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The Stage play version of Tanaka has made me fall even further in love with him 😍 what perfect casting

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 (I adore this moment with Suga, it’s just the sweetest thing), but THE NEXT ONE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOMENTS IN THE ENTIRE STAGE PLAY NOTHING WILL EVER BE MORE ICONIC

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Long story short he’s perfect and I love him

One of the things I really love about the MCU is that you’ve got these pairs of actors that are just, like, each others’ biggest fans, and every time they’re interviewed together it’s so obvious that they really adore each other and every time one is talking the other one just sits there looking at them as if they’re the most fascinating person on earth and it’s just so freaking cute.

I mean, you’ve got Scarlett and Jeremy

RDJ and Mark

James and Hayley

Iain and Brett

and probably some others that I’m forgetting but just look at how much all of these dorks love each other it’s so adorable