“I don’t think you can sell your soul… but if there were an opportunity to trade my soul for the life of somebody else, I would have to say my wife. There’s a really cheesy country song- not cheesy but it’s old, by Tim McGraw called Don’t Take The Girl. And in the last verse he basically, his wife is dying and he hits his knees and prays to God ‘don’t take her, take me instead’ and that’s kinda the same thing.” - Jensen Ackles JIBCon 2011

Happy 5th Anniversary Jensen & Danneel!!!

Guys, we can nominate Fifth Harmony for the People’s Choice Awards 2013 as Favorite Breakout Artist. This is a really good chance, now that the EP is out we need to help as much as we can. All you have do is go HERE and select the option “Other” and enter “Fifth Harmony”. So, yeah, there’s a lot of competition, but hey, we won the Next VEVO Lift Artist poll, eventhough Zedd got help from Paramore and Lady Gaga, so I do believe we can do this!