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#7 with gamtav please?

7: Kiss on the Lips (Passionate)


careful when you let go of him he’s literally going to collapse.

AHAHAHAH I FORGOT I DREW THESE until I was scanning sketchbook stuff hahahah happy super super super late birthday ldefix I’m lame and this is late but

I really did draw some nerds for you I just forgot to post them. TuT

this was valentine’s potluck with fam: pbnj sandwiches, edamame shiitake sesame yakisoba, veggie balls with cherry tomatoes and sprouts, red seedless grapes and a deep-dish vegan peanut butter squarebar-chunk cookie.

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I can’t believe I almost forgot the most important thing I drew all stream. 8I  Tavros “Fabio” Nitram and his firm tush must not be confined to a single canvas that I drew at one in the morning, they must grace the internet with their beauty.


Yes this is how i ship the ship.  =u= 


Stream drawings!  :D  Strong Children Broken Men Gamkar, NVCR Host Dave Strider (recognize that glassy blue third eye anyone?) and some of Idefix’s ghostly Gamtavs. This was fun, y'all! Thanks for coming!

We have found out…that the perfect scientist’s name…is Jade.


Various sketchbook sketch requests from earlier this morning! :)  various bullcrap information in the captions. UwU