were generally regarded as slow and the FJ20 in turbo and NA forms powered the performance R30 skylines. The L20ET was first released in the previous C210 model skyline and was Japans first turbocharged production car. Huge aftermarket support for the L series motors means they are a viable alternative now.


People seem to think KGC10 Hakosuka coupes are the be all and end all of classic skylines. I would much rather a GC10 four door. And here is a bit of tutoring on the chassis codes. GC10 is the skyline. If you want a coupe you add a K for a KGC10. GTR models add a P. These were available in four door (PGC10) and two door spec(KPGC10). The original GTR was a four door. Two door came a couple of years later.