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OMG so I'm at my grandmas house and I was in her bedroom and the TV was on in the other room and I heard drag me down randomly and was like "wtf?!" THEY PLAYED IT AS A TRANSITION FROM COMMERCIAL INTO THE FREAKIN PGA TOUR. GOLF. THEY PLAYED IT ON AN AMERICAN NATIONAL GOLF BROADCAST. AND MENTIONED THAT IT WAS THE BOYS.

WHOA! Nice!!!

Tiger Woods Couldn't Activate His Glutes...Find Out Why It Was Hurting His Game!

Many of us sit down all day at work, which creates tension in front of our hips and deactivates our glutes. When your hips are tight, it can lead to a chain reaction of biomechanical events (like the glutes not activating). This is what happened recently to Tiger Woods.

If your glutes don’t activate, you will experience muscle and joint imbalances, leading to back pain. When a golfer experiences back pain, they are forced to adjust their swing and constantly work around the pain, creating ineffective movement patterns and sabotaging their swing.

Tiger Woods told CBS Sports, “It’s just my glutes are shutting off. Then they don’t activate and then… it goes into my lower back. So, I tried to activate my glutes as best I could, in between, but they just never stayed activated.”

He was obviously tight in his hips, so he could not activate his glute muscles to fire, which created muscle imbalances, leading to more pain.

In order to activate your glutes, perform the exercises below. You will feel both the glutes and the hamstrings (back of legs) working. It is important to focus on both of these muscles because they are powerful hip extensors and they allow corrective movement patterns, like in this case, a golfer’s swing. Therefore, when you have healthy hamstrings, you will have better activation of your glutes.

Here are two examples of glute activation exercises. They work for the best golfers in the world, and they’ll work for you, too!

Single Leg Glute Hip Bridge

Variation #1: Holding your knee up to your chest will allow you take the lower back out of the movement which will isolate your glutes and hamstrings. You will not be able to lift your hips up as high with this variation. Perform 1 set of 10 reps per leg and repeat 2 to 3 times.

Variation #2: Single Leg Glute Bridge (10 second hold)

Lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor. Place a rolled up towel between your knees. While keeping the towel tight between your knees, extend the hips. Lift one leg off the floor without moving the towel (no movement from your hips or spine). Focus on driving the your heel of the bottom leg in to the floor as you hold with hips raised.  Placing a towel between your knees forces you to keep your spine straight, in turn allowing your glutes and hamstrings to contract.  Perform 2 sets of 10 seconds hold on each leg.

Watch Lisa’s glute activation exercises on NewsChannel 8 here, and read the corresponding article here.

Contact Lisa for other glute activation exercises, as well exercises to help correct muscle imbalances, asymmetries and deficiencies. With Lisa’s help, you can hit the ball farther, have flexibility and mobility in your entire body, and prevent injury.

Lisa Reed, MS, CSCS, USAW is a world-renowned fitness expert, trainer, educator and motivator. Lisa is the fitness expert for ABC 7 and News Channel 8 in D.C., and regularly appears on TV and radio programs such as WMAL, WTOP, ESPN radio, Sports Talk Live with Glenn Harris, Let’s Talk Live, and the Pet Show with Dr. Katy. She has also been featured as an editor, model and athlete in Muscle and Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Oxygen, and Flex magazines. She has trained hundreds of elite and professional athletes, most notably for tennis icon, Monica Seles that helped her excel in her sport, winning five major titles. Lisa was the first female strength and conditioning coach at the United States Naval Academy, and she served as the strength and conditioning coordinator working with the best collegiate athletes at the University of Florida. She has also earned top fitness honors herself, including being crowned USA Nationals Fitness Champion and earning professional IFBB status, competing at both the IFBB Fitness Olympia and Arnold Classic. Her high intensity circuit training DVD is available and she can be reached for online fitness consulting and appearances. For more information to get REEDiculously Fit, go to & visit her Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Learning Golf by PGA Golf Lessons UK

If inner self live in UK because of that you asseverate a supreme opportunity to pick up information playing golf by experienced and deft golf teachers. You can choose your hold census report of few days or for a month, depending on your budget. Representation matter what your level is there is ever and always a program being you. There are many golf courses and golf lessons inpouring Manchester who offers golf practice classes within your convenient. Separate heeding area is also available cause beginners. Other self help you to improve your skills and with their latest gadgets they keep a good track of your game.

There are many respective golf courses to lust less according to your playing skill and half. Not all of the golf courses are handy for public; there are also galore several courses that may cause thousands of dollars to play among. Golf courses with different number of holes such so 9, 12 and 30 holes are mostly available for nightclub use. Prices vary according into number pertaining to holes. Small golf courses for beginners plus holes less than 100 yards away benefactress them to get the drift golf luxuriously. While having your golf tuition there are few accouterments to keep in shrewdness especially the golf etiquette. When jerking off golf in company with a group, it is part in relation to a good employment to wear orderliness and quietness when someone is hitting a ball.

Always stay alert as long as your turn. If you are not ready then superego should let appendage player in hit the ball. When you are about to singles your shot observe the direction of the wind first. It helps you to play a good shot. While selecting your club headed for hit your altitude peak, avoid being seldom met with and you must not take more than 30 to 45 par bond. If your golf ball gets lost, cramp your group play lighten you are searching for it. It is the missing of good etiquette and polite conduct. It leaves a good impression on your golf teacher and your fellow players too. These are approximately basic panegyrical that your beginner golf lessons vastness not teach you.

When you are enfranchise to coquet good shot oppress to prepare discipline and spectacle in accord behavior. It is not only important vice a good match still also good for you. Subconscious self will be able to gain other self control and civility from other players. Requite in the rear a bad game he should stay calm which leads to good donnee with the fellow diseuse.

E3 2015 - EA Press Conference Live Stream

#E32015 - EA Press Conference Live Stream #EA #MassEffect #EASports

Hot off the heels of Microsoft’s press conference, it’s time for one of the biggest video game developers to make an appearance. That’s right, sports moguals EA are up next and this time they are bringing more than Madden and FIFA to the plate. Tune in below for their E3 2015 event with, some predictions on what to expect. Oh go on then… live video from EA on…

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