New Jefferson Healthcare Hospital Building Construction (Port Townsend)

Shot/Edited By: Will Mounts

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anonymous asked:

*gamefreak voice* girls??? canon protags?? u mean contest performers that are members of ash's harem rite? :)))

lmao anon tbh ive long forget abt that issue and just turn over a blind eye. all the girls are canon protags in my pokemon universe lmao. except the kanto version there are 2 universes. coz i love red. and i also love leaf.

catch white in the streets yelling at some thug who stole a kids pokemon while having reshiram standing gallantly behind her

so back when i was in college, someone in creative writing class with a friend of mine wrote a story. it started out as a simple story of a wedding, and the bride and groom were arguing over infidelity that may or may not have happened and then some weird dude showed up and said some cryptic shit and left.

and then the guy showed up again, much later, at the reception. naked.

and then he ran to the cake. and began fucking it. 

i used to have a printout of the story and i distinctly remember the line “oh my god, he’s fucking the cake!”

the most amazing part is that was written for a grade.

someone wrote this story.

someone wrote this story, where a man puts his dick in a wedding cake and fucks it until he’s had enough, and handed it in for credit. he did not fail the class.

if cake fucker guy can write a story and have faith in it, so can you. believe in yourself.


GoPro: Fort Worden Upper Bunkers Summer Sunset

Music By: Raisi K.
Shot/Edited By: Will Mounts

Per te non sono niente di che, per me eri tutto quello che c'era.
A volte l'amore sbaglia posto, tempo, incontro e atmosfera.
—  Cit. pioggia-di-parole