See our ad in Southern Living on “Civil War Style” featuring a Q&A with costume designer Amy Andrews Harrell, a sketch of a dress, plus mention of a local milliner in Petersburg, VA (Ignatius hats) that provided a majority of the hats & bonnets for the series. 

 Mercy Street premieres Sunday (1/17) at 10/9c. 

Can we talk about this ⇓ and the fact that we don’t have a video?

“ […] plus acknowledgement of growing intimacy between Carson the butler (Jim Carter) and Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan), who agreed to marry at last season’s finale.“


I mean…a hug?? A touch of hands? A caress? WHAT?? Can anyone at least say to us what kind of scene was? 

instaluxurylife you were at the Q&A right? Please help us <3 Is this article true or not?