Daddy Material!

I received this message, probably the absolute best message I have received from a daddy.. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did :)

Hey there! you’re beautiful and I would love to chat to you sometime or something I’d definitely think you deserve to be treated right and made to blush >~< x and be your daddy ^.^

I am from London I hope to hear from you if you like this x

I have rules too:

A daddy is the kind of man worthy of a beautiful, strong intelligent woman’s love and loyal devotion. His loving is unconditional and selfless (except that he is greedy for her affection) the way nature intended a man to love a woman. He kisses skinned knees better with sweet words and nurses your colds with laughter. A daddy satisfies your sexual and emotional needs. A daddy tells you nice things when your sad and makes you feel beautiful and special when you’re lonely. A daddy is the kind of man that will spank you when you’re bad and then kiss it better afterwards. A daddy is not only a lover, but also a best friend and nurturing authority figure. A daddy makes you feel safe and protected. A daddy teaches and inspires you to be your best. He is the kind of man that you want to please and should never abuse, mistreat or take for granted. A daddy is patient, kind, wise, strong, sweet, funny, sexy, intelligent, caring, respectful, mysterious, gentle, curious, loving and an all around amazing one of a kind man. The kind of man you dream is your soulmate. He is the kind of man worth fighting for, worth trying for, worth waiting for. A daddy is there for you the best way that he can be, even when he can’t be there for you, and when a daddy leaves he never goes away for long. A daddy will always come back for his little.


Always address me as Daddy but in some cases you can call me Jayson

You need permission to touch yourself but you can take pictures freely and send daddy them without permission

If you disobey “within reason” or are bratty or bad. You will be punished

You must do everything daddy says “within reason”

Ask me beforehand in giving your info to anyone “within reason”

No cursing “especially when touching for daddy”

You shall not argue with daddy unless you can come up with a valid point

You have to cum at least once every day for daddy unless I say you’re not allowed to. And if you want to show daddy you can

Show daddy/make me drawings

If you have stuffies then you should show them to me

Tell daddy when you’re going to shower/bath

Take care of yourself when Daddy isn’t around “I work a lot but that doesn’t mean I’m not a text away”

Show daddy your outfit and ask approval for it when you wear things

That’s all I can think of currently

^.^ x i hope you liked this