Renji has a baby ♥♥♥

I was in the mood for some Dad!Renji because I think he is an awesome dad and I need more Renji & Ichika pictures <3 (although I think he likes it more to play soccer with her instead of tea party- he still won’t refuse but gets so bored and falls asleep). He messed up with the food in the second picture (I just love to draw this kind of faces).

I want to draw another version with Rukia and Ichika as well. 

Deep in thought, thinking about all of you, my loves❤️

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i need more blogs like yours to follow!! who are some of your faves?

ooh okay im just gonna ramble some of my faves off the top of my head

@nuevayor, @peeves, @presidentgay, @clliterature@gayscifi, @passafuoco@natharmiller, @tonystarke, @kevsday@delgay, @darrylwhitefeather, @gaysun@magsbanes@rnashallah@bonnibels, @safonas, @phillipsheabutter, @williamanderly, @thedailygiggy@nesgadol, @sourtamarind@mickmilkovich, @dnnisrynolds, @rcnnietherat@lukegarrowayisamaincharacter, @ytumamatambienofficial, @ptxlesbian

oka y that’s only like A Fraction of all the good blogs i follow tbh i didnt wanna list every blog i follow asjdfhla


Beca Mitchell doesn’t need a boyfriend 😏👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 ac: zor-el

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Hey. I notice you get sad quite often. I also noticed that you love sunflowers. Idk what the point of this was, other than to tell you that sunflowers do not bloom all year, but they are still one of the most beautiful things in the entire universe. I feel the same applies to you... you might not always be in bloom. But you are still our sunflower.

i cried from this ahhh omg this is such a beautiful and kind thing to say??? like wow this is such a sweet message i love you so much thank you ahHh

So we finished playing FFXV...

It took us (well, @freyci  to be exact, I was watching and helping her the whole time) 65+ hours to finish (not everything tho) and we have a really strong opinion about the game.

Don’t get me wrong - I love FFXV, I love the characters, I love the story, I love the world they live in and I won’t stop loving and posting and creating - but I’m so utterly disappointed in a few things. 

Feel free to correct me, I would love to talk about it and believe me, I would be the happiest if I were wrong about something!
Beware, it’s gonna be long, though! (Also SPOILER alert)

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Based on our conversation earlier

And because you need dis, I wrote dis for you

The room was dark when you heard the pneumatic door open. The ship’s night cycle was well underway, only the most necessary of posts still manned during the artificial night.

Four heavy, booted steps sound as a tall dark figure crosses the room. The bed sags with the weight of it as it sits on the edge. You hear a hiss then a click and the rustle of fabric in the darkness. A metallic clunk from the floor and a long, corpulent sigh comes from the figure. Kylo Ren holds his head in his hands and tries to quiet his mind.

Slowly you sit up, cautious. When he’s like this, fresh from battle, the adrenaline and dark Force energy coursing through him, he is unpredictable. There have been times where you’ve approached him too quickly and he’s lashed out. When he’s like this you must tip toe around him, be gentle and speak softly to not incite his anger. You light a dim bedside lamp, it’s soft blue light illuminating the room slightly.

Haltingly, you walk your fingers up and around his shoulders. The heat coming off of him brings pricks of sweat to your skin. His muscles soften slightly, the tension beginning to fall from his burdened shoulders.

Gently, you unwind the long tattered cape from around his neck, placing it beside him on the bed. Next his heavy tunic. You slide easily off the bed and stand before him, your small hands unfastening the rough fabric. You can feel the new tears, the singed edges of blaster burns. Tugging him gently he stands up, towering over your small form, but allowing you to lead him to the refresher.

The sudden brightness when you flick on the light causes Kylo to blink. Finally you can see him, the pleated undershirt he wears is stiff with blood and, as you look down, you realize your hands are black from the filth and ash coating him. Even the scant bit of hair that protrudes from the oppressive helmet he covers himself with is brittle with the dried blood of his enemies.

You pull his clothes free, counting the new wounds that mark his pale skin. The blood and filth have made its way through the thick clothing he wears and he stands beneath the bright glare, his eyes downcast and his brow furrowed. Stepping behind him you begin running water into the large tub. As the steam begins to rise you gather a warm towel from the cabinetry and, looking around, notice that the grime from Kylo’s clothes has made its way around the room. Clinging to the walls and gathering in corners. It’s only been a few minutes since you entered, his clothing must really be soiled to have spread so quickly. That’s why he wears only black.

Kylo is standing at the mirror, leaning against his large right hand. He is staring deeply into his own eyes, contemplating the battle, the destruction he had wrought. As cold and callous as he was, the loss of so many lives affected the Force sensitive. The cost of his violence a palpable slash in the energy that permeated everything. He is always silent after these sieges because of this.

As the tub fills, you remove your own clothes and pad towards Kylo, turning his naked form towards you and into the tub. He moans as he lowers himself into the hot water, visibly relaxing as you ease yourself in behind him.

The water has already become tinged with dirt and blood. While this makes you uncomfortable, you swallow hard, knowing that this is something you must accept when you are possessed by a man like Kylo Ren. Breathing deep you fill a vessel with water and pour it over his head, rinsing the sweat and grime from his thick locks. Rubbing soap into your palms, your work it into his strands, the lather tinged grey red as the battlefield washes away from his hair. You run your fingernails along his scalp, soothing him as he sinks even deeper into the tub.

Washing the dirt from his skin you run your fingers gently along the wounds and bruises that stand out against the paleness. The deep blackish stain of ruptured capillaries runs along his upper arm as you press you lips against it, easing his hurt. You wish you could take it from him, bring his pain into yourself so you could suffer for him. When his skin is finally scrubbed clean he leans back against you, his eyes closed.

You braid the softened tendrils of his hair, pulling it back off his face. Draping your arms around his thick shoulders you hold him close, letting him relax, the hot water working into his stiff body. Your cheek rests against the top of his head as you too close your eyes, peaceful in this intimate moment with him. The violence is far too frequent but these precious seconds are not.

As the water begins to cool you stand, and with you Kylo. The tub begins to empty with a gurgle, but there is grime clinging to the both of you from sitting in the water. You run the shower briefly, rinsing you both off as he stands there, allowing you to give him this attention. When you are done you step out, his warm towel in your hand. Tenderly you blot his skin dry, then your own. Finally you leave the ‘fresher, heading back to the warm bed.

You lean over to pull the covers back when Kylo grabs you from behind, wrapping his strong arms around you and pulling you close. This sign of affection is brief as he releases you almost as abruptly as he wound himself around you. You tap the bedside light off and climb into bed, Kylo sliding in behind you. You pull the blankets over you both as you feel his arms snake around you again, a long leg draping over your hip and gathering you to him.

Drifting on the edge of consciousness, your naked bodies wrapped together, you feel Kylo’s full lips press gently against he back of your neck.

“You are my comfort,” he murmurs, nuzzling into your hair and sighing almost in contentment. A smile plays about your lips as you slip into sleep, Kylo’s words ringing in your heart.

Perfect Match (15/?)

This was inspired by this post about soulmates, and after @quite-right-too requested someone write it. I am going to try and write a little bit of this every week and track them through childhood and into teenage years and eventual adulthood.

Thank you very much to @chocolatequeennk​​ for listening to me pitch ideas and for offering her opinions and ideas.

Ten x Rose, Soulmates AU, Teen

James grew up hearing the legends of soulmates. How two—or three or four or however many—people could find each other by writing messages to each other on their skin, and he spent much of his time imagining himself with a soulmate, someone who would be his perfect match.

AO3 | TSP | FF

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 |
Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 |

James was relaxed and groggy when he awoke the next morning. He was warm and comfortable and content and… And someone was stroking his hair.

He blinked open his eyes to look over at his bedmate.


James’s breath caught in his throat. Rose was here!

Her fingers ceased all motion when she saw he was awake. She smiled sheepishly and pulled her hand away and tucked it under her chin.

“Didn’t have to stop,” he whined.

Rose giggled and scooted closer to him to continue playing with his hair, scraping her nails gently across his scalp in a way that made him shudder in pleasure.

James wriggled closer to her until he could rest his head on her chest. He wrapped his arm around her waist and draped a leg across hers and nuzzled into the soft fabric of her sleep shirt.

“This is quite nice,” he whispered, enjoying the heat of her body radiating so close to him. He could feel every beat of her heart and the expansion and contraction of her chest as she breathed.

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