Sisters, don’t be afraid to DEFY GRAVITY.


  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Poe:</b> Also,from now on we will be using code names.You can address me as Eagle one.<p/><b>Poe:</b> Kylo Ren codename is-been there done that.<p/><b>Kylo Ren:</b> * death glares Poe*.<p/><b>Poe:</b> Finn is -currently doing that.<p/><b>Poe and Finn:</b> * epic high five*.<p/><b>Poe:</b> BB-8 is -it happened once in a dream.<p/><b>BB-8 :</b> "..."<p/><b>Poe:</b> Rey code name is -if I had to pick a girl.<p/><b<p/><b>Rey:</b> </b> *smiles at Poe.<p/<p/><b>
  • Poe:</b> General Organa is... Eagle 2<p/><b><p/><b>Leia:</b> Oh,thank god.<p/></p>

There’s this really weird thing where we’re told that peer pressure is horrible and is super prevalent in teen’s “bad” behavior when the majority of the problems teens actually have are due to societal pressure yet we never have people come into our schools or talks with our parents about the dangers that have been ingrained in us.

Also like the whole concept of peer pressure is an effect of societal pressure. Teens feeling pressured to do what others are doing is because they have been taught since birth that being different than others is bad and that you are only valuable if other people think you are.

This story is just all kinds of wrong.

A group of High School Boys in Orange County, CA held a prom date draft to determine who gets to ask which girls to the prom. Some boys even paid money to buy into better draft positions. This “tradition” has been happening for some time and sadly, until now, no one has questioned it.

The fact that the boys think it’s appropriate to bid on girls and determine who they’ll spend prom with - without the girls’ consent - is just wrong. The girls have their own free will - they may not have been expressing it during “Prom Draft Season” but that needs to change.