Tag game

thank you @mahi-mahiru for the tag!

Nickname: Shin

Zodiac sign: Saggittarius


Last thing you googled: 707 mystic messenger (uh you can probably guess what im drawing LMAO)

Favorite music artist: bts

Song stuck in head: HastyHat - Hate

Last movie you watched: Persona 3 movie which was like 2 years ago

What are you wearing right now: pj’s

What do you post: my art

Why did you choose your URL: idk honestly i wanted a new name

What did your last relationship teach you: i have no relationships AHAHA CRIES//

Do you have any other blogs: yes

Religious or spiritual: nah but probably spiritual (?)

Favorite color: darker colors of the spectrum (despite my art radiating with bright colors)

Average hours of sleep: depends ranges from just 3, 5-6 or 8-10

Lucky number: none

Favorite characters: anyone i draw on this blog

How many blankets you sleep with: 1 and it doesnt even keep me warm at night