Chapter 15 of Pure Feeling coming soon!

Harry broke our kiss, but his face was still close enough that his ragged breaths fanned across my cheeks. His face was flushed, his pupils dilated, and his lips tinted with smears of my lipstick. The more undone Harry looked, the more I found myself wanting him.

Harry’s dimples appeared when he smiled and he slapped my bum when I pouted at him. “I thought you were busy working.”

“I was. But now the only thing on my to do list, is you.”

“Sasha,” Harry’s tone was commanding and my natural reaction was to shrink away. His face dropped, his eyes softening. “Sullivan will be here with our food soon. Once you eat, I promise I’ll take you home and you can have me all night if you so desire. But you are going to eat first.”

I straightened my spine and raised my eyebrows. “Control freak.”

Pior do que você chorar por algo que perdeu, é você chorar por algo que na verdade nunca lhe pertenceu.
—  Mais um café, por favor.

New World Aviary is a collaboration book by two long time artist friends, Namie and Lulu. It features our original characters following the theme of birds.

We made this book together in hope of gathering funds to reunite! It’s been two years since we last saw each other and we miss each other loads! With this we are trying to get Lulu flying over to Namie in Australia later in August! 


★ Size: B5 square ( 6.9 “ x 6.9 ”)( 176 mm × 176 mm) 

★ 20 pages. Full colour, Saddle-stitch binding 

★ Pictures in the entire book have never been fully uploaded

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***The last image isn’t in the book, but we drew something as a thanks for looking ^o^