I went to buy Baumkuchen from this place and they were making it so–

The guy’s making the layers/rings of the cake and baking it? It takes so much time just to make one batch :O

Cutting the cake.

Finally, packaging.


And I bought one. 


And I was so excited because FOOOOOOOD. 

 (lol I forgot to take a photo when it was just opened and then after everyone in the family was done I was like /shit/ and I took the photo. whoops.)


  • PD the loser
  • PON PON PON high on crack

PD did something stupid again. Why did I even talk I sound so stupid, I’m stuttering and shit da fuq. PD is rambling and being awkward and laughing. 

PD doesn’t rmb how to sing PON PON PON. 

PD used her man voice, and then tried to have a moe moe voice but PD is a bunny with a bullfrog's voice-box so it didn’t work. PD is such a loser omg. 

The people with angelic voices are going to laugh at me ahahahhahahahhahaaaa /sob./


This only shows my eye makeup. It’s pretty much what I normally do when I go out ww 

Sorry it’s a pretttty long video!

And very sorry to the people that asked for this around… 2 months ago?? Or maybe more, I don’t even remember exactly ;;

If anyone wants the list of products I used I can send it to them! 

PD on TV!

Uh, if anyone’s interested, I’m going to be dancing on TV for 6 minutes in a 2 hour show for Hong Kong’s 15th handover anniversary cultural performance thing…. or something. idk. It’s going to be playing in Australia, China, England, Malaysia, Singapore… and some other places? That’s why I’m posting this lolololol. well. mmm. If you have a little time just turn that TV on to see PD’s fatass on the stage. PD is only being a dancer among 104. And next to a singer. so. mmmm. You probably won’t even spot PD :D