i want cuddles so bad i’m so touch starved i need affection just fucking lie down on top of me and hug me and pet my hair and cuddle with me until we fall asleep


this is an aroace post about wanting a qpr it’s great and fine if u aren’t aroace and u relate to it in a romantic/sexual way but please be mindful that it was writing by an aroace person about wanting a queerplatonic partner to cuddle with.

also don’t reblog this to nsfw blogs or “sfw” littlespace blogs please and thank you :)


Imma copy paste what I said on twitter:

first : Quick doodle…. Hanzo really liked McCree’s longer hair and this change took him by surprise tho he does like it, he is being dramatic~☆

Second: Proof

Third: To fight bad feels and celebrate thicc boy BW Jesse I drew some McHanzos…. just boyfriends appreaciating eachother’s bodies