not-so-perfect-porcelain  asked:

Hey, can you post some beginner basics for necromancy?

The beautiful thing about necromancy is it is such a broad topic that such a question is a bit like, “How do I assure myself and this orange I am appreciating it while sitting in the dark?”

Are we talking about ghosts? Ghouls? Ghasts? Lichs? Zombies? Animated body parts? Phantasms? Revenants? Vampire? Shades? Shadows? Ah, shadows! That goes into a whole other line of thought. The same can be said for will-o-wisps! Glorious.

And then there is the other axis!

Resurrected by need to accomplish a task? Recording of emotion or misdeed? Random circumstance? Magical energy gone awry? Magical energy directed by artifact? Spell caster? Monster? Raised by other undead?

The list goes on endlessly. To cut to the chase:

  1. Believe in something weird and dark and unknowable.
  2. Seek it out.

here we have b.a.p answering some of the toughest wikihow articles out there. hope this is helpful to you.