Confirmed as of September 4th, 2015


  • Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) as Elizabeth/The Countess; a wealthy social doyenne and owner of the hotel. She is heavily consumed with art, fashion, and people, and regularly attends art galleries and fashion shows in her free time. She has a “nefarious plan” that begins to unfold within the first episode. She has a limitless desire for romance and sex, becoming engaged romantically with Tristan Duffy, Will Drake, Ramona Royale, and has been in a relationship with Donovan for the past twenty years. Gaga noted that Elizabeth has had a rough past, resulting in her becoming extremely strong and  “[impenetrable]”. She inflicted with an “ancient blood virus” of which symptoms include intense craving for the consumption of blood. To cope with this, she wears chain-mail gloves with razor-sharp nails with edges made of diamond. She uses said nails to slit her victims throats and drink their blood. She also has a very maternal side, adopting/kidnapping ten children, of whom drink blood alongside her. Her and Donovan will be involved in some variation of a polygamous sexual relationship with another male-female couple. She is being “protected” by her friends: Sally, Donovan, Liz and Iris(Eight Episodes)
  • Matt Bomer as Donovan; a “lady’s man” who resides in the hotel with his partner of twenty years, Elizabeth. He is the son of Iris, of whom he has a conflicted relationship. This conflicted relationship puts a strain on his other relationships with women, which places him in “some complicated circumstances.” Donovan has a “need for domesticity” and wants to settle down with Elizabeth, but this drives away Elizabeth who requires constant excitement, leading her to kick Donovan to the curb, and replaces him with Tristan Duffy, which establishes a love triangle between the three of them. Donovan is also infected with the “ancient blood virus” as Elizabeth, and wears the same pair of chainmail gloves with the diamond-edged razor sharp nails to slit him victim throats in order to drink their blood with his ten adopted/kidnapped children.
  • Cheyenne Jackson as Will Drake; an incredibly wealthy fashion ion who is desperate to reestablish himself in the world of fashion after losing creativity and “edge.” The art world has moved to Los Angeles, and believing fashion will do the same soon, Will moves from New York to Los Angeles with his son Lachlan to inspire creativity, with the intent on moving the rest of his family there as well. He is shown the hotel by realtor Marcy and decides to create his own “fashion empire” inside the hotel. To do this, he begins moving things around in the hotel as well as evicting people from their rooms, making him a slew of enemies, however, he is distracted from by Elizabeth, eventually beginning a relationship with her.
  • Wes Bentley as John Lowe; an LAPD homicide detective serving on the task-force investigating the case of “The Ten Commandments Killer,” a serial killer who, after killing his victims, arranges and stages them in accordance to biblical scene. Him, his pediatrician wife Alex Lowe and his ten year old daughter check into the hotel so he is able to be closer to the murders to work on them. However, he and his family are soon “sucked into the [hotel]’s darkness.” Him and his family are struggling in the wake of his six year old son’s death while he struggles with control. He begins a relationship with Elizabeth. The room he is staying in is James March’s old office (Room 64).
  • Kathy Bates as Iris; the villainous hotel manager who checks people into the hotel, ensures that everything within the hotel runs smoothly, and tends to every need of Elizabeth. She is the mother of Donovan, of whom she has a conflicted relationship, but nonetheless sit loves him, taking the job at the hotel for the purpose of checking in on her son while he is ill. She is “overprotective with a capital O” in the way she takes care of Donovan. She has a “budding something” with John Lowell. She also hold a grudge against Sally in an “ancient way.” It has been repeatedly stressed that she does crossword puzzles in her free time. The character doesn’t have an accent this time.
  • Chloë Sevigny as Alex Lowe; the very maternal wife of John Lowe who has brought his family to the hotel, which leads to her, John, and their ten year old daughter being “sucked into the darkness” that is the hotel. She is a pediatrician who is treating the ailing son of Madchen Amick’s character. She is struggling to regain footing in her life in the wake of her own six year old son’s death, as well as other events that have shaken her and the foundation of her struggling family.
  • Sarah Paulson as Hypodermic Sally; a “very sexy bad girl” and “absolute villain” who resides in the hotel, often found roaming the halls. She is addicted drugs, given the name Hypodermic Sally in reference to her habits. She is very selfish and is determined to “get what she wants,” even if she is required to resort to hurting people. She becomes romantically linked to John Lowe and has a “fairly intimate relationship” with The Addiction Demon. She hods an “ancient grudge” against hotel manager Iris. She will most likely die prior to the conclusion of the season. She will do anything if it means fueling her addiction.
  • Evan Peters as James March; the “unique and mysterious” former owner of the hotel and “absolute villain” who built the hotel in the 30s to cater to his specific needs, of which gravitate toward the dark and evil. He built the hotel in the form a labyrinth with secrets rooms, shafts and hidden entrances to hide his murderous activities. Throughout the season, the audience will be questioning whether he is still alive or a ghost/figment of imagination. He “will be waiting in Room 64.” His character is based off American serial killer Howard Hughes Holmes.
  • Angela Bassett as Ramona Royale; a “very over-the-top, dramatic, fabulous, gorgeous, sexy, strong, powerful actress” who has done well for herself in the field. She is able to afford a mansion in Los Angeles, however, she continues her effort to improve herself as an actress. She continues to work in order to be taken seriously in Hollywood in order to land the parts that she previously gotten in the past. Although, she refuses to belittle herself or sink to desperation, despite being asked to do so. She previously had a “strong, real, lasting” relationship with Elizabeth, but has ended in a way that has left ill-will between the two. And although she has a conflicted relationship with Donovan, the two team up to enact revenge against Elizabeth. The conflict between her and Elizabeth has been described as “two powerful women at opposite ends of the spectrum who both think they’re right.” She is a frequent visitant of the hotel.
  • Max Greenfield as Gabriel; a “very disturbing” Hollywood junkie who “checks into the hotel, but won’t be checking out” and has an “unforgettable experience” in the hotel. Greenfield has cut his hair, dyed it green and lost more than thirty pounds for the role.
  • Finn Wittrock as Tristan Duffy; a hypersexual male model with an “addictive personality” who is departing from the fashion industry due to his lack of remaining interest in the field. Tristan checks into the hotel in search of his much-desired high. In search of said high, Tristan meets Elizabeth, and she immediately falls in love with antics, of which he makes based on his gut and on impulse. This causes Elizabeth to leave Donovan and pursue him, placing him in a love triangle with the other two. He begins to learn that he finds his best high in two instances: with Elizabeth and hurting people. However, his desire to hurt people and cause havoc will not surpass previous role, Dandy Mott.
  • Denis O’Hare as Liz Taylor; a businessman who moved into the hotel so he will be able to wear women’s attire that he has stolen from his wife. He is an Elizabeth Taylor enthusiast with a personality similar to the woman of his interests, earning him the nickname Liz Taylor by Elizabeth. He begins work in the hotel, working closely with Iris. He is a bartender as well as a maintenance worker who “cleans up messes.” He falls into the LGBT+ area as well. O’Hare has shaved his head as well as other parts of his body for the role.
  • Emma Roberts; will have “something great” with James March in the concluding episodes of the season.
  • Richard T. Jones as Mr. Hahn; an LAPD homicide detective serving on the same task-force as John Lowell for “The Ten Commandments Killer” investigation. (Eight Episodes)
  • Helena Mattsson
  • Lily Rabe as Aileen Wuornos; a famous serial killer residing in the hotel who plays a pivotal role in the annual Halloween two-part episode, attending a dinner at the hotel filled with serial killers. (Two Episodes)
  • Naomi Campbell as Claudia; a fashion editor for Vogue Magazine who “pays the ultimate price” at the hands of Elizabeth during her stay at the hotel for her critiques on Elizabeth’s fashion taste. She is very outlandish and has a false sense of security, believing herself to be invincible with nobody able to hurt her.
  • Mare Winningham; a laundress at the hotel who works closely with James March.
  • Darren Criss as Justin; a hipster hailing from Silver Lake who seeks refuge inside the hotel with his hipster girlfriend from pesky trick-or-treaters, but ultimately meets a gruesome end at the hands of Iris after making too many picky requests room service requests. (One Episode)
  • Mädchen Amick; the mother of an ailing son who is being treated by Alex Lowell.
  • David Naughton (One Episode)
  • Christine Estabrook as Marcy; a busybody Los Angeles real estate agent who shows Will Drake the hotel and previously sold the Murder House to the Harmons.
  • Alex Ward as The Addiction Demon; a creature “in the vein of The Rubberman and Bloody Face.” He has no eyes or mouth and is a metaphor for addiction and what people go through when suffering addiction. He wields a “conical drill-bit dildo” as a weapon.


  • Jessica Lange; although confirming she will not return as a main character in season five, she expressed in returning in a recurring capacity if offered a desirable character, and later confirmed she would return if there were seasons succeeding season five.
  • Taissa Farmiga; when asked if she will be returning to the franchise, she expressed interest in returning but offered no promises.
  • Seth Gillaim; O’Hare teased a “show-crossover”  in an Instagram photo of him and Seth (in reference to Gillaim’s show, Teen Wolf).
  • Connie Britton; explained that she “would love to come back” to the franchise after her show, Nashville, concludes.


This season is primarily being filmed in a six-story Art Deco hotel set on the Fox Lot in Los Angeles. One or more episodes will feature scenes shot in the James Oviatt Building. And one episode will feature the Alfred Rosenheim Mansion.

Lady Gaga on AHS: Hotel set;


This season’s theme will be Addiction.

This season is being filmed in a six-story Art Deco hotel set in Los Angeles. The hotel within the season is called The Cortez Hotel and is also set in Los Angeles. Michael Goi confirmed via Twitter that this season takes place in the year that it is being filmed (2015/2016), but there will be flashbacks to other time periods (1930). The events of this season are based off of stories of real-stories of downtown Los Angeles hotels, more specifically, “a surveillance video that went around two years ago that showed a girl getting into an elevator in a hotel that was said to be haunted (Cecil Hotel)…and she was never seen again.” This is referring to the disappearance and death of Elisa Lam. Michael Goi has described this season as being “darker, grimmer, and much more horror centric” than the previous two seasons and will be “even more disturbing than Asylum,” which is widely considered the scariest and most disturbing season of the existing four. Co-creator Brad Falchuk noted that this season will be “less claustrophobic” and will not trap the audience to one building (the hotel); “the hotel is the center, but [the horror]’s kind of dripping out.” One episode will feature season one’s Murder House. This season will operate under the “Trapped horror trope,” where the characters are unable to run from the horror. Unlike previous seasons, there will be no musical number, limiting Lady Gaga’s role strictly to acting.

  • Lady Gaga’s opening scene will be a murder scene shared with co-star Matt Bomer
  • In one scene, Lady Gaga will be featured wearing a long red dress exiting a building in a crowd of nicely-dressed people, possibly a fashion or art gallery
  • John Lowe and Mr. Hahn are investigating a series of grisly murders that take place in Los Angeles, this killer has assumed the monicker of “The Ten Commandments Killer,” and stages his victims in biblical scene, John Lowe believes the killer resides in the hotel
  • Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer will be involved in foursome with another male-female couple, who will later be killed by the other two
  • Max Greenfield, Sarah Paulson, and Alex Ward will be featured in a “love scene” that “isn’t so gentle,” Ryan Murphy has dubbed this “the most disturbing scene yet
  • There is a “horrifying scene” that features a maid cleaning a bed with a person coming out from the mattress


American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere on October 7th, 2015 at 10:00 PM on FX.

  1. Checking In /// October 7th, 2015
  2. Chutes and Ladders /// October 14th, 2015
  3. Mommy /// October 21st, 2015
  4. The Devil’s Night: Part I /// October 28th, 2015
  5. The Devil’s Night: Part II /// November 4th, 2015



  1. Front Desk
  2. Do Not Disturb - They’ll ignore that sign on your door.
  3. Beauty Rest - Welcome to the hotel. Sleep tight…
  4. Towhead - You don’t know what lurks in the corners of Hotel Cortez.
  5. Sleepwalk - Don’t sleep a wink…
  6. Jeepers Peepers - Some doors are better left unopened.


Lady Gaga as “The Countess”