Yo remember when I told you guys I ship it :3c well I still do. theres like 1 fic about them and its a very good fic but not enough to quench my thirst and it is a suffering…

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how did you and destructiveglitch get together? what is the whole love story like anyway tell us!

(rubs hands together) OH BOY !!! sit down folks prepare for a love story for the ages. the one i spend every waking moment waiting for someone to ask me about again so i can tell everyone. 

farida and i have pretty much spoken every day since we started talking w/ few sad wifi-less exceptions. i took to them instantly ! and was always real excited to talk to them and probably made a fool of myself quite a few times when we first started talking even tho they insist i didn’t. LMAO. our 1st skype call was spent watching tanic videos, all of them literally, but that was actually their idea.

and so we became close friends pretty fast! and then best friends even faster ! which was a title i wore very proudly Always and still wear now. that I, Brandie, have my best friend as Farida, and they call ME their best friend and favorite too! because really how common is it that someone whose relationship u value the most actually values ur relationship just as much. its a great feeling. i promise. i think it goes w/o saying by now that i felt pretty strongly about them since we met.

sooo! the first year of our friendship we basically forge the Ultimate Best Friendship. now we are entering the second act of our story. Sometime in March-April of last year, us BFFs and fresh and single, there’s a mutual unsaid realization. we are incredibly loving and honestly not even discreetly gay (a bunch of loving and gay shit is said. ironic no homos are followed that leave us both confused. (this is also hilarious bc the no homo turned romance was even a Love Plot we used for an OTP once.) 

anyways. so it is late march or april. i don’t remember the exact date. Farida comes to my doorstep and knocks, in the pouring rain. i love you and you’re the best thing in this cruel cruel world and i’m in love with you. it’s you forever. i’m just kidding we live on different sides of the world. but they confessed to me and i reciprocated and i’m going to leave some specific details on how private n special. but it was gay and good and my heart fluttered.

we didn’t actually start dating right at that point but we have basically been exclusive since then? and it felt pretty great ! that feels like an understatement it’s the best feeling in the world! they’re my favorite and i’m theirs! and we are madly in love! in august farida asked me out to start dating officially. you will notice the pattern here is that farida just cannot resist me. ;) (actually i cry i wanted to be the one to confess first i had a rough speech concept for it n everythin).

and as of now we have been OFFICIALLY together for six months!!! (and almost a full year since we confessed Romantically). And this summer we will finally get to meet IRL when they come to America to live with me for 10 weeks! n_n !!! i love ha!

this is long but i don’t give a shit try to silence my lesbian ass and i’ll come out swinging

I  finally drew an actual thing for the little old lady holly au!!!!! because i woke up this morning feeling very passionate about cosmo/holly and i wanted to draw more holly in general.

so here you go: commander cosmo’s one true weakness is lil tiny kisses


honestly i dont just call u sunshine bc i think its cute ur th light of my life and ur bigger than anything ive known and ur so special and important n im so lucky like , So So lucky to have met u out of so many people ur entire existence n the way u are is so poetic tht u dont even need 2 worry abt anything else i luv u a lot and nothing can happen 2 us bc every time smth happens we r like magnetic n draw back 2 each other n im so thankful i love u 

ennonarikino headcanons

-narita, kinoshita, and ennoshita constantly hold hands (this may be due to the fact that people kept invalidating their relationship)

-narita and kinoshita always smother ennoshita in kisses at the end of games (mainly a third year thing)

-narita and kinoshita start to be put in more games in their third year bc ennoshita has been making them stay late for practice

-they all get together once a month for a movie marathon where they cuddle and eat snacks

-they have a group chat thats just the three of them (this chat is always active and its mainly the three of them being gay or making fun of tanaka and noya)

-when they cuddle they switch who gets to be in the middle (this usually goes by whose house theyre staying at)

-sometimes after practice kinoshita will buy them ice cream

-narita sometimes gets anxiety about their relationship and thinks that he isnt good enough for them (kinoshita and ennoshita make sure that narita knows that they love him by showering him in love and affection)

-they all love each other and are in a happy and healthy poly relationship