Grey warden Mark Theirin?

I’ve recently started playing Dragon Age: Origins. I’m really late to the party, but boy am I smitten with Alistair. I was talking about it with spockdropandroll and eventually a Mark crossover happened? Let’s be real, they do have a pretty similar personality (;

“The Time When He Was A Small Child
He wanted more people to be interested in him so he tried to send out letters
but he couldn’t see anything particularly good about himself, so he mostly gave up.
He was much too introverted, and his surroundings gave the appearance that "surely if no one cares about me, I’ll be happy.”

The Times After He’d Grown Up A Bit
He was improving at fishing and trade had become possible and
England and Denmark surrounded Iceland and began quarreling and such.
Just as that began reaching its conclusion, he was almost taken by African pirates.
He began to think that being alone was better while he was older, as everyone else were idiots.“ (x)

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  • 1: aggressive kiss

For once oddly unconcerned with the fact that her actions may anger him, Tauriel’s eyes locked on the king the moment she saw him. There was only a brief moment of hesitation before she walked purposefully towards him. Hands coming to rest on his chest, she pushed him to the nearest wall, fingers closing into fists around handfuls of his robes as she rose up onto her toes, lips pressing firmly to his.