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A Stardew Valley mix for Sam, Sebastian, and Abigail’s band, The Pelicans, and what songs they might cover—what’s better than small-town emo kids playing up-beat indie and synth?

✫ 1985 (Lifted Up) / Passion Pit ✫ I Wanna Get Better / Bleachers ✫ Sidekick / WALK THE MOON ✫ Call It What You Want / Foster The People ✫ The Future / Mystery Skulls ✫ One More Time / Daft Punk ✫  I Electric Feel / MGMT ✫ Resonance / HOME ✫ Rhinestone Eyes / Gorillaz ✫ Take A Walk / Passion Pit 

Featuring vocals by Sam - bookended by my singing headcanon for him, Michael Angelakos. 

Review- Pelican: "The Cliff [Single]"

Pelican is a post-metal instrumental band from Chicago, Illinois.  In a genre like post-metal, which has been beaten to a bloody pulp with a ton of lackluster bands, Pelican has managed to remain a big fixture for huge fans of the genre.  They have evolved constantly throughout their entire career, and that is what keeps them so interesting to keep listening to.  Now  for their new album, Forever Becoming, I really enjoyed the first single, “Deny the Absolute.”  It was powerful, heavy, and pretty proggy (if that’s even a word).  So naturally, I had to spring at the opportunity to listen to this new single, “The Cliff.”

Sound: This track actually is the exact opposite of what “Deny the Absolute” was.  It is more of a sludgy track that moves at a slow tempo.  But it is HEAVY.  Especially the bass!  The heaviness reminds me of some of the band'searlier work definitely.  

Despite being so heavy, the track still maintains some great technicality to it.  The drum beats on this track can be heard maintaining some really odd grooves.  The lead guitar is also constantly shifting from riff to riff.  It manages to keep things interesting and not repetitive.  Imagine trying to listen to this if it was the same three riffs over and over with no vocals (aka torture). 

But perhaps the most magical thing about this song, and the music of Pelican overall, is that it is extremely catchy!  No need for any singer or lyrics here.  No sir, the music manages to speak for itself.  You know that you have found a band that is truly great when they do not rely on any grand chorus to sound good.

Overall, I give this track musically a 9/10.

Lyrics/Vocals: We are talking about Pelican, right? 

Final Thoughts: I myself am honestly excited for the new album.  I still need to pre-order it though (I have not been too good with keeping up with buying new releases lately). 

Final Rating: 9/10… Listen to the song on the Soundcloud link below (It is the first song on the page)!

Thanks for reading!