Yennefer’s “little green jar” of Lilac & Gooseberry Glamarye cream is complete. Now I can concentrate on my next two fragrances:

Triss Merrigold & Phillipa Eilhart.

^_^ I’m really excited, my jars just came in for theirs. 

Triss’s is almost done, but I’m really excited for Phillipa’s. Cinnamon & Muskroot is going to smell AMAZING you guys. Muskroot is also known as Spikenard, a type of Valerian that grows in the Himalayan mountains and the northeast US. I got my hands on some really amazing Red Spikenard from the Himalayas. It’s one of those Biblical oils. They rubbed Jesus’s feet with it. It’s highly medicinal and does all kinds of stuff to your brain when you smell it…. It makes your head spin ( in a good way), and when mixed with the tiniest bit of this cozy, warm cassia  cinnamon….just…omg. Phillipa’s bottle and seal is also my favorite out of all of them. 

For some reason , ever since we started dating;we shared one bottle of perfume. I always had my own signature scent of rose and lavender. However , this clean fragrance was the only thing we could agree on. How we both loved this mix of fruity florals graced in sea breeze. How it’s mere smell reminded each other of ‘us’. And you never failed to leave me enamored. Thus, I was blissfully drunk on the scent of your chest. While you giggled as you traced my back. Then once you kissed me,I tried breathing in every moment of you. While you exhaled after saying each ‘I love you,“.
—  Perfume // Conee Berdera