Woke up early to study and made the mistake of going on tumblr, now all i want to do is go for a run as soon as the sun comes up and then gym until my muscles burn. Most inspiration coming from aubrey, who seems to be the only other person awake right now.

Then I remembered (more like how could I forget? remembered to blog) her mug pancakes. Girl’s got a gift. That was the best thing I have ever eaten out of a mug or out of a microwave, or either of them combined.

My version: 1 banana, 1 egg, ½ cup oats, ½ tbsp protein cream cheese, ¼ cup vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, chocolate chips, PB&CO Bees Knees (unlimited quantities)

Microwave banana on a plate for about 30 seconds. (It sounded like it was going to leave banana guts all over my microwave, and thankfully it didn’t, but watch out). Put banana in bottom of mug and mash until [mostly] smooth. Pulverize oats to make “oat flower” in a blender or food processor. Add oats and one egg to banana, mix. Add cream cheese and almond milk (really just a splash). *You may want to microwave the cream cheese for a few seconds so it’s soft enough to stir in* Add a dash or whole bottle of cinnamon and chocolate chips. Microwave for about 2.5-3 minutes. Cut into fourths on a plate. Microwave peanut butter for about 30 seconds and then drizzle over pancakes.


The lovely folks at Scream Con have offered Sherlock fans the unique opportunity to submit questions for one of their attending guests - Molly Hooper herself - Louise Brealey.


If yes, you can either submit your questions by tweeting them to @twogeekyguys or alternatively leave them in the notes below, and the best will be put to Louise during the Q&A on the day.

For those who can’t make the event in person, the Q&A’s will be recorded and published online after the event, so those who have submitted a chosen question, will still have an opportunity to see their questions answered.

Louise Brealey will be available all day for autographs (and a sneaky selfie) for a small price, with the Q&A taking place in the middle of the day.

Scream Con 2014 will be held at The Park Hotel, Tynemouth on Saturday 1st November, opening at 10am and finishing at approximately 4pm, with an after convention party taking place during the evening.

For tickets and further information please visit the official Scream Con website here


This week John and I answer your questions about The Art Assignment and show just a few Intimate, Indispensable GIFs! Today, I’ll be answering other questions here on our Tumblr and Twitter as well. 

Keep posting your GIFs and your responses to episodes 1 and 2. We continue to monitor what’s coming in and share a selection on Tumblr. 

Thanks for watching!